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  1. Happy belated, Excie! Hope you had a wonderful day! Big MWAH! :wub:
  2. And you know you are at least on your way out of a cult when you understand that "No" is a complete sentence, needing no further explanation or justification.
  3. Well, here's another opinion. Obi-Wan told Luke Darth Vader "murdered" Anakin Skywalker, from a certain point of view. The end scene in Return of the Jedi showed Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin as Force entities, and depicted them as they were at the time of their death. So, from a certain point of view, you could say that was what Anakin Skywalker looked like at the time of his "death". Of course, that doesn't take into account Darth Vader's redemptive act at the end of "Return" of destroying the Emperor and saving Luke and his friends. Was that enough to "turn him back" into Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight?
  4. bowtwi, You certainly would not have been kicked out of my WOW family!
  5. Oh, I think it's very useful knowledge - it would tell me to avoid a group who would make fun of that poor sonovagun like the plague.
  6. That's okay; I helped him drink his wine. And it always was a mighty fine wine.
  7. d, you forgot to add "ITH (in the Household)" You're in danger of becoming unsalted. Renew your mind. *snort* :lol:
  8. Oh hell yeah, heard that one too. Just another indication of the type and amount of control TWI tried to exert over its followers - even in our sleep!
  9. Don't worry, Mark. When the new state law goes into effect next year, even that will have to go smokeless. Not sure if there's an exemption for smoke shops or not, but I wouldn't think the skybox would qualify.
  10. Somehow, I'm reminded of what Mr. Wierwille said in the SNS tape, "The Red Thread": You find Him everywhere!
  11. Hi Catcup, "Her Holy Hermaphrodites" was not the original title of this thread. It was "Her Holy Dyk*ship" There were objections to the term, and the title thread was changed. I agree, though. It's kind of a misleading term. Here's an alternate thread title: "Her Holy Ambiguous Whateverness" And just for the record, I'm not terribly concerned about who is sleeping with whom. I'm more outraged about the hypocracy of it all. People's lives savaged and reputations viciously maligned (most of the time behind their backs) based on nothing more than "genuine spiritual suspicion", while those at the top lived evil continually. Well, their day will (or already has) come. God is not mocked.
  12. WG, If you haven't completely ruled out a mini-vacation on Maryland's Eastern Shore, I'd like to suggest someplace like Chestertown, Rock Hall or Galena in Kent County. Fairly small, quaint, rural towns, slow-paced and picturesque. Here's a link to Chestertown, which also contains links to other towns, events and attractions in Kent County. I myself have not had the opportunity to go to these places, but everyone I talk to who has been there loves it. Of course, if fast-paced and exciting is what you're looking for, then yeah, NYC! :)
  13. Hey excie, here's one: An Irishman walks out of fellowhip..... (kind of a variant on the old "An Irishman walks out of a bar.....) :) *I'm kidding. I hope VF is doing better. Although not my most favorite Way leader, he did provide me with an eye-opener which stays with me to this day.*
  14. It only takes one old wayfer - to change the light bulb, ruminate on whether or not Tom Edison stole the idea for the light bulb (it may be old light, but it's new light to its generation), reminisce about all the times they saw the "Changed" video, and then have an "uh-oh" moment when you wonder, Do I need to..."change"? :unsure:
  15. I thought that was Britney's picture. Of course, I could be wrong; I didn't get a clear face shot. Everything was kinda fuzzy as my glasses had just melted.
  16. Maybe the Europeans simply resent the condescending attitudes from the superior, know-how-to-do-everything-better-than-you Americans. There's no longer a strong, central MOG figure to wrap the Way organization around and, without that, they may not feel they need "direction" from a little town in Ohio. They might feel they can lead their own lives and Christian service. That, and Americans are not generally well-received outside of America at this time. For various reasons.
  17. Yeah, but you gotta remember: 19,000 of those were bitter cop-outs, smoked homos, or saltless walking meatsticks.
  18. Which element is that? Helium? 'Cause, you know, it's, like, an inert gas.
  19. I seem to remember in the PFAL class, at the end of one of the segments, Mr. Wierwille (referring to the bible) said, "This is not an aid to devotion! This! Is! Life!!!"
  20. I kinda thought it might be, but I didn't see any smilies or winkies, so I just wanted to make sure.
  21. Uh, Chas, I think he was offering a danish to go with his coffee (or tea, as the case may be).
  22. To me, that's amazing and stupefying - that they would no longer carry the writings of the founder and first president of the only organization that is able to rightly divide the Word *tongue in cheek*. You know, the guy without whom TWI would not have been necessary. Or maybe they're just not making it available to us "cop-outs"? I guess that means someday, when I get ready to sell my assorted Way books and memorabilia, I'll be able to retire off of the proceeds.
  23. Yes And yes. I'm angry and indignant because I believed the lies of Victor Wierwille; that, at the very least, he was an honest, educated and diligent researcher of God's word, whose main concern was to present that word as accurately as he knew how from his years of "working the Word", and, at the very most, he was a man who had discovered a more powerful connection with God than anyone else had, who had been taught the Word as it hadn't been known since the first century church. You know the main lesson I have learned from Victor Wierwille? All men are liars, but some men are far better at it than others. It will take an act of God before I trust another religious person or group with my life. And I'm not including Jesus Christ as a religious person; imho, he's the least religious person I've ever read about.
  24. I guess he shouldn't have mixed cars with vegetables.
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