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Cold Case-Buckskin Girl-Marcia King-Way International connection

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"Buckskin girl"--labelled this because she could not be identified at the time, for the unique deerskin poncho she was wearing.

I am starting this thread to jog anybody's memory for the time of April, 1981, that might have had contact with her that was connected with The Way International at this time.

I can confirm that Marcia King was in my fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA for a few weeks shortly before her homicide in late April 1981, but went back to headquarters in New Knoxville, Ohio.

So she might have ended up in a similar situation of living arrangements and fellowship in the area of Troy, Dayton, Sydney,etc., before her murder. Someone may have an important bit of info for the authorities to track down. As she was found in the Troy area, that is only about 40 miles south of New Knoxville.

I did not see the news reports at the time, which if I did, she could have been identified at the time instead of being a "jane doe" and now a cold case trying to catch the murderer.

Here is a link to a news report:




Project that helped identify her DNA:


Please pass any information around, especially on social media and other forums that former Way believers could read and post.

Thank You



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Sorry, I've never heard of this case before. Maybe some data exists at Way HQ, such as Corps sponsorship or class participation, that would offer helpful information.

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This is really a cold case.   We have almost nothing, and decades for memories to fade.

The only things I can say are from what I can read here and in those links.   That's little enough...


She was either killed by someone who knew her personally and had a lot of emotion about her, or she was killed by a serial killer.  It's either one or the other because of the nature of the facial wounds.   They were completely unnecessary to kill her- in fact, someone trying to just kill someone would really interfere with the attempt if they stopped to hit someone in the face.  The facial injuries were either done by someone who knew who she was and was angry enough at her SPECIFICALLY to kill her AND want to punish her by damaging her face...

or by a serial killer.  A serial killer could be trying to vent the anger and vengeance they feel to some specific OTHER person by projecting that person onto their victims. By targeting someone completely innocent, they imagine they're punishing the specific person they are thinking of.


The thing is, we don't have a list of who would want to kill her to rule out, or even close friends to question, if they'd even remember anything clearly by now.


The other thing I have is that twi pushed hitch-hiking as a way to get around. We've seen people here claim they personally never had a problem with it (all guys, what a coincidence) and did it before twi and a LOT more once they joined.   The police have been looking at the possibility she was hitch-hiking and her killer picked her up and then killed her.  If the police are correct- and they may be- then if she never joined twi, she might have survived. She would neither have been in that area, nor so sanguine about hitch-hiking.

That's everything I've got.


Raf, you have knowledge I don't, is there anything you can add to this, or to what I said, even to discount some of it?

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Somewhere, deep in the data files of The Way, it would seem there were be information pertaining to this young lady, especially since we know it was a common practice for Wierwille to keep files of personal information on young women. (Birth to Corps, for example)  No, I'm not saying Wierwille was involved in this. I'm only saying that there may be information in the files that could prove useful.

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There were a lot of twigs in that area in 1981. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that she had visited one of those local twigs back then.

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