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Thomas Loy Bumgarner

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    music(both secular and Christian), swiming, hiking, volleyball, putt-putt, visiting historic sites, SciFi TV, murder mysteries, amateur Biblical Scientific Research(despite TWI).now into Organic Church(Viola, Zens, Cole,Dale)

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  1. Old Vic thought Country Western Gospel songs were stylistically better than jazz or rock and roll
  2. If I had known about the physical, verbal, mental, and sexual abuse, I would never been deceived about PFAL and TWI.
  3. I agree, The Answer is a loud NO!
  4. Kenyon died in the late 40's and Bullinger in the late 20's. Neither one of them was alive when Wierwille did his class or wrote his books to sue him for Plagarism of copyrighted materials,
  5. Scientology has people following former members and confronting them with cameras, recordings, and threatening them with court cases
  6. WOW, last night's 2 hour special could have been about Wierwille, Martindale, and Rivenbark and Way Corps/Regional Area Leaders
  7. A&E is re-running the series with a new episode tonight at 9pm DEST about journalists bullied and threatened by Scientology. Bet TWI would have done this under VPW and LCM.
  8. Linder won't write a tell all book unless he is fired/ Marked and avoided
  9. Mike, you said when Jesus returns he will have a copy of the "Orange" Book aka PFAL in his right hand. What drugs were you taking when having that hallucination dream?
  10. Trust and obey, all things in The Way, Marked and Avoided, if you don't trust and obey
  11. Giv,e me the original authors like Albert Benjamin Simpson, Alfred Tozer, Ruben Archer Torrey, Ethelbert Bullinger, Kenyon, Theodore Austin-Sparks, Watchman Nee, Jock Edward Stiles, Brian George Leonard, George Lamsa, Rocco Errico, Frank Viola, Milt Rodreiguiez, Jon Zens.
  12. whether groups like Joyful Noise, Pressed Down, Good Seed, Paul Vergillio would have progressed to the level of Hillsong, Casting Crowns, Don Moen, Ron Kenoty, Newsboys, Paul Baloche, Robin Mark, Bob Fits, Brian Donerksen, or Chris Tomlin to name a few is highly doubtful with VPW in charge of Way Productions, much less LCM or RR.
  13. Unity School of Christianity is a spin off of Christian Science, focusing on positive thinking
  14. Rocco Errico, a student of George Lamsa and teacher of Unity School wrote a book on Genesis
  15. I believe that St. Louis Theological Seminary is the old Eden Seminary from the UCC