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  1. Hi guys and gals. I'm just checking in, I wasn't in the Way Corps BUT I kinda wasted the best 5 years of my young life as a Wow, Wow vet and also took pretty much every expensive class available. When I was scanning through my favorites list, I saw the Greasespot Cafe and my heart kinda was like deeply affected. You see I have a lot of love for the folks I knew back then, and my life outside of PFAL/The Way was riddled with druggies and hateful cliques in High School. I just wish the wonderful WORD of God had been shared by kind loving people of integrity, and not wolves like Craig Martindale and Victor Paul Wierwille. Maybe then those precious friendships would still be alive even to this day. OK dats all, I am still here and I will check in as long as I'm alive, God willing :)
  2. This is an interesting topic, but I remember John Lynn and therefore want to add my advice/2 cents Dear John Lynn, I read your letter and see that you are eager to begin a NEW ministry, a clone if you will, of TWI I honestly feel this is because you are still addicted to the fan/worship of all the followers, beiong high as on a drug of their adulation and obedience. I WARN you that to continue the way of TWI is to continue in sin. I am referring specifially to 1) Lording it over Gods Heritage 2) Demanding perfect obedience from others while practicing sin in their own lives 3) Victimizing followers thru financial and sexual exploitation, and more things but I think you get the idea I ADVISE you to stop trying to be a leader, and be a humble FOLLOWER of Jesus, repay the financial exploitation you perpetrated on your former followers, stop trying to regurgitate the Ways doctrine and spend some humble time correcting all the flawed beliefs/teachings of the Way, much can be learned/corrected via these Forums. I luv ya John Lynn and am giving the best advice I can for those who have escaped the Way, and their pernicious ways Steveo
  3. I registered for the ExWayVision forums http://exwayvision.com/ BUT it had no way to post or even reply to topics :( I guess its too hard for me to use, I prefer a simple Add Reply button Also the topics seem jammed togehter, is there a way to spread them out a bit? Also plz add an "Introduce yourself" forum cause thats where I wanna post first.
  4. I think you should just go with a Forum. A Forums advantage would be.... ONE place to find everything Topics can be pinned and closed if you want to make a Read only Statement or Policy Statement or Way Archives In a Forum you could have 3 or 4 trusted Administrators (will help relieve the financial and time load on you too) to weed out hate talk, overt threats, cussing etc.... You can in some cases set up a "filter" to weed out certain unacceptable cuss words You can set up the Forum with most all the categories you have now and just lets the posts happen. You should post a "transition link" and/or send out a bulk email so people can register and post on the new forum Set it up on a Free Forum so you wont have to lay out a lot of money each month Just my own two cents worth of advice
  5. I love the fact that you guys are gonna carry on the Greasespot Cafe tradition. I also saw there is some debate on what the name of this new Forum should be.... Hmmmm maybe if you ask Paw he will let you call it Greasespot 2 Other Misc ideas including some things that Way people used to say when someone left the Way.... ______________________________________________________ Greasepot 2......................greasespot2.com He/shes tripped out.............. trippedout.com? out of fellowship.................outoffellowship.com Marked and Avoided................markedandavoided.com The Way Blasters..................wayblasters.com No Way (creds to the previuos guy).. noway.com Way out Cafe (creds to humanwithoutbean)...wayoutcafe.com Way Free............................wayfree.com Out of the Way......................outoftheway.com Deprogrammed........................deprogrammed.com Hmmmm Greasespot seems to be the best name that captures who and what we are, and the rediculous pressure the way would put on us. So I like Greasespot2 best
  6. Hi, Thnx Pawtucket for all the hard work you did and the money you spent. It has benefitted many people! Can I make a suggestion? Why don't we ( The ex Wayfers and sympathizers) start a NEW Forum thats on one of the free forums, and keep in touch that way. Ive been running a gaming Forum http://s7.invisionfree.com/Royal_Noobs_Clan/ on Invision for about 5 years now and although its not as good as this forum, it kinda serves the purpose. If anyone is up for this, Im willing to help. I know theres some admins who could set it up and maintain it, and it wouldnt be as BIG or versatile as this forum, but it might be nice to keep this going on a free forum
  7. Hello Balanced, As I read thru your post I felt the "heart" where you were coming from. Please keep in mind theres lots of us out here who went through the same thing. What really amazes me more is that there are still people IN the Way Ministry! I hope you find comfort in speaking to people who also somehow "extracted" themselves from the Way, and felt the needles of guilt thrown at them afterward by the "innies" I have a lot of fond memories of friends in the Way, from many years ago, but I really do thank God that He lead me to get out of the Way too.... :)
  8. I know exactly what you mean! That teaching about tithing sticks with you, for decades after I always "tithed" to the Catholic Church, figuring I knew the Word and just because the Way was a cult didnt mean the tithe doesn't work! But looking back now I know the Way was a kind a "farm" planting more and more seeds of brainwashing and hoping to reap people tithing to them, so they could drive limos, fly in jets, and live high on the hog and have sex orgies and victimize the gullible, even sometimes driving them to commit suicide If anyone feels a need to give, why not give insteead human decency! Allow people to worship God in their own way without "marking" them for banishment, and loving people because their them, NOT because thier in good standing with the Ways rules of fellowship ( obey obey obey, lol) Oh and by the way why not help the disabled and weak, instead of condeming them for not believing rightly. Did I forget anything else? Oh! How about not gaining a "rank" like Twig Leader or Branch leader so that you can boss people around and tell them to shut up and obey and never of course express any indivuality or feelings of self worth just because their themselevs, and NOT conditional on their "fellowship" in the Ministry, which I feel is a bad type of bigotry.
  9. Great info Cheranne! I think that cults and truth are natural enemies, and our mind will always remind us we are on the wrong track. People in a cult just need to "forget" what the cult people are telling them and get the heck outa there! I am reminded of that old Paul Simon song..."50 Ways to leave your Lover"....we can change it to "50 Ways to leave a Cult" ((clears throat and begins to sing)).....slip out the back jack....make a new plan Stan...no need to be coy Roy, just listen to me....step off the bus Gus, dont need to discuss much, drop off the key Lee , and get yourself free!"
  10. Thanks Geogio, you have a great memory for names! Did you also know the others? I am SO curious as to what became of them, I have Googled them, but unfortunately hardly any of them have registered and post on these Forums. Bernadette Willette was my FIRST major girlfriend, but I havent spoken with here in about 30 years and I so often wonder what the heck happenned to her I heard that Jim Dufala and his wife were divorced (unconfirmed) Tom Burke put out a tape, but thats not surprising he was such a great performer. Suzanne Ryan I havent heard about at ALL, she was the Branch? Leader of Worcester MA Peter Newey most likely settled back at Great Barrington MA, its such a great little town and hes got family there I just HAD to move to Floridam its is SO much more positive economically, but I do miss the Old World feel of Massachusetts....:( Geogio did I ever meet you? I am curious, Ill check your profile to see if you have a picture there...
  11. Steveo

    A Thread For Quitters

    Congrats on qitting smoking. I quit about 30 years ago and Im glad I did. Im sure a number of your body parts would thank you if they could!....Your lungs will be happy and clear, and less prone to getting cancer, your blood vessels will be cleaner and less constricted thus avoidng danger high blood ptressure, your brain will be clearer and less likely to have a stroke, and finally your breath will be nicer and smell less like an old barroom floor. And also...all your loved ones and friends will have you with them longer! Heres an article I googled about life expectancy....
  12. quote "Not to put therapist down but this guy was "green to the gills"when it came to cult awareness in twi stuff and I think it is because twi so much resenbles "truth"(with a twist of poison here and there!!) But...honestly I think I taught the therapist more than anything" Amen to that Therapists are only human. I worked in Nursing Homes and watch therapists and what they say about their patients in private conversations. It wasnt very nice, I can testify to that! I think that to "heal" from the Way would be perhaps to simply return to the normal healthy control of our life, and the relationship with God that is in private prayer, Bible reading, and fellowshipping (NOT cult joining) with other Christians, ALL Christians. And also NOT to blindly follow formulas, bossy leaders, and pecularly obsessed groups. Also perhaps a lesson all Way followers need to re learn is to be NICE to people and not boss them like some drill sergeant because we "know the Word" Kindness and courtesy seemed to be greatly lacking in all the Way organizations I was a part of, oh man I could tell you stories!
  13. I like Rush Limbaugh. He truly is a political genius. How many talk show hosts do you know that actually intimidate the President of the United States? This alone is testimony to his genius. And you must admit he points out some glaring faults with Obamas policies. Rush can't help it if he is kind of obnoxious, after all he is a golf, playing, cigar smoking, rich guy from Florida. People like Rush simply CANT relate to the poor in America ( most of us who make 30k a year or less) He could not in his wildest dreams imagine what its like to suffer in sickness with no health insurance. So likewaise all the right wing talkers who have disdain for any Universal health care plan. But I do find it entertaining how he "picks apart" Obamas foreign policy, economic overspending, damage to Americas economy through catering to Unions, etc...
  14. Steveo

    Reverse Speech

    This (if true) is a really amazing phenomena, REVERSE SPEECH! Appareently we all do is through a mecanism of the subconcious mind and the REVERSE SPEECH is apparently the truth whereas forward speech is often a lie or a cover up, listen and post your opinion! :blink: The Hidden Language
  15. Steveo

    Hi Im Steveo

    Hi Kathie, I dont remember practicing in your house but that was sooo long ago! The members to the best of my knowledge were.... Suzanne Ryan - vocals Bernadette Willette - vocals Steve Taikowski (me) - guitar Jim Dufala (from the Way Corps) - guitar Tom Burke ( from the Way Corps, I think also he later became limb leader) - guitar Peter Newey - Piano unknown person (I'll remember later maybe) - drummer unknown person (I'll remember later maybe) - bass player There was also a girl from boston who was Bernadettes best friend Ill take a guess at her name....Kathy?? (sorry my memories arent complete from those days) I do remember that song, it was named Bema Bound written by Tom Burke, I played it a hundred times while the girls sang, hmmm let me try and rember the words... I used to build straw houses on lots of sinking sand I was sinking in my bootstraps and hammering my hand (dont member this part) Im Bema Bound ...etc.... (Bema : The place of heavenly rewards, like the place where Olympic athletes recieve their gold medals, etc...)
  16. I see that you guys have some very interesting opinions and knowledge about politics. Even though he lost, I voted for McCain and Im not ashamed to say it. Here is my reasoning why. Things that made me decide NOT to vote for Obama Abortion - I studied Obamas record on the abortion issue, and he seems to have been "Pro Choice" consistently, even to the point where he refused to vote for a law that would block "Partial Birth Abortion" ( A particularly gruesome way to kill a baby even though its born alive) Character - Obama seemed to be friends with some pretty rotten people.....Reverend Wright, Michael Ayers, Louis Farrakan, the PLO , etc.... Godliness - Obama said - those people in Pennsylvania want to just cling to their God and their guns...... Other issues that I agree with Obama or dont care about...... Taxes - Both candidates tried to appeal to the masses by claiming they would give "Tax Cuts", Obamas plan actually seemed better Health Care - I know from experience, having been un-insured my whole life, that we NEED Universal Health Care, so I simply agree with Obama on this account War in Iraq - to be honest with you I couldnt care less what happens in Iraq, and I feel it certainly isn't worth wasting 1 American life in trying to help them establish "Democracy" Osama Bin Ladin - Both candidates said they were definirely going to catch Osama Bin Ladin, but I believe Osama Bin Ladin moves freely between Pakistan and Iran, both countries which politicians seem to fear to go into Sorry to insert my opinions in there, and Ill respect other opinions, but thats how I believe politically....... :ph43r:
  17. Steveo

    LCM Today

    I never met Craig Martindale, but I saw him on videos and heard him on tapes He appeared and sounded very arrogant and proud, as was common in many Way Leaders who were not practicing down to earthness, humilty, and compassion As to the rape charges, Id say thats up to the woman who got raped, unless of course he hurt her so bad or killed her in which case she would be unable to report it. But its their responsibilty to report if they had been raped, thus not only fulfilling justice, but also protecting other women. I myself could also be found somewhat guilty because I lost my virginity when I was in the Way, I assure it it was not rape, and we both were older than 21, but I do recall some red wine being involved..... As to whether Craig is repentant? Hmmmm I guess thats between him and God, but I know hes definitely tring to hide his past, I mean like he never went to anything like ex Cult Leaders Aonomys, or had any Psychiatric counseling for it, or maybe he did? And he never posted an apology here...but I guess hes too embarassed about how he got fired and the sexual situation(s) Knowing his history of pride, I really think this is consistent with his personality Is he Narcissistic ( did I spell that right?) Well I can only mnetion that dance routine he did for Athletes of the Spirit. I mean , think about it, what if Billy Graham, The Pope, or any other Christian Pastor had a Christian show going on, and they insisted on being the star! I mean it was ballet no less! makes me have a big laugh
  18. Hello Mr Knapp, Nice to meet you! I also am a health care professional, a Licensed Practical Nurse, but most of my asssessments in Nursing Homes are when a patients behaviors and attitudes become harmful to themselves or others, I have patients with a wide spectrum of personalities and beliefs.... This Topic got me thinking about many of the habits and beliefs that Way Ministry people take with them after they've left the cult.....and I know these habits have colored my life ever since, affecting my relationships with others.....(just got to tell you this anectodote : I was in a rock band after I left the Way, and after one jam session my bass player said, "Great jam 'bro"....My mind recoiled...'he hasn't had the "class" (PFAL) he doesnt speak in tongues" so I blurted out...'Your not my bro!'.....I feel bad about that now years later because it actually caused that guy some pain and it was a Way response for sure) I will definitely check out and join your website to hopefully learn more about these things. You seem to be providing a great service, not only to us and people like us, but to those young kids we encounter who may be in a cult or about to join a cult...and theres lotsa kids like this out there, because the suicide rate is way up, and drug abuse, and general mental and socio-personal stress that makes it really hard to be a kid! I am thinking of a young kid I met on my gaming site who confided in me that he sniffs glue, I have been trying in my aged wisdom ( Lol) to convince him to stop, and it breaks my heart to see kids being so messed up nowadays... OK enuff said....glad your here and let the healing begin! Lol
  19. Steveo

    Song of the moment

    This Video reminded me of the ladies at Greasespot Cafe, Ill bet we have a lotsa talent out there, maybe they could do something like this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkqnHNpcKOQ
  20. Ha ha ha! Great story.....
  21. Steveo

    Cheese Rap

    Thanks to both of you for sharing those cheese related Videos, I'll never eat cheese again!
  22. Steveo

    Can I share?

    That story really blessed me, but more than that I believe that God worked through you that day! Kinda reminds me of how the prophet Elisha found the lost axe head in the lake that one time on the OT (2 Kings 6:6)
  23. I didnt know him personally but I watched from afar ( Massachusetts) He fit the prototype of the Proud, know it all teacher, who didnt hesistate to belittle and insult others in the name of spiritual enlightenment (ex. Way Corps, Advanced Class, and all that other jive the Way said was "Walking with God") It really makes you re-evaluate what 'Walking with God' is.....and what love and spiritual enlightenment are. Perhaps it is after all better to be humble of spirit, meek, and kind to all people. Then who could find fault in you, or build resentment towards you, it would tend to make your essence pleasant and easy to be around, and memories of you blessed, am I right?
  24. Steveo


    It made me feel a bit better, now I know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way.....
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