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    If chockfull and I can get along, then any two Greasespot posters can get along. AmIrite?
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    MRAP: You never cease to amaze me. Sometimes I wonder if you're just playing games around here or if you are really as dense and lost as you present yourself to be. Your recent posts decrying what you perceive to be a "corps/clergy" elitist group which controls this site to promote its own views, and censor counterpoint is quite paranoid. It is a site designed to tell "the other side of the story".....the documentable and adjudicated FACTS about what twit was and is. You apparently cannot accept those FACTS, or you have connections with folks who still place any value in twit's "teachings" or those of twit offshoots such as STFI, TLTF, S.O.W.E.R.S., et al. You insist upon picking fights about topics you know nothing about, and you disgrace the memory of wonderful folks like Donnie Fugit with your lies, ignorant presumptions, misinformation, and complete lack of understanding of this man or the twit ordination rituals. Are you this vapid and incoherent in all your activities of daily living, or just here? Seriously.....how incredibly thick can a person get in this country? However thick that may be, you're there MRAP.......LOL! Between you and TLC, I'm thinking the cafe might need some air conditioning upgrades.....you know......a stronger exhaust system......oops! Sorry! Yet another corpse/cloigy elitist conspiracy uncovered! Woohoo! You got us!..........LMAO!
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    you are the one who consistently describes yourself as "Hey, I am just ignorant, non-corp folk seeking information" Have you always had such low self esteem or is it a new development in your life? aside from all the misspellings in there, your intent was clear. You don't much care for the answers you get here do you? Tough petunias So you say, but saying it does not make it true. Most of those you are addressing could, or did make it in TWI, but finally came to realize that the emperor there wore no clothes (in some cases literally) and moved on with their life, serving God's purpose in new ways. They chose not to "make it" in TWI any longer because TWI was a dung pit of lies and falsehoods and they wanted no part of it when they realized this. uhuh those men and women HAVE accomplished a lot both during and post TWI. What have you done?
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    TLC, did you say "arse" - was that the filter or are you Scottish? Watch this, I will write the word for feces: dang; now watch the filter, I love doing this. Cheap Tricks, take em when you can.
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    I think you'll find, if we took a roll call, that the GSC regulars, old guard, veterans, what-have-you, are a mixed bunch. There are a couple of posters here who I know for sure were at the "top" and had visible leadership roles, others were WOWs, some were in Fellow Laborers, some were never involved in a "program" and were never leaders of any sort. There are GSC posters who were involved in TWI for 30 years, others were barely in for a cup of (lukewarm, served in a reused stryo cup) coffee. Some of the regulars still hold onto some TWI doctrine, some are or were involved in spinoffs, some are active in mainstream churches, some are adherents of others faiths, some are atheists or agnostics. We're hardly a pack...sometimes it seems that way, but often it's just a pack of two or three!
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    Yeah.....leaving twi is what adds to the conversation around here. But really.....I wouldn't doubt it one bit if TLC and I agree on 75-80% of those things. Heck, I'd buy him a beer or two....if he'd just slow down and drop the defensive posture. After 15 years of Waydale and GSC.....I would be surprised if there is anything new that hasn't been covered 50 times or more. And, we've had our share of scuffles, food-fights, hotheads, drive-byes, righteous rivals, disgruntles, those who flame the corps/clergy and those who claim everyone at this café is possessed. But after a week or two.....this thread will slowly, but surely, fade into the storage bin and few will ever take the time to read all 9 pages. Picture the end of that movie, Raiders of the Lost Arc [ie stored in warehouse]. They do sell beer in this joint, don't they? :beer:/> .


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