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Originally posted by vickles:

'And, is this why there is an innordinate amount of skinny guys at titty bars?'

OMG thatt is so true!!!! LMAO

Ummm, vickles, how do you know this with such certainty? icon_wink.gif;)-->

Now I have been inside a few titty bars over the years, and I would have to say that generally there were in fact other men in these bars as well. I dont recall if these other men were more tending to be thin or fat.

I dont think, that if I walked into one to this day, I would be able to remember what the other men looked like, upon leaving the bar.

Are you saying that you have stood in a titty bar, and actually noticed the build of other men there? Did the bar have any employees? Were there actually ladies dancing and working to entertain you, while you were noticing these other men?

Are you saying that regular attendance to a titty bar would cause a fellow to lose weight?

I would be willing to try. Just purely for scientific reasons mind you.


Does anyone else want to try this 'purely scientific research' with me?

dont have to be only guys now.

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uh uh, well, I was in a titty bar one time...alfakat's buddy tricked me into going into one not knowing it was a titty bar.

But I was thinking about when I owned a bar and the guys that seemed to be really into going into bars like that...they were all skinny minny.

icon_razz.gif:P--> So there!!!!!!

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"uh uh, well, I was in a titty bar one time...alfakat's buddy tricked me into going into one not knowing it was a titty bar."

So your saying that you walked into a titty-bar, yet without knowing that it was a titty-bar?

What was the first clue?

Maybe the "LIVE GIRLS ON STAGE" signs out at the sidewalk, or the "LIVE GIRLS ON STAGE" signs over the door, or the "TOPLESS TOPLESS TOPLESS" signs in the windows?


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Ask alfakat, He can tell you how naive I was. They used to play jokes on me all the time. I was pretty gullible...didn't notice anything until I saw the women up on stage mostly nakee!!! icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif

I'm sure the look on my face was priceless!!! They teased me for ages on that one!!!!

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Once I had to muster in the morning in formation and they made a HUGE effort to remind us that this particular formation we all had to wear hard-hats and steel-toe-shoes. [it was kind of stupid as we were stationed inside of a shipyard where you HAD to wear a hard-hat and steel-toe-shoes just to get in through the gate. So I thought that they were being real stupid for this one morning's muster] So I showed up wearing my hard-hat and steel-toe-shoes, and my security badge.

Afterwards it was made known that they wanted us to wear entire uniforms ALSO. You know like underwear and shirt and pants.

But like I said, we always wear uniforms, you made a huge deal that today we should wear hard-hats and steel-toes, so obviously today you only wanted us to wear those items.

They still got upset, I had to leave and get dressed.

Did you know that inside a shipyard, a man walking by with nothing on but a hard-hat and safety-shoes does not draw any un-due attention.

Naval officers never have a good sense of humour.

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ahem, i must make a comment here.

after johnny lingo's true confession, i must admit that it has never occurred to me to uh, ahem, name my um, body parts????

hello, guys name their, um, member, what is that all about???

should we girls start naming our body parts as well???


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Umm. I didn't name it. My wife did. It came about because of two reasons. First, Island Weiss told me that at a leaders get together for dinner and drinks in New York one time, Ralph Dubofsky asked all of the participants to "give up" the name that the wives called their husbands' "members". He insisted that no doubt most of them did it it, and that it would then be funny to know the names. They had been drinking somewhat for a while, and according to Island, they had a good buzz going. And, as it turned out, a good number in that crowd had names for their husbands, uh, how should I say it, their husbands' well, you know.

Apparently a fun time was had by all, except that Connie Panar*llo was offended by it, and therefore, so was L*rry. And it spoiled the evening. I was in the DC area at the time while the Panar*llos we the LC's. And yes, I guess we were talking about them in an not so positive manner, because at that time the P's were trying to manipulate us to "stay with Craig", which we did not.

And so, when Island related this incident to my wife and I, we laughed at it, and didn't think about it again intil we saw the Movie "All Of Me" with Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. In this movie, Steve Martin And Lily Tomlin end up having their "souls intertwined", and even though he still looks like Steve Martin, he is also "half" Lily Tomlin. Half literally, as in his right half is Steve Martin, and Lily is the left half. And at one point, Steve Martin has to take a pee, and when he steps up to the urinal, "Lily" will not unzip the fly with the left hand because she controls his left half and she doesn't want to "touch it". Finally Steve Martin says to Lily "Come on ! Just unzip it and let Big Ed out so he can have some air!"

And so, as we watched that movie, we thought of Island and Ralph and the rest, and then my wife from then on used the term "Big Ed".

And I am a healthy person and so is my wife. icon_razz.gif:P-->

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Chatty Cathy asked:

"Are your legs called anything particular?"


And so, as Ralph D once challenged the group of folks that he was with, and since I so innocently allowed myself to become an object of good natured (I hope) ribbing, I ask you all, is there anyone else out there who has this same "phenomenon" in their married life? Hmmm? Surely there must be someone else? I know one ex LC who used to refer to his wife's ample bosom as "Twin Hog Molly Winnebagos", and she always laughed at it, so surely there are others? Come on, out with it! icon_smile.gif:)-->

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