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The Passion


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"The Passion", a movie by Mel Gibson.

"The Passion" is the most beautiful, profound, accurate, disturbing, realistic, and bloody depiction of this story that has ever been filmed.

Jim Caviezal may be the best "Jesus" ever(not counting the original).

This is not a date film. The rough cut I saw contains graphic scenes. Including the seemingly endless scourging of Jesus. The crucifixion scene is long, bloody, and painful to watch. Several audience member wept. The film will probably earn an "R" rating for violence.

"The Passion" should not be labeled a "religious" film, or something only to be shown in church basements. "The Passion" is a work of high art and great storytelling. Few liberties are taken with the gospel account. And the extra dialogue added helps round out the characters without damaging historical or Biblical accuracy.

The film is an intense two hours. It uses unknown characters which helps focus attention on the message. By the end of the film(a unique portrayal of the resurrection) the audience is exhausted. It is a soul stirring film that deserves wide distribution and viewing.

It's message is not just for Christians, but for everyone. I doubt a better film about Jesus could be made.

-Cal Thomas-

This film is not out yet.

Proud to be an American




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Mel Gibson filmed this movie completely in Aramaic and Latin and does not plan to use subtitles in it. It will be interesting to see if he sticks with that when the movie is released in April 2004.

Gibson has been getting all kinds of grief from Jewish groups because he shows the Pharisees and priests as Jews and from Catholic groups who are complaining that the movie follows the scriptures too closely.

Go figure.

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who the hell speaks aramaic or latin anymore, who'll watch it? even the catholic Priest don't use latin anymore. I'll watch it if he puts it out in english subtitles tend to distract me from what I'm watching cuz usually they go faster than I can read, so I wind up reading and not watching. Anyone else have this problem or am I the only slow reader?

Dovey....proud owner of two low riders...Dovey's Doxies...... Dovey

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The way I see it, if Gibson, an English speaker, is making this movie with an English speaking audience in mind, then he has artistic and personal reasons for not using subtitles. I can sit through La Boheme without English subtitles. I can surely sit through The Passion.

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I agree with dovey, The movie needs subtitles. I only watched one foreign movie with subtitles (I'm not an artsy fartsy type person)Le Fem Nakita, and it was excellent. The American Version with whats her face, Brigdette Fonda SUCKED. I can't even remember the name of the movie that's how bad it was.

If Gibson want's to do a movie for artistic and personal reasons that's Fan-fooking-tastic. But he shouldn't be surprised if the majority of people don't want to sit through his great self-serving artistic voyage.

It's like Freedom of Speech. You have the right to say what you want, but people have the right not to listen.

But, that said, if he really is doing it for true artistic reasons I guess he wouldn't care if 10 people go see it, or nobody does.

God I LOVED him in "The Bounty." Man he was in primo condition. Best movie out of all the "Mutiny" movies too, I think.


...Ain't no grave, gonna hold this body down..when I hear that trumpet sound...


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Well good work transcends language.

Imagine growing up listening to beatles

music and not knowing what the hell they

were singing but STILL enjoying the music.

and once you learned the lyrics later its

cool all over since now you know what

they were talking about. Also I don't hear people moaning about sitting through operas performed in italian.

the proposed lack of subtitles and the use of unknown actors are clearly attempts to remove

obstacles to experiencing the subject matter

on a deeper level. (I wonder if there will be any music ?). But it remains to be seen if this

strategy will be succesful.

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Mel is financing this movie with $25 million of his own money so I guess he can do whatever he wants.

I wouldn't think the lack of subtitles would make much difference in this film since the story is so familiar. You probably won't have much problem following the action even if you can't understand the dialogue.

I wouldn't be surprised if the distributor, 20th Century Fox at the moment, tries to pressure Gibson into using subtitles to increase the ticket sales.

James Horner, who won an Oscar for "Titanic" is doing the music.

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Well... I'll do the subtitles if I have to, I seem to be able to get through the movies that are like that OK...

Raf, not to be presumptuous, but don't you speak/understand Spanish?... I'd think that would make it pretty easy to get through an Italian opera!

Dovey, NY was just here (Dallas) a couple of nights ago and folks said it was great... would've loved to go, but it was at one of those outdoor places on the 109 degree day (not for me)!

All that being said, I'm really looking forward to this movie...

... big hitter, the lama...

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Originally posted by Tom Strange:

Raf, not to be presumptuous, but don't you speak/understand Spanish?... I'd think that would make it pretty easy to get through an Italian opera!

Have you ever sat through an opera? I sat through Billy Budd, which is in English. Didn't understand a blooming word. The operatic style of singing often defies understanding simply as a matter of style.

Oh, and by the way, my Spanish is so-so, which means I would probably understand if an Italian asked me how I'm doing and where the bathroom is, but would not get me through the opening aria of La Boheme.

Point is, understanding what is sung is not a prerequisite for enjoying opera, just as I suspect will be the case with this movie.


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