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Tom Strange

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Yea one of mine too Doze, It came out at a time when I was repairing my relationship with my own father that had been severred by years of cult involvement. At first baseball was about the only thing we could talk and be civil to each other about. It started there, our relationship is great now----I actually drove out to Dyersville, Iowa and played on that field, it was very moving, besides I hit a triple into the corn. There is alot more to baseball than meets the eye.

"the one constant through it all has been baseball"

and no matter what Hills says I still like the Red Sox this year

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well Hills, that may be... but let's see how you feel when he leaves all of those base runners stranded... he had great stats the last 3 years with us, and he is a great player, but he sure left a lot of runs on base when we were counting on him....

She's the kind of a girl that makes the "News of the World" Yes you could say she was attractively built.

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Funny ..I consider myself a Yankee fan.. I watch maybe 2 games a week..not always in their entirety. My business is very busy when baseball season get going so I can't always get to see the games. I try to get to two games live a year.

But... yesterday in Florida..the Yanks played the Red sox in pre-season game. There were actually people scalping tickets and people were actually buying them. Those folks are wacko fanatics. The starters on both side only play an inning or two.

Here's the article


Yankees-Red Sox the Big Ticket in Grapefruit League

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Fans hoping to buy tickets to the first regular season meeting between the New York Yankees (news) and Boston Red Sox (news) better start saving if the first spring training meeting between the two on Sunday is an indicator.

Tickets for the game in Fort Myers, Florida on Sunday, which normally go for $21, were selling for $500 outside the park according to some television reports while touts were seeking as much as $1,000 on the internet.

The 7,034 seat stadium attracted a sellout crowd, with some fans camping out over night for the 100 standing room tickets.

Commemorative pins were made for the game and sold out by the fourth inning.

The game, won by the Yankees 11-7, was the first between the two traditional rivals since game seven of the American League (news) championship series last October.

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I Am Not a baseball fan--BUt I am a diehard Seattle MAriners fan.

Let me explain--most of you know I live and Work in a residential hotel. In the staff living room we have cable TV and I work with two Mariners fan, SO during BAseball seasOn we watch all the Mariners games.

I like to quilt or do needlework in front of the TV. So I had three choices

I could not watch TV during Games

I could stay and do my needlework and grit my teeth

I could watch the games and learn a little about baseball

I opted for # 3 and before you know it I was hooked on The MAriners--

So this year I am cheering for Seattle but I am still not a baseball fan


(who Used to be Maure)

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the stRangers win another spring training game... gee, I'm so excited... they won't fool me! But like any loyal hometown stRangers fan I can be excited about my team... at least until late May if we're lucky!

She's the kind of a girl that makes the "News of the World" Yes you could say she was attractively built.

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yeah... I know johnyouare... that's what everyone's saying... I don't think we're gonna win 116 games... but we're better... and we're gonna be better... he is a great player but it kinda makes you wonder whether he sucks the life out of a team or not...

There was a funny sign in the Mother's Day crowd at the ballpark today... it was a giant postcard that said: "Dear Alex, just wanted to let you know the kids are all right... Love, Mom"

It was hilarious...

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Tom: Now that you say that, I consider the impact that Irod has had on the Marlins and now the Tigers and I wonder if he just wanted to get away from Arod. There ain't room enough for two rods on this team.

If Arod is just one of those people who can't comfortably be "the man" on his team then he probably did well to join the Yankees. Jim Edmonds is like that IMO. When he was with the Angels all the heat was on him, but coming to STL first there was Mark McGwire and now Pujols so Edmonds doesn't have to bear all the pressure and he just seems happier.

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yeah... all the guy (ARod) did while he was here was "his job", and he did it very well... no one can argue that... at least if they use his stats to judge...

but his "team personality" was petulant and condescending at best...

he was not good in "the room"...

And a perfect example on the opposite end of the spectrum (personality wise), as you brought up, is Pudge... he's just one of those "guys" that make others better... he is missed, Arod isn't...

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This topic should always be on page one,like the ones Pawtucket starts...

Anyway,for you baseball brains out there,I was watching a game on ESPN a couple of weeks ago,and Joe Morgan was applauding a runner for tagging up on a fly ball and getting to third base with,now,two outs...He went on to say that there were 12 ways a guy could score from third with two outs that he couln't score from second base with two outs..I didn't watch the rest of the game,but started trying to figure them all out...Here's a few


2)Wild pitch

3)Steal home

4)Infield hit

5)Passed ball

6)Fielder's choice(I was proud of coming up w/ this one)...Batter hit's an infield grounder...Infielder forgets how many outs there are and throws late to home plate,hitter reaches safely...Batter is not credited with a hit,fielder is not charged with an error..Oops,that brings up #7...

7)Batter reaches on an error...

There's a few more I can think of,but does anybody else have any?

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