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    So do you get your salvation back after 20 years if you are good? hahaha :)
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    You don't argue with a coconut. You mix it with lime and drink it all up.
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    How am i supposed to argue with a coconut. :)
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    I bet Stephen King could make that story sing!
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    Okay, I have no doubt whatsover that God is real and Jesus Christ rose from the dead. I do know about hardening of the heart. My heart has been hardened many times, which is why believers rarely see miracles. Andrew Wommack has a great teaching on this. People can experience miracles and very quickly forget. Look at the Israelite's in the wilderness. People saw Jesus perform miracles and didn't believe. They even wanted to kill Lazarus after he had been raised from the dead. Even the apostles who were with Jesus in his resurrected body, it says "Some still doubted!!!" Mathew 27:17. Even if a person has never experienced anything "supernatural" (which I've no doubt some GS'ers have) there is plenty of evidence in the world. Romans 1 makes it clear, that God reveals Himself through the "seen" to where man has no excuse. But anyway, I'm truly not here to defend God, who needs no defending. I'm just saying there is no way, no how, anybody could ever get me not to believe, no matter what research they come up with. I have my own issues with God, plenty of them. But not believing is not one of them. I am really surprised at myself, after Raf's' post on all the seemingly contradictions on Who saw Jesus first, that I never studied this part more. So I am very grateful for his post! It gives me something to study on. I do notice that Jesus only appeared to believers. If I were Jesus I would have loved to appear to the jerks who beat me and tortured me. I would have given them a scare or two. But I guess that's why I'm not Jesus. that and a billion other reasons. I sure as hell wouldn't die for me. Or anyone else for that matter. Okay, I'm rambling now. I'll be back to read more later. This is really a great thread!
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    Sure... just like you'd ask a blind man for directions. (see Rom.5:25, written by one that was, in fact, a Pharisee of the Pharisees. ) both end up in a ditch.
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    Oh, I already know that. I've read several of his first-hand accounts. At first I was dumbfounded, then furious, and then I felt really heartbroken for all those that lived through that insanity. All I ever did was go to a local fellowship and the classes, and I did the way disciple program once. So locally I really didn't see much of the manipulation, although I did become aware of an uneasiness in my gut that I couldn't figure out. That was three years ago, and at that point I stopped inviting people to my fellowship, and gradually reduced my participation in the branch and fellowship activities. Now I have nothing to do with TWI.
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    Hi WordWolf! There are no “VPW’s steps to trace! It was Peter Bernegger and John Crouch who first introduced Ernest Martin and his astronomical calculations and research into the timing of the birth of Christ. Peter Bernegger was admitted into the 8th corpse along with two other men who later became his unfortunate compatriots in TWIt’s first PUBLIC execution, excommunication, and mark and avoid procedures which were faithfully and more forcefully applied as the years rolled on, and taken to their ultimate, perverted, vengeful conclusion under the reign of their second King, the proud and ridiculous King Okie Da Forehead until he became too psychotic and insane to even keep around as some worthless old drooling emeritus wannabe. LOL! Peter already had a degree and maybe even a Masters in Astronomy, and it was he who introduced Ernest Martin to TWIt. He went on to get a PhD and is a professor at a university some where. I have never spoken to Bernegger or Fanning since those meetings were cancelled. I have been in touch with Marty, Dave W. (now sadly deceased and very missed by many) and John Crouch during the years past-TWIt. Anyway.....the other two guys were John Fanning (some self-trained Greek and research expert with a background (and now PhD) in Psychology or Psychiatry), and Marty McCrae, who at that time had all ready attained a Masters in Middle Eastern Languages, particularly Aramaic and Syriac and Hebrew. He eventually went on to receive his PhD also, and teaches at McGill University in Canada IIRC. These three men were uniquely “assigned” to a spayshull project in their very first weeks at Emporia by dictor himself. They were given the “opportunity and privilege” of doing research on the dating of the birth of Christ and to submit it to Cummins and the Research Dept. as an “underlying” text for dic’s new book “he was working”, JCOPS. I was contacted along with Schoenheit, David Wilensky, and John Crouch as we each had specific “knowledge and abilities” in areas necessary to the work in progress. Schoenheit and myself on Old T. History, and symbolism/foreshadowing of Christ in the construction and services of The Tabernacle, The Feasts, the Hebrew Liturgical Calendar and the Lunar Calendar dating, and The Temple and Priesthood. David Wilensky was a math and science genius who eventually wound up working for the DOD as a “scientific analyst” on highly classified government intelligence gathering via satellite and U-2 aerial photo and other data for the NSA, CIA, and FBI. John Crouch had an advanced degree in Meterology, and eventually, as a member of the Research Dept., was one of the prime movers behind the writing and publication of JCOPS when it finally came out. I was at Emporia teaching on The Tabernacle when the public execution went down. I had twice had a meeting with Fanning, Bernegger, McCrae, Wilensky and Crouch (all first year in-Rez 8th corpse) cancelled by LCM who was also at Empiria during that time. No reasons were given. Then, without notice, my evening class on The Tabernacle was superseded by an all corpse meeting phone hook-up for all the “campuses” with dictor and LCM that night instead. THAT was the night of the public execution of Bernegger, Fanning and McRae....the three amigos of seed boyz. LOL. As I said, I was at Emporia for this kangaroo court, and watched in utter disbelief at what was going on! I was friendly with both Crouch and Wilensky prior to their entrance into the corpse. So, I met briefly and secretly with each of them wondering how we didn’t get the axe with them. We agreed we were fortunate for some reason and that’s the last time we ever spoke of it together. Dictor NEVER read ANY of Ernest Martin’s work! He was too dumb, just like his C- performance at Lakeland Mission House College years before. As usual he had to have Walter do everything on it and always had Cummins, Schoenheit, and Crouch to translate and explain anything dic said he wanted to know “more about”. He never even read the final manuscript, and the only thing in the entire book he wrote was the dedication at the beginning. That’s it!! THAT’S also why there won’t be any “VPW’s steps” to trace anywhere on this book. There weren’t any!! LOL! Thanks for reading.
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    You didn't confuse me. I get why you'd be sad that we aren't biting on your bait hook. But I (and others) explained what the problems is/are. Bottom line is that you came here hoping to proselytize but nobody seems to be interested. You set forth your thing... if any one reads it and gets interested, I suppose they can get in touch with Blake. But that's really not the purpose of the Greasespot Cafe. We already escaped a spiritually abusive cult. You shouldn't be surprised that people here aren't interested in another one.
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    Jesus is the healer. Anytime anyone's healed *he* gives the gift and should get the glory. Not a man. Not a ministry.
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    Yes I do Jim. I feel that basing an entire belief system, with its own idiosyncratic doctrines based on the experience of one or more individuals, will lead to just another "way" among thousands of how to believe correctly and what you can then accomplish with this "new" Jesus power. Indeed, some of these salesmen may have genuine "gifts of the spirit" which they "manifest" in unique ways. However, no such gifts are given except from the Lord Jesus Christ, and no prescription on how to "do-it-yourself" can be given based on anyone's experience(s). I believe that so doing is exactly what dictor paul did to replace personal experience and even fellowship with Jesus with his "rightly-divided Woid". He just prescribed his anti-Christ teachings as being "the Word", the only "way" to "manifesting the power of gawd". He replaced "the living Word, the Word made flesh", the Lord Jesus Christ, with vp's fictitious "rightly-divided Word", thereby absenting Christ from TWIt and its followers, and replacing Christ with his phony "man-o-gawd" self. That is why I disagree with relying on ANY man or woman's experience as a matter of faith or as a "prescription" for a stronger or better manner of that faith. That does not deny the existence of spiritual gifts or manifestations, nor does it disparage them. It simply does not elevate them to the status of being "correct" nor "more rightly-divided" than any other human experience, regardless of chosen religious faith. There may well be something YOU believe YOU can learn from them. And that's great for YOU. For me, "experience" remains "no guarantee of truth", nor does anyone's personal interpretation of scripture but my own, determine what I choose to believe. Peace.
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    In an effort to clarify the original rules, we have expanded them with specific items. I will be putting them up on the main site, but wanted you to have a chance to view them. Welcome to the GreaseSpot Café Forums! The forums are for the purpose of discussing The Way International (TWI)--and many other topics of interest. While our mission is to tell "the other side of the story" about TWI, we recognize that posters' opinions about their TWI experience range from pro to con to somewhere in between. We welcome them all. The GSC Forum Rules Be courteous, and please don't make it personal. Remember, others feel as strongly about their opinions as you do about yours. It's okay to disagree, but when doing so, criticize the message, not the messenger. For example, "I remember that event differently," is appropriate; "you're an idiot" is not. Also, don't assume someone is calling you a liar just because he/she disagrees with you. Please do not engage in insulting behavior, personal attacks, and inflammatory language. This includes: calling fellow posters names accusing them of "needing a therapist/shrink/meds" labeling others with terms such as "Wierwille apologist" or "perpetual victim" distorting another poster's name to insult or ridicule making disparaging remarks about fellow posters' character, motives, intelligence, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), or life outside these forums. Implying negatives about fellow posters is also not acceptable. Be aware that sarcasm toward another poster can quickly turn a discussion into a flame war. And by the way, "He hit me first" didn't work with your mom, and it won't work here. We disapprove of comments that stifle discussion or label a particular viewpoint as unwelcome. Such comments hinder thoughtful and open discussions. Do not accuse fellow posters of being "trolls." If you suspect someone is trolling, PM the moderators; please don't start a thread about it. Do not "stalk" another poster from thread to thread to perpetuate an earlier disagreement (but don't accuse someone of stalking if he/she just happens to disagree with you often). Do not talk negatively about a fellow poster in a thread where he or she is not participating or start a new thread to "call out" that person. Do not challenge a fellow poster's personal recollections of his/her TWI experience. People deserve the freedom to share how TWI affected their lives and should not have to fear interrogation or feel pressured to "prove the unprovable." Generalizations about how TWI affected everyone who was ever involved in the organization may be challenged, however. If you wish to question those generalizations, start a new thread. Violation of the above rules will result in deletion of the offending posts and/or suspension. Persistent refusal to follow them may result in permanent banning. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside the forums or use the "ignore" feature. Threads that deteriorate into little more than bickering will be deleted or sent to the Soap Opera Forum, at the moderators' discretion. These rules do not (and cannot) cover every possible eventuality, so please don't try to find loopholes. The moderators will use their best judgment regarding "grey areas." The Purpose of the Rules These rules are meant to encourage civil, courteous discussion. They are not meant to stifle your freedom of expression. We want everyone to have a voice here; please use yours wisely and considerately.


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