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  1. Plagiarism on the road to success

    This is Mike. I hope he doesn't take offense. If he's honest, he'd embrace it. Of course, Mike is still welcome here.
  2. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Even you should be able to recognize that as nothing more and nothing less than you projecting onto me. Here's the formula you set forth: "When YOU _____ it was because you thought _____." Dude, you've projected so far and so emphatically that you --- having NO basis in fact or in my words (which you didn't quote to even try to show where you came up with the notion) for claiming I was trying to predict anything that you would say. That's beyond bizarre.
  3. Plagiarism on the road to success

    good night sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite.
  4. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Mike, how much alcohol must you consume to come up with this malarky?
  5. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Get it out incoherently, you might mean. When others pose questions for clarification (what about this; what about that; etc) if you had a coherent message, you'd be able to process the feedback and use it to build. By your own admission, you practiced dodging. How artful is subject to debate. And because you didn't and don't participate in a socratic process to make your message more meaningful, it collapses on the weight of its own hallowness because the support beams can't handle the weight. That you think I was trying to predict your answers gives rise to your confabulation. I was not trying to predict, I was asking you to answer. Your second paragragh makes no sense. I wasn't trying to put myself into any such thing. Carry on. Hope against hope that one day you will make sense.
  6. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Facts? Where did you present any facts at all about Wierwille's notions?
  7. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Right... it's NOT a democracy, but you vote "genuine." Should you not at least answer the questions raised from scripture? (Proverbs 11:14 and 16:18)
  8. Plagiarism on the road to success

    IDK... George mainly doesn't care who he offends.
  9. Plagiarism on the road to success

    I understand, Mel. It's the same thing Mike's been saying since the start of GSC.
  10. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Good one, Mel. I know George. I'll let him know you cited him.
  11. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Mike, you're rambling... very nearly incoherently. The ONE thing that is obvious from (and I did actually READ the entire comment) is that, beside rambling, you fawningly rationalized the irrational acts of a guy you can't defend any other way.
  12. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Seriously? It was his friggin' ministry. So what that some didn't want him to move to NK? It was STILL about him and only him.
  13. Plagiarism on the road to success

    King Solomon apparently disagreed with your (il)logic. What do you do with Proverbs 11:14? "Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety." ESV And what about Proverbs 16:18? "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." NIV Mike, I think the scriptures are calling BULL$hit on you. VeePee was as arrogant as they come and clearly, he eschewed wise counsel when he needed it most.
  14. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Struggled with whom? It was his friggin' ministry, for crying out loud. I think YOU left out some important information. In your world (with allegedly "genuine spiritual leaders"), how does one determine "what's right with God," other than simply declining to question or challenge VeePee? How do you measure the standard? The way most of us saw it play out is that a malignant narcissist with a gift for conning young people demanded loyalty and if someone didn't like it, then to hell with them. IOW, people didn't stay in Wierwille's notion of the household of God based on anything other than that they bought into a confidence game and continued along because they found a place to belong.