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Is it okay to recommend wierwilles books to others?


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On 6/9/2017 at 3:50 AM, OldSkool said:

...Wierwolfs books do not contain purposefully constructed grammer that contain esoteric secrets when worked further. The collaterals are a hodge podge collection of his early sermons, and of course a smattering of material taken from all over the place. Way publications, along with presidents publications have worked for years to smooth out error and contradiction. Surely, if vp writings were god breathed God would have worked in all these spirit filled editors to preserve every jot and tittle. Dont ya think?

 Some great points OldSkool - and after mulling over what you said it got me thinking of TWI's tendency to whitewash anything that could  tarnish vpw's legacy - whether it's his books or "shiny" example of a minister of God.

This post is for those still in TWI , offshoots , and yes even the "new and improved" revival and reboot group or for that matter, anyone who thinks it's ok to  recommend his books, reference his books, draw inspiration from his books or his "shiny" example.

Something is so wrong when  a supposedly Christian organization elevates the importance of protecting, smoothing over the rough edges, correcting  or whatever whitewashing is necessary concerning vpw's "writings" instead of exposing and correcting how vpw ....or any of his admirers - have treated their most committed followers.

...."but he taught us the word like it hasn't been known for centuries..." you say. Really?!?! Maybe one should reevaluate that - yes, exactly what is  "the word" that vpw often referred to.

I guess he can't be referring to the scriptures like "love thy neighbor as thyself" which for centuries most Christians have known as being being the second great commandment and in my opinion is the other half of the gold standard for Christianity - it's what God values - love for God and love for your neighbor.

If there's any concern for getting back to the basics - then what about the passages in Corinthians, Timothy, and Peter, which for centuries have been the basis for how real God-fearing churches set standards of operation ....like how to deal with unchecked sexual misconduct that can ravage an entire congregation ....or how to qualify - or if need be - disqualify those in leadership roles.

Apparently vpw and his staunch admirers have taken some kind of "hypocritical oath" - so that they're above all that. And they are supposed to be ministers of God !!!!! 

Why do some animals eat their young? I don't know...and why are there some religious leaders who persecute, exploit, and ravage their own congregation and still think they are serving God ...Jesus talked about something along those lines in John 16:2.

Just saying...maybe some folks need to recalibrate their scale of values.

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On 3/12/2017 at 4:56 AM, waysider said:

The books were only one part of a complex indoctrination process. You can't just read the collateral books from PFAL and think you'll understand what it was like to be in The Way. Personally, I think much of the content is quite sophomoric in the way it's presented, especially "the blue book" (The Bible Tells Me So). 



Waysider, you have a knack for writing thought-provoking posts; especially ones like this - for me they're like a bunker buster - the initial impact paves the way for delivering an idea worth reflecting upon more deeply.

I usually do think that much of the material in  vpw's books is conceited and pretentious in nature - as well as it being only part of The Way's complex indoctrination process so folks "learn" to accept certain beliefs uncritically...

but the reason I had to circle back to this post was the nagging thought of what kind of effect or impact would vpw's books have on a reader who is not familiar with how The Way operates nor have ever been involved with it.

Well...of that I cannot speak since I was in it for 12 years....the closest I can relate to the idea is recalling one of the goofy tangents our branch got into over the positive confession stuff in vpw's blue book "The Bible Tells Me So". 

Some clergy introduced us to a few books by other authors (not associated with The Way) that goes along the lines of the health and wealth gospel, name it and claim it type studies - like in vpw's Blue book...one book title was something like "The Tongue - The Creative Force." ....honestly, positive confessions may help one's self-esteem or adjust a bad attitude - but alter reality? Naaaaw don't think so. 

My point is - trying to employ the ideas in vpw's books - even if "reinforced" by non-way books spewing out the same type of nonsense - (whether with or without any "help" from The Way's "tech support team" = the local way-believers ) can often lead to great frustration besides letting your hopes down.

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59 minutes ago, skyrider said:

Thread Title:  Is it okay to recommend wierwille's books to others?

Alternate Title:  Is it okay to burn these books to protect others from the cult snare?

you know, Skyrider - a lot of folks at Grease Spot are use to having more options now...

option 1: burn vpw's books on Uncle Harry Day - aka Burn the Chaff day

* option 2: everyone stack their books on the junk table at the Advanced Class - hoping the towering stacks will fall over onto "the teacher" (how awful crushed by his own words)

option 3: put your old name tag (corps, WOW, fellow-laborers, staff, etc.) on a little chain and use it like a pendant for guidance - "should I burn or shred the books ? burn....shred....burn.....shred.....burn....shred...


* please note : option 2 requires access to a time machine or some type of quantum leap device....and hopefully group-rates are available...and remember as always, time travel at your own risk.


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47 minutes ago, OldSkool said:

I hauled all of Wierwolfs books, about 3000 total, to the city dump. :dance:

millions   thousands now smoking

what do you think his soot looked like?

I bet it wouldn't win a beauty contest

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