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1 hour ago, Mike said:

I have thought long and hard on that, and that's the reason I try to stay one one thread only.  That was totally blown over the holidays, but I am trying to get back to a minimal footprint here, by retreating to the Jumping thread. 

But I also think that the flow of traumatized people has gone way down after the LCM mess was cleaned up. After 2002 they were humbled by the court and were doing a lot of re-grouping.  I think they started traumatizing a far smaller number of people. That translates to a cut in the flow of hurt refugees here.

Now with TWI-4 only a few years old, they are poised to solve a lot of the internal problems the past TWI administrations foisted upon them.

If I am right, and they have a change of heart and words and activities at HQ like what I saw locally, then the flow of victims here should go way down.  We shall see. 

And how many of the guest do you think have been traumatized? If you checked the guest list, you'd see their everywhere and reading every active thread. How many have you turned away from healing?

If you're right? What if you're wrong?

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1 hour ago, Mike said:

After 2002 they were humbled by the court and were doing a lot of re-grouping.

No they were not humbled...they doubled down on their dishonesty because their positions and livelyhoods were at stake. Mike this is the time I was way corps and I saw it all. You fell for the whitewash...they regrouped nothing. They gave an unknown amount of money to the plaintiffs in the Allen lawsuit so the entire mess wouldnt goto court where the way international and all named in the lawsuit WOULD have been found guilty. The way asked for a summary judgement with the settlement and it was denied. 4 of the original 6 counts were going to trial and included in that list of charges that the JUDGE UPHELD were RICO charges...so you are following a church that draws the same charges as the mafia. Mike - it wasnt LCM's mess...rampant adultery and sexual abuse in the way international traces directly to wierwille. Martindale simply carried on a famiy tradition of sorts...



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1 hour ago, Mike said:

ONE of the reasons I can't take you folks seriously is because I know for sure you can't offer me a viable paradigm, a set of Postulates, that come close to the valuable paradigm I have enjoyed partially from 1971 to 1998, and then fully since then. No one here can offer a system of thought, a viable rule for faith and practice that even comes close to what I get from the collaterals.  It is laughable that any of you could think I would value the fumbling theology of anti-PFAL that drives you. You got a lot of bad news but no Good News to offer me.

Picture me to be a dog, happy and satisfied with an old smelly, rotten bone, with maggots crawling on it.  You want to take it away from me, but it's the only thing I have to gnaw on. How dare you try to take it away from me!  All you'll get from me is a fight if you get too close to taking it away.

But then picture my reaction (I'm still a dog) if you bring to me a warm, fresh cooked hunk of beef, and hold it under my nose.  Mmmmm fresh meat, what was I thinking with this smelly bone?  Got any more beef where that came from?

Speaking of paradigms, perhaps you'd be happier if you shifted yours away from expecting or hoping anyone at GSC would or could OFFER YOU something you could take seriously. 

Perhaps it's time to take EXTREME OWNERSHIP of your two decades of experience here and redirect your life to accomplishing your mission of transforming Victor's subculture into what YOU want IT to be. 


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15 hours ago, Mike said:

You got a lot of bad news but no Good News to offer me

You have repeatedly, over many years, been told the truth - the truth that will set you free.

You have repeatedly, over many years, been urged to read different Bible versions, and specifically, to read the Gospels.

You have repeatedly, over many years, been urged to join in community events with Christians (not Wayfers) local to you.

You have repeatedly, over many years, been urged to think carefully and engage careful thinking skills to consider all aspects of the Bible.

You have repeatedly, over many years, been presented with Bible verses right here, at GSC, to give you the opportunity to consider scriptures and how other people perceive them or try to put them into action.  If you  read carefully, you will see that although there may be divergences in understanding at times, there is more in common than in divergence.

Now if being told the truth, reading the Gospels, hanging out with real Christians, thinking in depth, and thus considering divergences and commonalities - isn't Good News to you - nothing will ever be Good News, except for the impossible expectation of Jesus Christ returning with the Orange Book in his hand.  And sorry, Mike - nobody here can see that happening.  Ever.  Never.  Most of us simply look forward with hope for the return of Jesus Christ.


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28 minutes ago, Twinky said:

you will see that although there may be divergences in understanding at times, there is more in common than in divergence

This reminds me of something that happened when I was out street-pastoring in the city.

This drunk male approached our team of four.  We were all from different churches, and three different denominations.  He started sounding off about how terrible the Christian message is. 

He said: "You all believe ..." 

Us: "Actually, no we don't.  We believe..."

Then he said: "You all believe ..." 

And we said: "Actually, no we don't.  We believe..."

And during our 20 minute encounter, with one voice (but separately) we proclaimed God's love, the Lord Jesus, the grace that's given to us, and other good news.

The drunk male ambled off after a while.  And the team went the other direction, chuckling at this man's ramblings, misunderstandings, accusations, etc.  Because we were all solidly of one heart and mind in being within, and expressing, God's love.


Quit with the rigid theological tramlines, Mike.  Explore a bit.  Get out of the box.  If you are in some theological box with God, your God is way too small.  Or maybe, "Way too small."

"Meditate on the scriptures" - you can look up your own Bible verses on that, but here's your starter-for-ten: But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart (Luke 2:19).  So you see: Mary, Jesus's mother, "pondered," considered, allowed herself to think deeply.  You are not "out of fellowship" or destined for a fall ("like Eve") if you think, consider, ponder, meditate, try to understand (like Mary). You might even find yourself more deeply in fellowship - with God.  


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