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  1. Tips on selling Snake Oil

    Sociologists say that it takes a "significant emotional event" for adults to change big things in their lives. Disrupting a person's entire religious belief system and social support network are big things that one doesn't change based on logic.
  2. New DTA Class!!!

    Sorry, I do not.
  3. New DTA Class!!!

    James 4:7: Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Uncohesive fecal matter indeed. Whatever happened to Jesus' words about the two greatest commandments? Oh, but if it was that simple, perhaps nobody would need this powerful new advanced studies class!
  4. Brief Bio

    I was born a poor black child...
  5. Btw, Tom R is not still married to Barbara.
  6. Disconnected words

    They lacked authenticity. Somehow, they bypassed our BS detectors. There was little to no congruence between the words and the nonverbal cues they sent out.
  7. Exit Stage Left

    Good luck with that.
  8. Exit Stage Left

    "All the purges?" Those came AFTER the first exodus in 1986. I don't get your tone. Anyway, asking for conjecture at this point rather than checking GSC history... and jumping down my throat for directing you to where you can find the answers you seek seems weird.
  9. USA and Net Neutraility.

    Vodaphone was only cited as an example. China's not necessarily a genuine parallel. And Google's access to Chinese consumer markets isn't at all a parallel to the issues inherent with net neutrality in the US. The conclusion, and the point of the story, is spelled out in the last paragraph. "The FCC staff’s findings indicated that net neutrality needed tighter, not looser, regulation. Under Pai’s proposals, which will be voted on and probably approved by the majority-Republican FCC on Dec. 14, the potential for narrowing of consumer options by ISPs will only grow. You’ll be paying more for your broadband, and your choices will be left up to your ISP. Is this the internet you’ve grown accustomed to? Not in the least."
  10. Exit Stage Left

    Btw, I'm not now and have not been associated with JAL's ministry since he left TWI. As far as I can recall, one time I attended a meeting when he came to Phoenix. I was seriously not impressed in a positive way then and still am not. However, he is civil with people on FB.
  11. Exit Stage Left

    Well then... aren't you the cheerful one today. Are you not familiar with the letter in 1986 signed by JAL, RD, Tom R and Sue P? That was 31 years ago now. Sounds like you don't really know JAL's side of it. Btw, your opening post for this thread was simple and succinct, "So, does anybody know the reason JAL left the vay?" What you didn't say or even allude to was anything suggesting you wouldn't believe his answer if you asked him. He didn't get purged, he left in the first mass exodus. Other than the already recorded history (rather than jumping down my throat, you're free and welcome to search the old threads in the About the Way forum), you actually could ask him yourself.
  12. Exit Stage Left

    Have you considered asking him yourself? He's on Facebook and willingly connects for ex-way folks.
  13. USA and Net Neutraility.

    A very important topic that should matter to all of us.
  14. Stop the Shootings

    Most certainly yes.
  15. Bart Ehrman books

    Apparently, the $1.99 price is good for the e-version of Ehrman's book throught the end of November.