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  1. Billy Graham

    It's also a wise strategy because of false sexual accusations. I recall some reporter, was it from the Washington Post? I'd have to look and I'm too lazy. She CRUCIFIED Mike Pence because of his Billy Graham rule. As I recall she labeled him with some sort of "immature" sexist attitude, and how it hurts women. That was nonsense. Any man in a powerful position has to be careful with false allegations. Especially in today's climate. I am hoping I don't have to defend myself to say that yes I KNOW that sexual abuse really does take place.
  2. Billy Graham

    Oh I'm glad you like that Twinky! Michael Jr is a "church" comedian and he's just so much fun!
  3. Billy Graham

    waysider I just watchedThat a few days ago. Me and my brother were discussing Steve Goodman and John Prine, lol.
  4. Billy Graham

    Waysider that link is way too funny. Makes me want to see that movie all over again. Infiniity!!! LOL! Okay, as far as Billy and Family troubles, well, I would think even Peter had those, and I KNOW Jesus had sibling rivalry. Anybody ever see this guy talk about Jesus's brother? ;) Too funny, I swear, too funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbP4KttZOcc
  5. Billy Graham

    Yeah but my own words taint me. I'm a freaking mess. That's what I mean, I need a Savior. That doesn't mean that I still can't help a person or two along my way. I know the people who have helped me, and still do help me, didn't wait until they get their act together to help me. Otherwise I'd be screwed. I wonder if I can say that word without it being edited. We shall see.
  6. Billy Graham

    Hi GoldStar. I just want to say that I believe that God has yet to work through a perfect person, (not including Jesus, needless to say) Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, Perry Como, (his name just popped into my head lol) may have had better moral characteristics than Abraham, King David, Moses, Apostle Paul, Samson, Solomon, etc. etc. etc. But that doesn't mean that God did not do mighty works in them. And us too, when we let Him. As a believer, the Word says we are declared righteous by placing our faith in Jesus. If we could stand before God on our works alone, we wouldn't need a Savior. Even the squeaky cleans need one. Editing to say I went to the Billy Graham museum last summer, and man, that guy was on fire in his day. You just know that VP must have been burning with envy with that guy. But, I certainly don't want to taint Billy Graham with bringing up Vp.
  7. A couple of questions

    You know, that's an interesting observation. Let me just say that I've been the recipient of getting a Word from Balaam's donkey (Somebody I have little respect for) a few times at least. I'm sure we all have. Anyway, interesting replies to this thread. I'm editing this to say that sometimes I think He may give a Word to us from somebody we think isn't worthy of hearing His Word from is to humble us too. At least that's what it usually is in my case. Like it's HIS WORD and not the person or personality cult that's important.
  8. A couple of questions

    Let me clarify what I meant. Every dangerous "cult" has some truth to it. Every dangerous lie has some truth to it. That's part of the art of masterful deception. Otherwise, the devil would not be able to fool anybody, if it were an out and out bold lie.
  9. A couple of questions

    I'm NO fan of VP, let me make that clear. I don't know if Mikes observation about Jesus and lying is from Wierwille's doctrine (I slept through PFAL) If it is, all I can say is that I'm learning that God can bring forth a word of truth from a donkeys butt, if He wants to make a point. I'm NOT talking about Mike here. Also, no matter how bad a religion is, they all have some truth in them. Otherwise nobody would believe anything.
  10. A couple of questions

    lol. You guys are fun. :) But Mike, I still do like your answer. I think sometimes we overthink things, and yours seems like a simple, logical explanation.
  11. A couple of questions

    Well for what it's worth I thought Mike gave a decent answer. Works for me, anyway.
  12. A couple of questions

    Rocky! What a fantastic little video on Ravens! I love stuff like this, it not only shows the complexities of the Animal Kingdom, but also it fascinates me that God put on the hearts of certain people to be able to watch and study these creatures from the littlest of insects to the most mighty of beasts. Tactical Deception. That's a new phrase for my vocabulary! Men do seem to be able to revert to the behavior of animals sometimes. And not to knock animals, they have to do it for survival. People seem to do it for power and greed.
  13. A couple of questions

    Hey WordWolf thanks for the explanation for how the software works. waysider I hear you on that one. But it's whatever works for me. I don't try to push my beliefs on somebody else,though I do discuss them with certain people. I have come a long way from the narrow minded waybrain I once was, as most people here have. But all religions are narrow minded in some ways. God is bigger than any of us give Him credit for. The mainstream orthodox religions are as bad as the people they call cults, in some respects. We all are I suppose.
  14. A couple of questions

    Yeah word but the Seventh-day Adventist and Jehovah witnesses etc. etc. etc. consider themselves to be the only real Christians too. I can still watch teachings from just about any religion and get something from it if it's accurate. I do not throw the baby out with the bathwater because then I would not listen to anybody. Hey this was supposed to go under WordWorld's post .I don't know what happened !
  15. A couple of questions

    Well, to answer honestly, The Wayfers most likely don't think they are lying. No religion has all the truth. That's what discernment is for. As far as the Trinity, you could ask that of Jehovah Witnesses, Jews, and Muslims, etc. as well. I don't believe you have to believe in the "Trinity" to be saved. I didn't even know what it was when I was "saved." I just believed Jesus was Lord, at some point. Before I ever met the wayfers.