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  1. Whiney little bitches! Bwaaaahahahaha! Same old manure in a new manure spreader! My reaction is to quote an old friend of mine from NY, Elaine Benes. “FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!”! These morons have the credibility of Lucifer, the intellect of a lava rock, and the spiritual “perception and awaresness” of the dead drunk they worship at his waterlogged tomb in Ohio. They are as relevant today as Ma and Pa Kettle, and the Kettles had more Bible in their pitchfork than these idiots have learned in their 50 years of cultism! Too little too late alright. These spiritual terrorists deserve no place in any Christian home, except maybe at the bottom of a trash compactor! Grow up and accept the reality YOU have created for yourselves after one 1/2 century of lies, theft, and sexual abuse in the name of Jesus Christ! Hope you got asbestos robes for your “bema time”! There’s gonna be a lotta burning going on if you ever make it that far. REPENT YOU LYING, THIEVING, WEASELS! Get a chart and get a life! LMAO at you hypocritical, disgusting, professional beggars. You did it the old fashioned way..... YOU EARNED IT!!
  2. The only thing I see as “dead already”, is dispensationalism. IMO, it is a man-made, dead doctrine, nowhere close to ”god-breathed”. It is a 19th century systematizing of error based completely on private interpretation and confirmation bias. 80% of all new discoveries of MSS in many languages, critical texts in Syriac, Aramaic, Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Latin, microfilm of many MS fragments, , Biblical Archaeology, etc. have been made since 1980! You hyperdispensationalists want to limit yourself to the 16th Century 1550 Stephens Critical Greek Text and the King James Version of the first English translation of Stephens from 1611, interpreted by a smart bunch of confident private interpreters from the 19th century who desperately wanted to “prove” the “inherent and inerrant accuracy of God’s matchless rightly divided word!”, then go right ahead. I prefer my meals organic and self-cooked, not re-heated, re-fried, or regurgitated. TY.
  3. Wow! Thanks JJ! What a unique perspective this man’s art presents! I am looking forward to seeing his piece! Thanks for the links!
  4. No thanks Twinx! LOL! Thanks for thinking of me though!
  5. Bwaaaahahahaha! Scrubbed alright. IIRC, a GSC member, Oakspear, has been known to update that Wikipedia page from time to time to Un-scrub it. Maybe he’ll do it again.
  6. Hey wildcat! I love your Pope! Hope he sticks around for a long while. Enjoy him and your Church.
  7. Thanks Taxi! But, I think it is due more to your humility before the Lord in wanting to LIVE as He taught us we can. And, that’s by being a follower of CHRIST, and no other man or man-made doctrine. I’m happy that I could be helpful in your continued journey. Peace.
  8. BTW......Jalvis just deleted a whole bunch of my posts which were responses to some of his idol-worshipper followers. I don’t kniw what I did wrong. I guess I just spoke TOO much “ phony liberal enlightenment” as far as Stephanie Doop was concerned! LOL! And here I thought there actually might have been an uncensored dialogue! Wrong again. Sheesh!
  9. Hi Taxidev! imho, the entire “Biblical” and doctrinal underpinning Of TWIt’s private interpretation is based on the FALSE PREMISE (logical fallacy) Of dispensationalism. This was actually a worldwide “revival” of accepting the Bible is inerrant and perfect as written. Initiated in the first half of the 19th century by Schofield and his disciples. Then, folks like Bullinger and others systematically developed it to the point where, by the 1920s, here in the USA it had a major doctrinal influence on the early 20th century fundamentalist revivals. Wierwille completely and unabashedly claimed Bullinger’s works as his own. He claimed he had never heard of ole Ethelbert until 1955, when Dr. E.E. Higgins in Chicago, took his piffle class and told him, “you teach like Bullinger writes” and sent him all of Bullinger’s works so ole dic could “read them for the first time”, which he said validated and verified ALL the research he had done and put into Piffle! LOL! Surprised?? That’s one of my major beefs with TWIt, CES, STFI, TLTF, and the rest of the TWIt-lite cults. This insidious doctrine lays the greatest importance upon the Pauline Epistles, basically consigning Jesus Christ to nice stohrees in the Gospels and, even though “it’s Christ in YOU the hope of glory”!, their Jesus is absent, sitting at the right hand of God twiddling His thumbs until the trumpet sounds! This puts the emphasis on an Apostle instead of his absent Lord, which then makes the Apostle more important than his own Lord! It also limits the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to OUR believing instead of the very active presence He is to millions of Christians who never heard of dispensationalism and could not care less about it. That’s why dictor spread the word that he was the greatest teacher since who? Jesus? Nope! Saul of Tarsus! The new light giver to his generation just like dic claimed to be for the 20th century generations! THAT was the greatest secret in the world, not “Christ in you”. As I said on Jalvis’ thread, it is man-made, dead doctrine, in no way Godbreathed. It is false. And, it is a core part of the TWIt lure to their version of it in their “rightly dividing” of all scripture, and the mog-hood of dictor paul They are completely close minded to any other possibilities, to the point that Schoenheit no longer either considers nor responds to ANY criticism or questioning of his work. Sound familiar. Jalvis wastes an entire 20 hours on this falsehood in his End Times dog’n’pony show. Until you are able to NOT look at dispensationalism as the proper way to understand the Bible by knowing “to whom it is written” and you’re willing to see it is a total crock of made up doublespeak, you’ll have “itching ears” for this false doctrine, and miss out on much of what the Bible ACTUALLY says, as well as knowing about the folks who said it. Selah bruddah!
  10. Thank you GVC. I appreciate your overly kind words. And, more importantly I appreciate what Pawtucket has done here for the last 18 years!! He is a personal hero of mine. He has suffered so very much for keeping this place alive. Few people really know how much. I do, and I love him and will do so with respect as long as I live. Like I said, he is a hero for truth, justice, and love. Just sayin’......
  11. Taxiedev: i appreciate your comments. However, i am completely confused as to why you seem to support the incredibly self-serving PI Of Gallagher and your RnR heroes. Why? They are blatantly self-serving, and biblically so inaccurate and self-deluded, that I have no idea why you grant them ANY credibility or respect! They are hopelessly, conscience, hubristic, liars! What don’t YOU understand about that??
  12. Hi WordWolf! There are no “VPW’s steps to trace! It was Peter Bernegger and John Crouch who first introduced Ernest Martin and his astronomical calculations and research into the timing of the birth of Christ. Peter Bernegger was admitted into the 8th corpse along with two other men who later became his unfortunate compatriots in TWIt’s first PUBLIC execution, excommunication, and mark and avoid procedures which were faithfully and more forcefully applied as the years rolled on, and taken to their ultimate, perverted, vengeful conclusion under the reign of their second King, the proud and ridiculous King Okie Da Forehead until he became too psychotic and insane to even keep around as some worthless old drooling emeritus wannabe. LOL! Peter already had a degree and maybe even a Masters in Astronomy, and it was he who introduced Ernest Martin to TWIt. He went on to get a PhD and is a professor at a university some where. I have never spoken to Bernegger or Fanning since those meetings were cancelled. I have been in touch with Marty, Dave W. (now sadly deceased and very missed by many) and John Crouch during the years past-TWIt. Anyway.....the other two guys were John Fanning (some self-trained Greek and research expert with a background (and now PhD) in Psychology or Psychiatry), and Marty McCrae, who at that time had all ready attained a Masters in Middle Eastern Languages, particularly Aramaic and Syriac and Hebrew. He eventually went on to receive his PhD also, and teaches at McGill University in Canada IIRC. These three men were uniquely “assigned” to a spayshull project in their very first weeks at Emporia by dictor himself. They were given the “opportunity and privilege” of doing research on the dating of the birth of Christ and to submit it to Cummins and the Research Dept. as an “underlying” text for dic’s new book “he was working”, JCOPS. I was contacted along with Schoenheit, David Wilensky, and John Crouch as we each had specific “knowledge and abilities” in areas necessary to the work in progress. Schoenheit and myself on Old T. History, and symbolism/foreshadowing of Christ in the construction and services of The Tabernacle, The Feasts, the Hebrew Liturgical Calendar and the Lunar Calendar dating, and The Temple and Priesthood. David Wilensky was a math and science genius who eventually wound up working for the DOD as a “scientific analyst” on highly classified government intelligence gathering via satellite and U-2 aerial photo and other data for the NSA, CIA, and FBI. John Crouch had an advanced degree in Meterology, and eventually, as a member of the Research Dept., was one of the prime movers behind the writing and publication of JCOPS when it finally came out. I was at Emporia teaching on The Tabernacle when the public execution went down. I had twice had a meeting with Fanning, Bernegger, McCrae, Wilensky and Crouch (all first year in-Rez 8th corpse) cancelled by LCM who was also at Empiria during that time. No reasons were given. Then, without notice, my evening class on The Tabernacle was superseded by an all corpse meeting phone hook-up for all the “campuses” with dictor and LCM that night instead. THAT was the night of the public execution of Bernegger, Fanning and McRae....the three amigos of seed boyz. LOL. As I said, I was at Emporia for this kangaroo court, and watched in utter disbelief at what was going on! I was friendly with both Crouch and Wilensky prior to their entrance into the corpse. So, I met briefly and secretly with each of them wondering how we didn’t get the axe with them. We agreed we were fortunate for some reason and that’s the last time we ever spoke of it together. Dictor NEVER read ANY of Ernest Martin’s work! He was too dumb, just like his C- performance at Lakeland Mission House College years before. As usual he had to have Walter do everything on it and always had Cummins, Schoenheit, and Crouch to translate and explain anything dic said he wanted to know “more about”. He never even read the final manuscript, and the only thing in the entire book he wrote was the dedication at the beginning. That’s it!! THAT’S also why there won’t be any “VPW’s steps” to trace anywhere on this book. There weren’t any!! LOL! Thanks for reading.
  13. Oldskool......the damn thing is 13 pages long! I think you’ll have much more fun reading the comments! LOL!
  14. Having an interesting discussion about this right now on Jalvis’ FB Page about this topic.
  15. “When a new covenant was carved in the death of our Lord nothing really changed in God's view of man???” (Post from John Guthrie, 4th corpse, in response to my posts). My reply to Guthrie: “Wasn’t that “to Israel”? LOL.”
  16. Reply #3: Dispensationalism is a dead doctrine, man-made, not Godbreathed. PEACE to you all from the Prince of Peace, and Lord of Lords. Selah. On the FB post of this I included a picture of Henry David Thoreau with the following quote of him: “RATHER than love, than money, than fame, GIVE ME TRUTH.” For some reason I was unable to re-post that meme here.
  17. Reply #2: I don’t know what happened to the meme I posted here! It’s disappeared. All it was, was a closeup picture of a beautiful red tulip about to open, with a quote of Ecclesiastes 12:13:
  18. Reply #1: Only one question: How many angels can dance on the end of a pin??? Matt.22 Verses 34 to 40 [34] But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. [35] Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, [36] Master, which is the great commandment in the law? [37] Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. [38] This is the first and great commandment. [39] And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. [40] On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.
  19. Hi Greasespotters! Here’s a link to the earth-shattering debate between two Biblical morons that is affecting about a thousand people around the world. After my projectile vomiting ceased, I felt like Yogi Berra! ”Dejavu all over again!”. LOL! One very interesting point about all jally’s failed “ministries” is that, he has been at the center of EVERY FAILURE, and has never once genuinely repented for his evil actions in ALL of those “ministries” which caused him to be fired, nor to all the women he has sexually abused through the years before he found his beloved Elizabeth. Here we go again keeds! They’re multiplying like cholera and with the same effect. Have an airline sickness bag nearby before you start reading the replies. I didn’t make it past page one of jally’s Epistle to Dippy. I actually posted some replies which i’ll add to this thread. I suggest reading the replies to The Epistle to Dippy prior to eating anything! https://www.facebook.com/100003081885278/posts/1640985822680798/
  20. Hey Rocky...... I remember one of his posts stating that Taxi first took Piffle in 1995. He said it was the only time he had seen dictor’s original flick as Da Forehead had replaced it with his YouTube video of private interpretation, homophobia, misogyny, and rambling insanity before the next “class” came together in Taxi’s location. That’s how he is aware of both dictor and da forehead. Hey....a new sitcom: Dictor and Da Forehead! LOL!
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