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Thomas Loy Bumgarner

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    music(both secular and Christian), swiming, hiking, volleyball, putt-putt, visiting historic sites, SciFi TV, murder mysteries, amateur Biblical Scientific Research(despite TWI).now into Organic Church(Viola, Zens, Cole,Dale)

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  1. actually, I prefer Thomas instead of Tom or Tommy
  2. Grace, you have to have a wacky sense of humor to survive these days. Some of my friends say I have entered into my 2nd childhood, but I don't think I ever left my first one. As Patsy Cline would say(and Ross Perot), I'm crazy.
  3. Grace, wrong forum. Tonight's episode is about a married couple(Sea Org, Scientology's version of Way Corps) and suicide(husband) because of depression
  4. Episode 2 is on tomorrow night
  5. Grace, Mike believes Wierwille was misunderstood and bullied by denominational clergy who were jealous of him. He and Jonitham are angry st GSC for exposing errors that VPW made, both doctrinally and behavior wise. Personally, If I were Pawtuckett, I would kick them off here for being trolls.
  6. why is GSC not posting to my email account any replies?

  7. Silly, girl. VPW and LCM took over because Jesus was too busy in heaven, so Christ made them his personal assistants.
  8. VPW borrowed/plagarized teachings from Bullinger, Stiles, Leonard, Clark, Daily, Lamsa(maybe Errico), Jones, Torrery, Watchman Nee, Austin-Sparks, JW, Armstrongs, etc. He did not come up with an original thought.
  9. Did you meet Wierwille or take PFAL? How does your post relate to TWI? I am confused
  10. The ranch the kids were located was a run down horse ranch, even worse than Gunnisson
  11. Wish Leah and Mike would interview TWI ex-members and see the similarity
  12. Season 2 begins tonight and talks about sexual abuse of adults and children. Shades of TWI!
  13. Farewell Rosie, farewell rosie. farewell rosie, we are kicking you out. merrily we run along, run along, run along, merrily we run along out of New Knoxville
  14. Maybe Roz and Donna are Timelords,
  15. Nope