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I don't know if anyone will see this. (It's the first post on the thread in five years!) But I heard a brain teaser on the radio program "Says You" which baseball aficionados should enjoy.

Which of the following Hall-of-Famers is different from the others, and how is he different? Be specific.

Babe Ruth

Hank Aaron

Lou Gehrig

Willie Mays

Jimmie Foxx

(Note: it's not about statistics. You could say that Aaron is the only one who hit over 750 HR; but you could just as easily say that Gehrig was the only one to hit fewer than 500.)


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I suppose one could find similar oddities for each of the others.

Let me try to narrow it down. It has to do with their careers. They all have one thing in common, but the "odd man" is slightly different.


PS I realize that the "Jimmy Duggan" character in "A League of Their Own" was based on Foxx.

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I'm just going to go ahead and give the answer, as either no one is interested or has a clue.

All of the baseball players mentioned began and ended their careers in the same city.

Lou Gehrig is the "odd man," because he played his entire career with one team (the Yankees).

Babe Ruth started with the Boston Red Sox, went to the New York Yankees, but finished with the Boston Braves.

Hank Aaron began his career with the Milwaukee Braves, moved to Atlanta (with the Braves), and finished with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Willie Mays started with the New York Giants, moved to San Francisco (with the Giants), and finished with the New York Mets.

Jimmy Foxx started with the Philadelphia Athletics, moved to Kansas City (with the Athletics), and finished with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Something to share at your next party. :)


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