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I remember sitting through "ADV.79"...DWA... when I sware I heard LCM say..."Mountains are a consquence of the battle in Gen1:1-2." That Mnts. were a manifestation of Satans destructive handy work on the earth. Did anyone else hear that?

It took me years to enjoy the Rocky Mnts. Now I live in the Mnts. near a Vortex.

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If he's carried the logic all the way through, he'd have said

it was NOT the result of the battle between 1:1 and 1:2,

but God's renovation work in 1:9 and 1:10. The results were

very good.

Then again, those of you who are not Gap theorists think the

entire subject is silly. So, he makes even LESS sense to you...

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RAF: Psst. Hey, Craig, come here a minute.

LCM: What's that in your hand?

RAF: It's a Bible. I've opened it to Genesis 1:2. Can you read that?

LCM: "And the earth was without form and void..." Hey, you know that should say "became" right?

RAF: Well, that's irrelevant, but let's assume you're right. What did it become?

LCM: What?

RAF: I said, what did the earth become?

LCM: Oh, easy. Without form and void.

RAF: Thanks. What does "without form" mean?

LCM: Ummm....

RAF: (Smacks him in the head with his Bible) It means no mountains, you idiot.

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I don't remember Martindale saying that mountains were formed in the catastrophe between Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:3, but it sounds like something he'd say.

I met Martindale in OKC a few years earlier. He impressed me as an egotistical jerk, so I pretty much tuned him out in th '79 AC. I have copious notes from the most of the speakers, but I think I must have spaced out when Martindale spoke ... no notes, just doodles in my notebook.

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Sorry, have to correct this.

Maybe it was a different issue you say happened at ADV cl 79. But in a different Adv Cl special, Martindale used some of our research regarding the scripture in the gospels where Jesus says that you could "say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea" and if you didn't doubt in your heart, it would happen.

Jesus was not talking about the fact you could do that to a literal mountain.

Mountains in that particular scripture were a metaphor for the imposing power of the adversary. This metaphor regarding mountains is repeated elsewhere in the scripture, enough to establish a pattern. There are other scriptures where waters or the sea can also contain the same metaphor. However, it does not mean that every place the bible mentions mountains or seas that the metaphor is present. It means that in some it is, enough to be considered depending upon context.

Martindale at that Adv cl special never said mountains were the adversary or in daily life represented the adversary. He said in that particular scripture it was a metaphor.

Shows what can happen if you take it too far in application.

Just because Martindale is a dog, does it make you hate Fido?

You understand. I knew you would.

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I remember Martindale going on about mountains at a corps meeting that somehow I was invited to, even tho I wasn't corps, praise allah.

He had just visited lake Placid where the winter olympics were being held, and totally berated the work going into it, how it's so trivial compared to moving the word, and it's just man's ego, yadda yadda.

Then he started in on how there will be no mountains in the new heaven and earth, that mountains seperate people and were not at the creation.A loose translation according to memory is that he said"al you guys who love mountains so much are going to be in for a surprise, when they're all gone". Then he made fun of people who thought mountains were beautiful.

This would of been 80 or 81, depending on when the Lake Placid olympics were.

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It's amazing how many people seem to know the exact global map of things after

Revelation 21:1.

It's also amazing how few of them can cite a verse for their precise map.

I at least admit I can wait and see, mainly because I have no fricking idea how it's

going to look.

I can make a considerable case for one thing, and, for the life of me, it doesn't

make any sense at all, so I don't. (It has to do with New Jerusalem.)

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