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Please Quit Smoking

Dot Matrix

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ohmygod you really started a thread? does groucho smoke? ugh

He smokes and we talked about these ads. Anyone who smokes concerns me. I do not want to see this happen to anyone and the answer is quit smoking. That has to be easier than dealing with these tragedies... IT is a super big UGH ! I agree with you!

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Tobacco free - all my life.

Slow suicide... Do it quick, if you're going to...

I shared an office with smokers - for two periods of time - I always felt ill from what took me a while to realize was the secondhand smoke. Can't imagine how awful it must be for a "firsthand" smoker.

If you don't give up "for yourself" - give up for your children, your grandchildren - your great grandchildren who you might not otherwise get to know...

Kit, once again, so sorry for your loss.

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As soon as you quit your body starts to heal itself and recover.

The sooner the better. My 79 year old mother smoked for a long time but quit a long time ago. She has COPD and will for the rest of her days.

I thank God she quit before emphysema or lung cancer. But my brother wasn't so lucky. Heart disease got him at 36 and he was a heavy smoker since

early in adolescence.

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