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    music(both secular and Christian), swiming, hiking, volleyball, putt-putt, visiting historic sites, SciFi TV, murder mysteries, amateur Biblical Scientific Research(despite TWI).now into Organic Church(Viola, Zens, Cole,Dale)

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  1. Dishing it out

    How about SNL with the post-prime players?
  2. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    meant to say Theodore Austin-Sparks
  3. He really wasn't a *doctor*

    yes on Lima, Ohio and very poorly. To quote McCoy, Damn it Jim, I'm a doctor, not a clergyman. btw, he's dead Jim. See the new Star Trek: The Way(not to be confused with Discovery)
  4. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    WAP/PFAL? really? There are better video classes such as Alpha, Beginnings, Christianity Explored, Reality, Foundations, Beta, etc. Even books from Frank Viola, Jon Zens, Milt Rodrieguiez are an improvement. Or examine the original materials from authors like Albert Benjamin Simpson, Alfred Tozer, Ruben Archer Torrey, Ethelbert Bullinger, E. W. Kenyon, Theodore Austin-Smith, Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall, Sam Storms, Watchman Nee, George Lamsa, Rocco Errico, Nicky Gumbel, Rob Weber, Rick Warren. Anything but Wierwille and Martindale.
  5. When Did Way Productions Start to Suck and Why.

    unfortunately the dancing was 1980's style and is not what young people do today, nor is the music that inspiring
  6. Dishing it out

    Wierwille believed that having bake sales, car washes, and paying for potluck suppers made Christians pay taxes/indulgences to pay for hymnals, musical instruments, youth events and he chided them for not disclosing their salaries and a 20% of their income to pay for salaries, building/property upkeep based on their believing similar to Muller.
  7. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    omg, the extreme paddling of young children and making them work as adults at the camps, worse than TWI's HQ, Emporia, Rome City, and Gunnison combined.
  8. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    New episode tomorrow night at 9pm. Can't wait to see Leah and Mike expose more hypocrisy and comparisons to our Ohio cult
  9. vpw, truths, lies, reasons/motives.

    Constipation(sung to Anticipation)
  10. New here just wanna say hi!

    That would be a good Halloween treat
  11. PFAL Revolution

    Revolution by the Beatles. I wonder if TWI leaves and twigs thought that back in the 70's. ha!
  12. 30 Years: Trying to Revive the Twit-Corpse

    After the disaster with Craig, everyone is trying to remodel Wierwille as they remember in the early 70's as a cool Bible teacher. Where is the vomit emo?
  13. Leah Remini/ Scientology and similarity to TWI

    I brought up this topic on Facebook's GreaseSpot Cafe forum
  14. what is the PURPOSE of da corps *training*?

    Grace, no I never went Way Corps or WOW Ambassador, but did (to my regret) go NC Minuteman in 1976. I had trouble finding a job and went home after 7 weeks.Did meet a sweet girl from Sanford(PF) but she was engaged to her twig leader. She was a student at ECU majoring in business. She had a twin sister (L!nd@)who was living in Charlotte(?). No, I never wanted to be ordained, that was not my calling.Besides my father was an ordained Lutheran pastor(ELCA) and I didn't have the patience to counsel people.