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How do you like your Cat?

Hills Bro

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Medium or Well done?

I think cats should be put in cages like birds. Birds on the other hand should be released into the free reign of your house. Bird$$hit doesn't stink up the home like cat pi$$. Their droppings are small.. dry fast ...and vacuum up easy. Make sure you remove all mirrors from your walls because birds will not get out of the way of the other bird flying directly at them in the mirror. icon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Why do people always put birdcages directly above the meal table? Kinda like putting a bug zapper above your picnic table. icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif

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I "fixed" my cat when he was eight weeks old.

he only pees in the box now. lol

he never learned to stand up and pee so he has to be like a girl.

sorry kitty but it works.

i have a funny story about a bird and a cat.

We had a pet bird and a house cat when I was growing up, now this cat ate birds from outside as she was a farm kitty. The bird was a house parakeet , my moms little baby. The bird flew around the house eveyday took baths under the kitchen sink at night when my mom would get done with the dishes.

both nice pets who lived together for 8 years.

I said eight years.

One morning we got up and the cat ate the bird she had a feather sticking out of her mouth and the guilty look .

she ate her room mate.

I still cant get over it.

she ate the moms baby bird after eight years.

life is a trip aint it?

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Our cat is a strange one.

I think she's part feral.

She does a lot of things I've never seen any cat do before, and I've had 20 cats before this one, at various times.

When she pees, she puts her butt right up against the litter, so it makes no noise.

Even when she was just 8 weeks old (she's about 8 months now), she could get up on the dining room table and run off with a chicken leg - not drag it, not eat it right there, she would run off with it and eat it under a bed. She picked up the feather duster in her mouth and ran off with it, too.

If you offer her a treat, she snatches it from your hand and runs off with it. I'm training her not to do that anymore, and she is learning, but she'll still do that sometimes.

She's very sneaky and very fast. But quite adorable.

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not any amount of money .

He is my friend and I think he likes me, and she is like a mom cares about things around here in the house.

I am used to them , well maybe, NO I woldnt do it.

maybe for a few days if I knew they were safe and sound .

but not forever.

ok ok if it was a relative and I could see them alot .

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Which one?

We have five of them, and they're great pets. They're clean, quiet, independent, and self-entertaining.

Geez, if I had five dogs, I'd be on the phone with the local Chinese restaurant negotiating a per-pound price!

(Just kidding... icon_biggrin.gif:D--> )

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mj that's terrible! I would never own a bird and cat together. I think that's just terrible for the bird to live with that. Birds and dogs can make nice nice together, but I've heard too many stories about the cat eating the bird.

I mean they prowl around the neighborhoods, stalking neighbors bird baths and feeders. That's what gets people angry. One suburb near me actually has a leash law for cats. Which may have been the first of it's kind in the country. I don't think many people actually follow it though.


...It's hard to be humble when you own a Rottweiler...

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I have never been a "cat" person. My sister always had them and they drove me nuts.

But last spring, I noticed a cat that was hanging around our neighborhood. My youngest daughter wanted to feed her. I refused - if you feed them they will come!

But she was really friendly. She had been spade so we figured she was once someone's pet. We asked any of our neighbors if they knew who she belonged to. No one did. So I told my daughter she could feed her - but only outside. She started to live in our bushes and came out whenever we got home, meowing and purring and hungry for food and attention. My daughter named her Annabelle.

Around Thanksgiving, we had some friends over and their son was playing with the cat. He was looking her over and said that she'd been de-clawed - and pulled back her toes to show us that indeed, she was defenseless.

I promised my daughters that I would take her to the vet after the New Year and get her shots up to date and make sure she didn't have any diseases. I still planned to keep her as an outside cat.

The vet told me that a cat that has been de-clawed should really stay indoors, or on a screened porch - somewhere where they won't get hurt.

I bought a litter box, a cat bed, toys, a food bowl and we now have a cat. She stays on the lanai and drinks out of the pool (wierd cat!). She comes in and sleeps in my daughter's room at night. We don't let her outside anymore during the day - and I don't think she minds. We keep her litter box on the back patio and she has never missed. She even stands by our sliding door and meows when she wants to go out to use it.

I never, ever thought I would like having a cat as a pet, but I really like this one. And you're right, Zix - they're easy - a lot easier than a dog, and much less needy.

I don't think I'd have more than one (I don't like the hair), but I'm planning on keeping Annabelle around for the long haul.

Hope R. color>size>face>

I get by with a little help from my friends... size>

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Oh Hope that's cool! I don't feed cats either. I learned my lesson. They probably have about 10 homes they go to mooching off of. But I did do my duty when I found one half starved. I paid the vet bills (it also had fleas and mites) and found it a home.

The lady I bought my rott from has a cat that's half bobcat. Now that cat is cool. It thinks it's a dog.


...It's hard to be humble when you own a Rottweiler...

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they should have a leash law for freaking cats.

they do spray the neighborhood they walk around all day and spray away the cars the proches and they bring disease to the pet cats in the yards.

but they take care of the mice , so maybe not.

The cat and birds were friends honestly the bird would land on the cat and she didnt bother with him for 8 years...

till the mood swing day...

We were all stunned.. couldnt believe it.

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Yep, Steve! is right, our cat is definetly part feral....when I got her, she was one of a litter of kittens. I stood for awhile at the cage...wanted to see which kitten had the most spunk, moxy, brass...whatever euphemism fits. With four active kids, we needed a cat that isn't timid....Cecelia CERTAINLY fits the bill!!!!

But she's also affectionate, rather bright, and just quirky enough to fit into THIS family!!!

She has been at the vet for the last few days for shots and declawing....I miss her so much...can't wait to pick her up tomorrow!!!!

But ya shoulda seen her when we brought Steve!'s dog home!!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Cats are too cool.

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My kitties are indoor only, Rottiegrrl so they won't chase your birds! PROMISE!!! LOL! icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

I had declawed my last two cats, these i just never had the money lying around to declaw em, and now that they are almost a year old, i kinda feel like it would be mean.

Cept the female can come running up the steps, grab either side if the bedroom door-jam and leap up and hang about 3-4 feet up. then she slides down-- ya oughta see what the door frame looks like! icon_rolleyes.gif:rolleyes:-->

It's a good thing she's so cute cuz she's TOOPID!

The male is VERY lovey-- loves his ears scratched and will rub against us and head-butt for lonng times! He also sits on my boys' school work while we are doing school-- the brat!

I love my cats, too and wouldnt trade em either-- still want a dog, but know that will be a lot more work than the kitties. We had to put that whole idea of getting the dog on the back burner for awhile til my hubby gets a job

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I also run a multiple cat home. All indoor only. One is declawed because she REFUSED to stop shredding my furniture. But the others mind their manners and keep the clawing to the proper places.

I love them all but my favorite by far is my meezer (siamese). Talk about personality!! Part human, part dog, part cat. Great pet.

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I have only had persian cats. Right now I have two - twin sisters. I do everything for them yet they show no love. They hate me and I hate them. But we coexist.

My last persian cat was a gift and he used to pee around the house. I gave him to a retired couple who wanted a pet. They asked me if he had any "behavioral problems". I said no (lied my butt off) and they took him. They called a week later and said they were sleeping one night and the cat literally stood up on his hind legs on the bed and wizzed all over them like a drunken Kennedy. I felt bad.

I hated that cat too.

I saw a bumper sticker that sums up my thoughts on cats, "I love cats. They taste just like chicken!"


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the only cat I like is a dog named CAT. Cats are of the debbil..they are all possessed. I think they came to earth via extraterestial phenomina gone amuck. They were really meant to be turkeys but the intense heat passing thru our atmosphere caused them to lose all their feathers and turn into these wimpy hairballs with sandpaper tongues. icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

Don't believe me? Ask Larry..he's the expert.

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My cat Molly thinks she's a dog. She totally ignores her cat toys (the ones Emma the Dog hasn't destroyed) and plays with Emma's toys. And usually Emma lets her! She follows Emma around. When she got catnip balls from "Grandma" for Christmas, she immediately went over to Emma and dropped one between them.

Never thought I'd see a cat share! These two are really pals.

The other night they were playing tug o' war with one of Emma's stuffed toys. I was amazed at how gentle Emma was. She's a terrier with realllllly strong head-shakin' action. She coulda had that toy in 5 seconds flat, but the cat would have been splatted against the wall. So instead Emma would pull it ever so slowly in her direction, stop and look at the cat. The cat would pull back. Emma would pull a little farther, but just as gently. Back and foth they went, in slow-mo, until Emma finally had the toy to herself. It was so cute.

Oh, you asked about cats? I believe Molly was a feral cat. She was in and out of the shelter where I got her for a over year. She's the most skittish cat I've ever had. My son was here for 10 days and she hid the entire time. She never (I mean NEVER) comes and sits in my lap. She'll plop down next to me on the couch occasionally, or on weekends (when I don't mind the commotion of two critters in my bed and leave the bedroom door open), she'll come join Emma and me on the bed. But a cuddler and lap sitter she's not.

I love my little furball though. For one thing, she wiped out the mice population that was trying to overrun my house after my former cat died. She never scratches the furniture or curtains (I opted not to declaw her, in case she ever gets out and needs to defend herself--plus it looks downright painful!). She always uses the litter box, and she loves to stand on my desk and rub heads with me while I'm trying to type on the computer.

Linda Z, dog and cat lover!

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[This message was edited by Linda Z on February 15, 2003 at 7:49.]

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Well, after the love of my life cat, Micky, had to be put down in June of 2000, I finally broke down this year and took a cat in from my daughter's friend. She is jet black with green eyes.

But how do I like my cat? I tell you how I don't like her...on my head when I am sleeping...or on my keyboard...or sitting on my mouse trying to get the wire...or laying on the stairs reaching up with her clawed foot trying to bat my foot as I try to step over her to come down stairs or when she attaches herself to my bathrobe belt that was dragging and I walk and she slides all the way behind me coming down the stairs at 4:45 am and through the hallway and into the kitchen...

But I do like it when she plays "I Spy" with me while I am taking a bubble bath...she appears at the foot of the tub and raises herself to where her eyes peer over the edge of the tub then goes back down and does it again and again and then finally trieds to bat the fluffy mountains of bubbles in the tub or when she also sits in my lap when I am on the computer and purrs or when I come home from work and she goes upstairs with me and while I sit on my bed and change my clothes and she rubs against me to say hi...

or when I had pnuemonia not too long ago and was good for nothing except to lay on the couch..remember cats are supposed to be graceful..well my couch is in front of the window so while I was lying on the couch, she was on the top of it so she could see out the window when all of a sudden I heard a bang. She must have fallen asleep and fell off into the window. She was ok..just cat pride hurt and then came and layed on my stomach to sleep..yeah..couldn't trust that window again...

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When I got home last night, he was there waiting on me. I called to him: ?Well there?s that no good worthless cat, whatcha been doing, buddy?? he looks at me meows? telling me he?s hungry?

Max, in his official capacity, is a Big Orange Tom of 2 years that is currently employed as chief kitten salesman amongst the local female cat population. He oft returns from his sales route chewed and bitten, but clearly satiated by his nocturnal job. I kind of envy him, truth be told.

Max is strictly an outdoor kitty that apartments in the ?63 Ford Long Step-side rusting in the driveway. He slips through the tattered plastic that makes for windows on the cab of the truck, and curls up in the blanket I stuffed in there for him this winter.

But there he was doing ?let?s be friends cat stuff? they oft do when they need something important like worthless cat food. He jumps from the porch to the rail and is now at eye level with me, I lean towards him, and does a face rub with me. Purring brightly, I rubbed his big orange skull and felt the ridges of a ?feline bitch slap? just under the fur.

But overall his coat was soft and as I petted him in with classic cat/human greeting, I reminded him of the temptations I?ve been wrestling with, to convert him in to a pair of warm bedroom shoes. I scan his body with my hands and inspect a recent war wound that is just getting fur after a 5 week healing. He got caught trying to breed a Bobcat or something,got the crap kicked out of him for it too.

I talk to my animals. Just like I talk to humans. So as we headed into the kitchen, I reminded him not to spray like he?s does outside. I started retrieving the cat victuals from the cupboard he was so effectively sucking up for. But I like to see cats sucking up, it's really the only time they act like dogs.

I further clarify that though I have never killed a cat at this particular address, spraying cat funk in the house was a hanging offense. My authority as district cat judge would compel me to carry out sentencing to the letter, without compunction or appeal. I pause, and he meows as I pet him, still purring.

I continued to lie to him about the scores of tom cats I have hung from numerous clothes lines, fences, TV antennas, trees, and large bushes. It was an irrefutable law never mark within my indoor scent zone. He looked up at me during my discourse, and frequently meowed, keenly attentive, as I prepared his food, and no doubt vocalizing his compliance to The Law. My god, he very hungry.

Many times I run into Max freeloading down at the liquor store, which is just east of my house. They have made it a practice of wasting worthless cat food on his big orange hide also. Hell, he even has a bowl there. But walking home, we match strides, with the Tom pausing to re-squirt his marker on the neighbor?s fence: Cat sign for Max Land.

I had thought Max had relocated after Gracie the Dog, died last month. Just before taking her body to the woods for burial, I watched him cautiously approach and sniff around the blanket. Her head was showing from the fold, and very slowly he lifted one paw and delicately touched it to her cold muzzle. He sheepishly sniffed about her face and then looked at me with a cagey look, not typical of his normal laid back demeanor.

I sat on the steps watching Max suspiciously observe the lifeless former matriarch of the back yard in the cold January dusk. When my son exited the house, the normal sounds startled the already nervous cat and Max bolted from yard. We didn?t see him for 2 1/2 weeks.

Jedi ?

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Like Hope, I never was a cat person. My sister loved cats all her life. My daughter and my ex both love cats (almost reason not to change).

BUT, my daughter, one July, in 1998 brought a kitten over from her mother's when she was going to be with me for most of the month (usually we change physical custody same day each week).

I was taking some vacation time. The kitten earned a place in our home by being cute and playful and lovable.

It liked my computer, and most everything else it could climb.

this was a cat that over the course of a few months, it made its case that we could not keep it indoors all the time.

eventually, however, a neighbor had his way and the cat never came home.

My kid and I went looking at animal pounds and shelters, covering hundreds of miles in a week. Never found the cat.

BUT, we found a cat that would choose us to host him in our home.

A man's home is his cat's castle.

Now, Monster Baby, the new feline sovereign, does stay indoors all the time, does not claw furniture, or climb entertainment centers or kitchen cabinets.

He is a gentle, playful soul, that is clean, quiet and loving.

Since my kid has to spend time at her mother's house, the cat helps keep me sane.

A dog would indeed be more needy and higher maintenance.

Poor Hills, we have learned about some of his fears, perhaps, inadvertently.

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