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    Kevlar 2000

    LOL! Kevlar, the great equalizer! *grin* Thanks Waysider.
  2. Wah! :( Well, I don't need him either, so there! *grin*
  3. OMG! So many things are now falling into place! ------------------------------------------ Left fairly quietly with a polite letter to the LC resigning as a twig coordinator. If memory serves, he never called or contacted me to follow up or ask why. It's just as well. I miss many of the folks I knew in the Way, but not the obsessive need to control everything and the BS dogma. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
  4. I was just about to ask if she was "legal"! Happy belated, dear excathedra!
  5. Hi Oak, didn't see this until now. My info dates back to the early 80s, and it ain't much. I'll PM you. Oh, and Joe....if you're out there, give us a shout.
  6. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the red binder is for the syllabus of LCM's The Way of Abundance and Power class. The white-with-green-print binder was for VPW's Power for Abundant Living class. hampshire73, your screen name triggers good memories for me. In 1973, I spent the summer in New Hampshire as a dishwasher......... in an all-girls summer camp. It was an interesting and happy summer.
  7. Yeah, someone who has a longsuit in preparing and serving Italian appetizers (antipasto). (It's awful the way my mind works. ) --------------------------------------------------- Catcup, One of the demotivational posters at despair.com, entitled "MISTAKES" and featuring a sinking ship, reads, "It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others." Know anyone you'd like to send that to? :D
  8. Yeah, I guess I got tails on that coin toss, too.
  9. I'm sorry; I just dont get it. What does a paraphrasing of Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech have to do with Sandra Ann Sullivan's treatment at the hands of Wierwille and the Way and her subsequent suicide? I guess I'm thick as well as inpenetrable.
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    "It's only a flesh wound!" The Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  11. Ron, I read your response about 15 minutes ago. I'm still cracking up. :lol: It's one thing to experience this type of asinine, bullying, dominating behavior when you're "in", But with the passage of time and the gaining of perspective, it becomes even more ridiculous! Who did these people think they were, anyway? Like they could actually stop you from doing whatever you wanted to do! We were suckered, screwed and scapegoated by these frakers for far too long. You were having problems obeying. You left California without permission. ooooooOOOOOOOooooH! :P *snort* *chuckle* --------------------------------------------------------------- My exit was pretty mild compared to some. I was told by the Limb Coordinator (over the phone) that, in addition to conducting 2 twig meetings a week, I was now also required to attend mandatory Twig Coordinator (TC) "meetings" every Saturday. I told him I wouldn't be able to attend, as I had things to do on the weekends. He told me if I couldn't make the meetings, I wouldn't be able to be a TC anymore. After thinking about it for a week, I wrote a nice short letter resigning my TC position, and thanked him for the opportunity to serve. This also pretty much served as my exit from TWI. I never heard from this particular LC again (trust me: my feelings weren't hurt. I forget how many LCs I was acquainted with, from my entrance into TWI in 1971-72 to my exit in 1987, but this one was the least personable and the most "corporate lackey" I had ever experienced. and that includes Baab Moneyhands.) I later heard (second hand) that I was accused of having a "spirit of bitterness". By that time, I no longer cared what they thought of me. :P
  12. Here's another oddity in Baltimore's list of accomplishments: Baltimore - the Home of the Ouija Board "(The researcher, Bob Murch is) urging the city to designate as a historic landmark the former Ouija Board factory on Harford Road - the one from whose roof William Fuld (one of the co-creators - K2K) fell to his death." Guess his hedgehog of protection had taken the day off. Or the board had said "YES" when he asked if it was safe to work on the roof that day. This ranks right up there with being the place where Edgar Allen Poe died. I guess it's nice to be known for something.
  13. Dearest ((((Dot)))) (Forgive me for not commenting further. I wouldn't know how to begin. Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of of you.)
  14. You too, Ex! The pope looks like he's saying, "May the Force be with you" And we respond, "And also with you" Let us play ball!
  15. :lol: Don't let him sit on you, excie! Don't let him doooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttt!
  16. Why doesn't someone ask W^lter what he was thinking when he wrote it? I would imagine someone on this board knows and can get in contact with him. Perhaps he could even post his answer himself. If he wants to.
  17. Dr. Moreau...paging Dr. Moreau....
  18. Mine was, "Ya gotta take this class!"
  19. Thanks Oakspear. The longer I'm out of the Way, the more amazed I am how much control I let them have over my life. Examining the reasons is both facinating and sobering. ---------------------------------------------------- Since the topic is TWI staff and moonlighting: Is there anyone here who did moonlight and got away with it (even if it was only for a while)? If you got "caught", how bad did they make it for you?
  20. Because, for some odd reason, TWI hierarchy and "leadership" believed that, if we participated in any of their programs, they owned the rights to our lives. Depending on the degree of our acceptance of indoctrination into Wierwille's belief system, they pretty much did. And they acted like it. That attitude spread even to the Twig / Household fellowship level, although it wasn't as prevalent or obvious when I first started attending in 1971. I have no idea of what it's like now, but judging from the testimonies of persons on this forum, it rose to an insane level in the 80's and 90's. Why didn't we tell them to shove it? Because many of us accepted: Way dogma as it was presented in the PFAL class, That God taught the Word to "Dr." Wierwille as it had not been known since the 1st century (and that Mr. Wierwille had a legitimate, accredited doctorate), That what Wierwille taught to us was the best-researched Word of God available anywhere, That the "Ministry" was the Word and the Word was the "Ministry", and that disobeying or disregarding TWI's edicts was tantamount to disobeying God (a la the original sin in Genesis). That you would be, for all intents and purposed, returning to "the world". Which is ruled by Satan. To tell Way-appointed "leadership" to "shove it" would be like saying, "I now serve the devil". Hyperbole? Perhaps. But, as you examine your sojourn with TWI, can you say you never felt that way about someone who "left the Way"? Or didn't feel that way when you were considering your own exit. Or don't still feel that way now at times? Again, that was to the extent we bought into it. There were many people who didn't, and some of them we hold dear in our hearts for their love, empathy, and willingness to serve God no matter what were the circumstances. (and for the record, I bought into it lock, stock, but not quite barrel. The last 20-some years have been eye-opening and humbling.)
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    Hey!!! Where's everybody going?!
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