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  1. From me also, Dot! Kevlar "Several days late and a birthday gift short" 2000
  2. Cast my vote as well, RottieGrrrl! Saw the picture, and was struck by the resemblance to, well, me on the couch. Except my head tends to lean more to the human side. Mostly. Good luck!
  3. I'm always missing people's birthdays by a day or so! Wahhhh! :( Now I'll spend the entire day (if not week) wondering where I was "off". Nonetheless, hope you had a wonderful birthday!
  4. Kevlar2000


    Hi Tamar, May I suggest you start a thread with their names as the subject header in the "Friend Finder" subforum? You may get more of a response, either from them or someone who knows where they are. (I don't know them or where they are, but this thread caught my eye because I live in Maryland). Good luck, and happy hunting!
  5. LOL! "Love is the drug I'm thinking of" - Roxy Music
  6. Some unintended (?) humor on the SOWERS site: The caption, "Students Of the Word Equipped and Running to Serve" appears under a picture of an old, derelict pick-up truck rusting away in the field. Mr. Wierwille may wish to re-think that particular advertisement for his program. ----------------------------------------------------------- In fact, Mr. Wierwille may wish to rethink much about his website: Posting some information about himself and his qualifications for running a Christian leadership training program; Who are the staff and/or the persons who are "charged with oversight"; What subjects they will be studying, who will teach these subjects, and what are their qualifications; For that matter, what are the qualifications for those who want to enter this program? May anyone participate, regardless of denominational affiliation (I get this is a Christian ministry, so that's at least one (unspoken) qualification) or educational accreditation? Is this program completely independent, or is it affiliated with some denomination or organization? If affiliated, how strong are its ties? What are the expectations of this program for its participants after they finish the program (beyond the stated goals)? "Go forth as leaders and workers in areas of concern, interest, and need." Whose concern? Whose interest? Whose need? Why is he modeling his program (right down to a word-for-word statement of goals) after a similar program which was an amazingly spectacular failure, and laid the groundwork for untoward abuse? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a lot that's not said on this website that should be said, if he's interested in full disclosure. I know it says you can contact him for more details, but some of this should be front and center on the website. Then again, this looks like a fairly new venture, and you have to start somewhere. And it may very well be as Jonny Lingo said: a guy who wants to serve God and help others serve, too. If he's cognizant of the lessons learned from his grandfather's effort, and determined not to repeat them, then good luck. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I like the pictures of the place. Especially the sheep. They're so sheepy. :D
  7. Well, none of the apostles had an accredited education. There. I said it. Are you happy now? ---------------------------------------------------------- I saw the title of this thread, and immediately I starting singing, "What do you do with a drunken sailor what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor Ear-lie in the morning? Give him a degree from a bogus college, give him a degree from a bogus college, give him a degree from a bogus college Ear-lie in the morning..."
  8. Thanks Ex! I'm still celebrating! HA! LOL!
  9. Frank, Yikes! It's about 23 F here; far too cold for my tastes! T-Bone, the picture looks like my daughter, Bodhi Armour.
  10. No kidding?!! Unbelievabull! "Thanks for your service in promoting our organization to God, but we don't really want you to talk about it too much. People might be tempted to remember too much about the days of old wineskins and roses, and come to the realization that life in The Way now sucks hugely and largely. (Oh sorry. Maybe it doesn't suck, but it sure inhales deeply!) We just want you to pretend it never happened." The entire organization's actions are an assault upon sense, reason and decency. Regardless of what we're doing now, our lives are better for having shucked off those control freaks. (BTW, Good morning everyone, and have a happy day out of the Way!)
  11. I'm so old... (well, not so old, but old enough) I'm forgetting what it was like to feel young. I'm forgetting what it was like to not be cynical (instead of fighting cynicism every day - and not always winning). At my age, I'm expected to be "mature" (looks too much like "manure" to me ) I'm actually looking forward to retirement (if I live long enough) so I can start acting my shoe size instead of my age. Not that I'm not already trying my level best at that.
  12. As one who receives blood product every 5-6 months, I thank you.
  13. I was not happy with the secretive manner and double-speak of the limb leader. I had heard a lot of things from my branch leader of which the LC would neither confirm nor deny. The breaking point was, after all the preceding crap, the LC demanded that, in addition to holding fellowship at least twice a week, the Twig coords. would now have to attend "mandatory" TC meetings on Saturday. I told the LC I didn't appreciate having a Way leader demand anything from me, and was told, "you might have to make a decision whether you want to continue being a TC." After agonizing for a week, I "resigned" as a TC, and left the Way completely shortly after that. I should have said something like, "you didn't hire me and you can't fire me", but I still harbored some respect for, if not the person, then the concept of "leadership". And I figured the LC would call the folks in my twig and tell them to attend twig somewhere else anyway. Ah well, water under the dam.
  14. I thought we were going to put a fresh layer of asphalt on the road to this cafe. And I was all ready to fill out the paperwork for the government funding. :(
  15. It's wonderful to hear of a marriage that lasts 50 years (and longer). God bless you both for many years to come!
  16. No worries, Sudo. I've been chuckling (albeit ruefully) at the memo. I am on the planning committee for our party at work, and while we've made some concessions ("holiday" party instead of "Christmas"), we've asked everyone to bring in something, in addition to our having some food and sodas brought in. That way, if anyone has any dietary restrictions, they can bring in their own food - hopefully enough so everyone can share. Me personally, I just like to party!
  17. Let's see, Christmas Story - saw that at the theater when it came out in 1983; as I remember, it had virtually no promotion. We went to see it on a whim while we were visiting my folks in NY. I didn't think I would stop laughing when the mother was trying to get Randy to eat his supper. "And how do the little piggies eat?" March of the Wooden Soldiers (aka Babes in Toyland) with Laurel and Hardy. It was a perennial favorite when I was a kid, although I haven't seen it in a while. A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim, and Scrooged with Bill Murray - two fine examples of Christmas Chrazy. How the Grinch Stole Christmas,both versions. Christmas Vacation, oh yeah! (Hallelujah...Holy $--T! Where's the Tylenol?!) :lol: Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life are also favorites, although I gave myself a break from them last year. I was just feeling oversaturated a bit (although why I don't feel that way with TBS's Christmas Story marathon, I don't know). And then, just to add perspective and round things out a bit, Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Just because Christmas tends to be somewhat stressful for me, and Monty Python's always good for a laugh. (btw, hey TWI, yes, I did say Christmas. And I meant it. :P )
  18. Hi, Quiet Thinker!

    I haven't seen any of your comments lately, and hope it's just because you're really busy with all the good things in life.

    Take care, stay well, and post once in a while if you can.


  19. Why do I get the feeling that was written by a man? (Not that I disagree with the statement; it just seems to be a very "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" sentiment.) Wife: Why didn't you think to do that? Me: How was I supposed to know you wanted me to do that? You never said anything to me about doing that! Wife: But couldn't you just tell?!! Me: How? I'm not psychic, and I didn't receive revelation! Wife, leaning in close: You're breathing all my aiiiiiir! :blink:
  20. And here's Kevlar, hoping to extend the party into the weekend! Happy Everlasting Birthday!
  21. I traveled out of state to visit my "natural-man" family. And I didn't ask leadership's permission before I did it. And I didn't file a travel plan with leadership. And I didn't contact the leadership of that state when I got there. (Of course, to be very honest, I never did that when I was "in". I always let the folks I lived with know where I was going, but as a matter of friendship and courtesy, not because I was required to do so.)
  22. Many happy returns of the day, Tonto!
  23. Just as a general observation, I would say: If the principals of CES are currently embroiled in any sort of legal proceedings, all the lawyers would have probably advised them not to make any kind of public statement in any forum. Including this one. Then again, most of us are not of the CES "faithful", so perhaps the thinking is, it's none of our business.
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