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  1. outandabout..... howdy! Was that something done recently? Was it a response to the RnR revolt and coup attempt?
  2. DontWorryBeHappy


    “We’re all gone now!”.....Daimon George.
  3. TOMMY STRANGE ONE! how the hell are ya bruddah?? Still in TX? Healthy? Pain-free? Great to see you! Thanks for stoppin’ in!
  4. DontWorryBeHappy


    Anyone hear from our old friend Tom Strange?
  5. Hey Guy: Did you ever graduate from Elementary School? Just wondering. Have a great day storming the castle. Bye bye now. Please get the medical and/or psychological help you obviously need. Thank you, and good luck!
  6. The guitar playing incident occurred at the one and only ROA held at the Lima Fairgrounds in Lima, OH. IIRC it was ROA 1975. It rained cats and dogs for most of that rock and the Lima location honestly, just sucked! During one of those late afternoon downpours, vic walked out on the main stage in his finest “dress” overalls with that small acoustic guitar reported previously. The crowd was trying hard to “be blessed”, but by now, the rain had become depressingly annoying. So, vic comes out and thanks everybody for being so blessed, brings Ted Ferrell out, and they do like a little talk show leading up to vic performing his obscure old classic from childhood, “Ole Rattler”, a song about a dog named Rattler. It lasted about 1:20, was pretty piss- poor imo, but vic and Ted were out in the rain together doing their hoakie routine. Later on that night, again, under a steady, cold drizzle, da Forehead was the main teacher. He was out there in a suit and tie, with some poor schlepp standing next to him holding a big golf umbrella. Suddenly, out comes vic, yelling “I stood in the rain today, why can’t you??”. He takes the umbrella from the poor schlepp, throws it toward the drum set, and storms off the stage! The pictures referred to above by WW were pictures of Vic’s afternoon performance of “Ole Rattler” from the main stage of the ROA ‘75.
  7. Hi Socks! That was the chapter on Ephesians from Bullinger’s book, “The Church Epistles”. He said it was what he was gonna teach in our (4th corpse) “graduating year”, which we now know was changed into the first “interim year” of the developing corpse program. I sure was glad to have it on my Interim year away from HQ, having “escaped” my initial Interim year assignment of “Way Productions”. Knowing what I do now, about what happened in and around New Knoxville during August 1974-July 1975, with: the 1st corpse returning to HQ for the first “sabbatical year” of the developing corpse program; the presence of the first Interim corpse on staff and living in the surrounding communities “running twigs”; the first and last time an Interim year could be taken AFTER 2 consecutive in-Rez years at HQ, and come back to graduate with their original group. So, there were in-rez 4th corpse at HQ as “elder corpse” to the 5th who were in their first year in-Rez at HQ. BTW, at that time, there were NO other “root locales”. All there was, was the New Knoxville Farm! You can imagine how housing became scarce on grounds, and staff all began moving off-grounds into places like NK, St. Mary’s, New Bremen, Minster, Celina, Sidney, and Wapakoneta. PLUS....you had the very first “Family Corpse” which, at the time, was given the moniker “Special Corpse 1”. It was for older clergy who were ordained previously to there being any way corpse grads (like Ross and Memory Tracy and their kids, Jim and Judy Doop and their kids, single people “older” than the typical corpse entrant, single parents, and married couples with children.) They were also in-rez for what was supposed to be 1 year, but then, within 2 years, there was Emporia and Rome City! Sooo.....all those programs got extended by an in-rez or Interim year to ensure abundant free labor to refurbish the 2 dumps the twustees bought to expand the base and enhance the income. Ephesians was the topic of that year’s Corpse Night Teachings. The “text” of which I was given by dictor paul that day Socks referred to. What a wild, eventful, and, in many ways, fateful year those of us in the bowels of the beast shared that year. Lots of things changed that year. Cult trappings became slowly, but increasingly obvious to those of us who were in-rez at HQ that summer & fall of 1973!
  8. BGL was never at the ROA in 1985. That’s the year dictor paul died. Leonard was an invited guest at Living Victoriously and Corpse week/ROA in 1982.
  9. The supposed Way Tree “revelation” was never plagiarized from anywhere in the Bible. It was plagiarized almost directly (surprise, surprise, surprise!) from The AA Book released in 1937 to accompany the “Big Book” which had been published in 1935. The title of that book is “The 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous”. I have posted the entire text of the 12 traditions somewhere here on the GSC along with a number of other posts on this topic if anyone is interested. The only reason there are ANY “scripture references” cherrypicked from the KJV to “validate” or “substantiate” anything close to the effective non-profit business structure Dr. Bob and Bill designed for GENUINE SERVICE to humanity, not a self-serving MLM scam, is that is what dic used to verify “his own” business structure. So ya find an Exodus 18, or the Psalm about a tree planted by the waters, or the Jesus tree parables from the Gospels. Wierwille’s ENTIRE text for his corpse teachings on Acts, relied upon the annotations, and the “literary structure” Of Acts as arranged by Bullinger, into the “8 Great Sections Of The Book Of Acts” based upon, “The 8 Great Statements in the Book Of Acts”, in Bullinger’s Companion Bible as well as several of its appendices. It provides basically the entire source of da forehead’s “book” on “Rise and Expansion” along with wierwille PI and “guidance”, as well as the same bullshit (only worse) “revelations”, “guidance” and “thus saith the Lord” bluster the moron could muster. LOL! So, any discussion of how or where or when, the way bush “revelation” came upon dictor paul before he got his first Companion Bible and How To Enjoy The Bible from ole Doc Higgins in Chicago in 1955, is basically mute. There was NEVER ANY such revelation in the Bible or anywhere else outside wierwille’s delusional, severely ill mind. Have a nice night!
  10. Buzzard is affiliated with his non-accredited self-important Bible “College”, Atlanta Bible College. Vinny sent his heir apparent, son Sean, there to get his first fake, non-accredited degree....you know like the one pops got from Emporia and Rome City? Bwaaaahahahaha! Also, the VP apparent, Victor Paul Gluckin went there and amassed a couple of fake degrees himself. And, yes, Buzzard has his roots in Garner Ted Armstrong’s Worldwide Church Of God. His “college” serves as a degree mill for the leftovers of the church scattered around the world, as well as various congregational, alt-right fundamentalist churches. Vinny took his connections from TWIt worldwide outreach leftovers in Africa, The Philippines, and India and parlayed them into an impressive on paper mission operation garnering him affiliation with Buzzard, the college, and various other denominations and cults which funnel students to Atlanta Bible College. LHMI gets the fake legitimacy they crave just like their faddah-in-da-woid, and Atlanta Bible College gets new student referrals plus the image of having worldwide impact and outreach. Shams begetting shams to leave as inheritances to their sham kids! What a shame!
  11. Hey Canshiftshit! i was never kicked out. I RESIGNED. The coward brainwashed racist, fascist, Aryan wierwille worshippers like YOU are the “faithful remnant” of way-brained fools still dumb enough to think that ANY THING wierwille said or did was somehow in some way related to the authentic Christianity of Jesus Christ. Well stuck-on-stoopeed can’tshiftshit, again, you have proven magnificently EVERY WORD I said to and about you. Be careful! It could just be another “troublemaker inspired utterance by revelation, or prophecy”!! 32 years and i’m really good at it now! Bwaaaaaahahahahaha!
  12. Hi shift this. thanks for all your pithy posts! You have faithfully proven everything I said about you in the “p.s.” part of a post to someone else. You ARE FOS, and, you are quite obviously still quite stuck in TWIt cult idiocy. My, my! After all these years YOU choose to remain an ignorant, arrogant, stuck-on-stoopeed Wayfer! Congratulations Pilgrim. Your search has ended. You are now officially a know-that-you-know-that-you-know-it-all moron just like dictor paul and the rest of the lying, thieving, weasels you moron wayfers worship and follow instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. Get a life you TWIt pimp. It’s still not too late for you to “get right with God”, and give up the lifestyle of anti-Christ wierwille worshippers proving you have no functional grey matter of your own. God bless, you’re the best! See ya at the Rock! Bwaaaahahahaha!
  13. He again plagiarized almost verbatim, an article Bullinger wrote in Things To Come, titled “Saul and the Witch of Endor” which addresses the entirety of what wierwille entitled, “Are The Dead Alive Now?”. Surprised Mark? LOL!
  14. Hi Greasespotters! Last month, Living Hope Ministry International, Finnegan’s cult, had it’s annual “Kingdom Fest” in NY. The usual suspects were there plus, the top leadership of CES/STFI, Ludwig Von Schoenheit and Dan Fraud Gallagher! They both had main stage teachings and “workshops” on various topics. It was truly eerie watching all those pimps congratulating themselves on each other! LOL! It was pathetic imo. Wonder how jalvis feels about not only losing his “ministry” 3X, but now having to face his old church’s wrath, and union with his arch competitor Vinny Finis?? What strange bedfellows brainwashed cultists make! LOL!
  15. Pawtucket has taken the “brunt” of this place from the day of it’s inception. Financially, socially, and emotionally. This site has benefited tens of thousands of people through it’s 18 year history. I have never questioned the choices Paw and Greasy Tech had to make through the years, to secure the site and it’s contents from the constant attacks from those destructive cults who have been vividly exposed to the light of REAL FACTS and not mere obfuscation and cult triple-speak which offshoots need to survive. From Wierwille to Da Dancing Forehead and his Board Of Terrorists, to Rose-a-lie and Donna and the Rise of The Lesbian Mogettes, through Waydale and the Allen case, to the disaster of the last 18 years of incompetence, hubris, psychosocial insanity, and the institutionalization of dictor paul’s personal peccadilloes of Nazi fascism, serial sexual predation, perversely distorted and self-serving “Christian theology”, along with continued outworking of their own most distasteful psychiatric dysfunctions, to the phony selection of Yves-de-liar as the “new prez” and the defections, mutinies, and splinters which followed, The Greasespot has been here! Why try to fix what ain’t broke??? Like Rocky, I am not financially able to donate much at all. But, i’d rather see the Cafe close down than tell Pawtucket how I think he should run his site. That’s just me. And, YES! I am personally biased. The man has endured so much beyond what many of you and I know. He is a good man. He is a giver. Thanks Paw for all you’ve done and Godspeed in whatever you choose to do! PEACE.......
  16. Looks like Florence foesn’t speak English and ignores Batshit Pat and The Fox at Crotchaven too! North side of the largest part of the storm is gonna park right over Norfolk and Virginia Beach VA. So much for Pat and his ooga booga prayers. Rosie the Liar is from New Bern, NC. She’s on the Social Register there under her maiden name, Fox. So, New Bern is already under water because of the Neuse River flooding and the hurricane hasn’t even hit land yet. Then, it’s heading north to Ohio! Not rejoicing in inquity......just saying Mother Nature is NOT subject to the phony faith of self-deluded fools.
  17. Another total crock of alt-right, fundamentalist, John Birch Society Nazi anti-Christ bullshit. FucKKK these morons! Sheesh!
  18. What’s happening with that monster of hypocrisy joe coulter? Is he retired yet? Talk about a rabid TWIt Nazi......this guy is like their Eichmann!
  19. Thanks Raf! Batten down the hatches in the Southeast friends!
  20. Awesome! Thanks Raf! I got a bad feeling about this one! Climate change is again banging on our doors!
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