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What an awesome word! If only I could grasp it.. You know, when I was taking the Advanced Class at Indiana campus many years ago., I remembering pondering this very same question and asking GOd, what is really love?! Yeah yeah, the different Greek words phileo, agape, and so on.. But what does it really mean to love. Like to love God? To love your neighbor? The Way's definition really never cut it for me.. I mean, there is like ZERO percent heart in that definition, ' The love of and for God in the renewed mind in manefistation in the household'... Hmm that was the definition right? How can you define love with the word love? Kind of goes against every definition rule I know of..

But krysilis.. Yup.. It think it definitely has its roots there. It isn't really love till you give! Not giving of money necessarily but giving of your heart and life in whatever form and fashion. I mean, the greatest love defined in the Bible was God giving his son to die to redeem us. So there's definitely giving there! I'd have to say, God really has done nothing but given since we were born.. Giving without any desire of receiving back.. That's the definition I worked out many years ago.

But one more thought.. Anyone here know Hebrew? I've studied a bit, and I found it more interesting than the Greek. Way so much more.. And anyone studied the Hebrew word for love? 'ahav' ??

One thing you learn about Hebrew is every letter was originally a picture. That was before it developed into the Aramaic script we still have today. Kind of like the egyptian hyroglyphics.. So ahav is an awesome picture..

The root is AB.. A(leph) which is the ox, the might and strength of the oc, the strong one... B(et) is the house... So naturally Ab (some know it as ABBA).. is the strong one of the house.. The Father! Abba, Father?! You're with me?

But then comes along one more letter to make up Ahav.. It's Aleph, Hey, Bet.... H(ey). Is so easy for us English speakers.. HEY!! YOU!! HEY!! Look here. HEY!!! That's what it means really.. Look! Look here, pay attention you! Look at the Father! Literally Ahav (love) in Hebrew, meant to show the Father, or to see the Father.. That's why 1 John talks about how your can not love, without knowing the Father.. You have to know him, if you expect to imitate him. And thereby showing him to others, loving them..

That's my reminder every day.. Do I show the Father? Is his heart and love there? God desired mercy and not sacrifice.. Love.. Comes from the heart.. That's the 'Hey' in the heart of the root AB...

Ok, back to munching on Belle's wonderful donut..

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:biglaugh: Glad you like it, T&O. :) Here's your coffee.

I think we shouldn't have to think so hard about love, that it comes naturally when God is working and dwelling within us. When we're really in touch.

Does anyone rememer that there are many, many words for love and TWI only concentrated on Agapao/agape, which really isn't even what they defined it to be?

T&O, I think you might really enjoy reading some of Abigail's posts about the Jewish religion and their encouragement/excitement about debate/conversation/discussions about all thing religious. It gives us different perspectives if we go into it with an open mind (yes, you read that correctly). The insights, learning and in depth understanding and building of what we, personally, believe is incredible.

If you haven't wandered down into the Doctrinal Dungeon, I highly recommend it. It gets heated down there sometimes, but it shows a person's true colors, too. Some are just down there to start arguments, but others are there to really share and learn and grow regardless of whether they agree or not.

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When I first put this on here my mentor made sure I took the credit for the quote because he knew that if the people of GS knew who really wrote it they would just refuse it. The statement if to master the object of charity, I never said I mastered it. So I am truly sorry for the deceit so far. So from now on when a quote comes to me from my mentor I will just leave the signature blank. Once again I am sorry and I hope you guys can forgive me.


According to your own stipulation noted above in bold red the following posts lack your signature and are actually by your mentor ck :

The problem here isn't that you replied, the real problem is that you can't understand the message being sent. There is no way for us to tell if your post was some what altered to the statements already written. We can just hope that you had a clear mind when you were witting your comments. In the whole example, the non believers must be able to see the love we have within, the manifestation is a example of our believing. There is in no way that when I manifest that I look down at non believers. The only thing I hope to gain is for someone to see the glory of perfect prayer.

This is funnier the Jay Leno last night, if you knew verses to back up your opinion you would be right. For you to say something written is wrong it must disagree with the Bible first. The writings that were put in these threads were in full compliance with the Bible. Charity is of the bible therefore the bible must be used to define it. :dance: The only thing you have shown me is that you can give me a paragraph with useless words. Slick you must be able to back up your opinions against the word with the word, and since you can't say that I am wrong straight out, the definition stands.


Somebody give Ribeye a round of applause. So you really think that what I said does not agree with KJV 100%. So if the writings that were written were wrong would the bible be wrong to?? No I don't expect you to really understand. You know some people just can't get it.

Everything that was said no only agrees it fits for everyone's life. This is not just something to say it is something to live by. Living with this saying will show your loved ones and people around you the love you have within. The nice thing is that it is a matter of Truth. Truth from the bible and it does not matter if you come up with a bible all by yourself it is still a matter of truth.

Though I am honored to be quoted writing a bible that is not my calling. The truth set before everyone is way to live life. The love a man has for fellow believers is just one example. No matter what you say truth is truth.

Greg, thanks for cluing us in on how to differentiate between mentor and Son of mentor. The type of person that comes across these posts sounds sort of uncharitable. Good thing you didn't sign your name to them!

PS: You could always shop around for a new mentor. Maybe even find someone who doesn't practice intellectual hobbling by telling you bs like "you can't go beyond what you're taught."...Better yet - try exercising your own intellectual muscles...you know - think for yourself - engage in discussions with people on open forums expressing YOUR OWN THOUGHTS.

Instead of turning a deaf ear to people who don't understand what you share - exemplified in the above posts of your impatient mentor - try practicing some of that love of God you talked about in your posts - maybe explain your point a little differently, maybe stop trying to muster up more arguments - sit back and listen - consider someone else's point. There was some great stuff shared on this thread by other folks - in between the fighting.

I know sometimes I can be as narrow-minded as anyone else and think sometimes in starting a thread on GSC we may fall back into the old TWI-I'm gonna-drive-my-point-home-no-matter-what mode. In my humble opinion that TWI type of thinking is really more about fear of the unknown and of feeling comfortable with what leadership or mentors have handed down to us...

...I think a good thread has a lot of give and take happening - and that's give and take of ideas - not insults [i'll be the first to admit I've given my fair share of insults! Sorry about that - don't take it personal - it's just that when someone appears to me like they're trying to shove something down my throat my defense mechanisms are activated]. We all stand to learn and grow when we come to a discussion with an idea to share and a willingness to explore its possibilities.You'll probably surpass your current mentor in no time....well...it's just a thought... :)

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charity begins at home

-- mom chap. 1 verse 1

Love isn't love until you give it away.

Great posts Excathedra and Krysilis - both these posts were real zingers to me – I've been thinking about them for awhile. It's funny how seemingly simple they are – a lot of times that's all it takes to jump-start my sluggish processor.

…Thinking about charity begins at home – I recall my TWI years – how I could be infinitely patient and understanding with someone I was trying to get interested in PFAL – but often having very little in reserve for my own family at home.

…Giving our love away. That's a deep one to think about! I think it was in Life is Tremendous Charlie Jones says that giving to get is not giving it's trading. I think we're all familiar with the counterfeit kind of love. If I'm giving my "love" to get something in return – I'm not giving it away – I'm trading. It's like an alternate version of the "law of believing" – an attempt to manipulate someone. And like the "law of believing" this counterfeit love is self-centered – it seeks its own good – the impetus being "I'll be nice to them – to get them to do what I want." Opposite the love Jesus talked about in Matthew 5:43-48 – where He said love your enemies – look at how God has the rain fall on the just and the unjust – saying we're to be like that in giving our love away rather than loving those who love us back. True love is meant to be given away – no strings attached.

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(I Cor 13:1-13)We should reflect the love we have

with one another,(Col 3:14) putting off the old man,

putting on the mind of Christ(Rom 13:14)Sharing manifestations

for the profit of the believers and non- believers.

Heres some verses for you, does that help you guys any.


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