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Another STFI split...an offshoot of an offshoot.

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13 minutes ago, DontWorryBeHappy said:

It’s just another STFI tempest in a teapot. Jesus taught us to recognize and identify people by their FRUIT, not their words, or their Bible teachings, interpretations, interpolations, and personal opinions. This cult of Stiffy has shown what kind of FRUIT exactly??

let’s see....in it’s first iteration under the 3 1/2 musketeers, Jalvis Lynn, professor Ludwig von schoenheit, and Mark and the witch of Endor Graeser.....we started off with the melding of cults....CES plus Momentus! Wow! What a great cult that was for awhile! Then there was Jalvis’ sex-romp itineraries.....you know, just like his itineraries for TWIt.....lotsa schmaltz, comedy, hustling and marketing 20 different classes, seminars, books, events, gross, sarcastic, horestooth grins, in a nice suit, and good at professional begging. Oh yeah....he was able to really bless Karen in NC, and Bob’s sister in NC, and got so good at that his fellow stiffy trustees fired his foot for moral turpitude. 

Then there was the great earth-shattering promulgation of something they called “personal prophecy”! Yeah....that was as good as Momentus! LOL! After Jalvis could not convince his fellow stiffies to make him full-time headcheese again, and support his great desire to be “with god’s people” by imposing himself on people around America so he could share his grand ego, use them for every free meal, ski trip, or beach trip he could hustle from them, and then still hit em up for cash, cash, cash, and buying the stiffy library of rightly-divided books. So, in his own inimitable manner, Jalvis starts yet another cult of HIS OWN, with himself in charge of course, and tries yet once more to re-incarnate dictor Paul wierwille and his dead 1960s cult! Another fantastic failure.

So, now....professor von schoenheit, is finally all on his own, with a dead, static, stuffy, stiffy Church with nothing to do any more! Big Dan, who has hijacked cults before, does it one more time for the “glory of god and his rightly-divided word”! And here we are again....1987 RE-visited. The stiffy boys have travelled a long, tawdry, miserable road to wind up right back where they started.....out of Egypt with all the gold! What an incredible, Shakespearean farce for them, and tragedy after tragedy for their foolish followers. May god have mercy on their souls.

It's ALL an illusion...

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It really didnt take Dan too long to start asking for money.

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