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Hard to Believe GSC Anniversary Saturday


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Saturday will mark the 11th Anniversary of GreaseSpot Cafe.

I was trying to think of something different to do this year.

So what I did is set up a Google Voice Number. You can leave an anniversary greeting or shout out to GSC. I will take all the messages and put them online this weekend. If you prefer, you can attach an audio file and email it to greasespot@gmail.com.

I may do it like a radio show or something.

I wanted it to be a memorable number so I picked the 419 area code ;) 419-595-0GSC (419-595-0472)

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Is there any way to get a retro look at the original GS?

Every time this place has gone through a facelift it throws me off for about a week or so until I get used to it..

...IIRC its been through many changes and updates-I can't even remember what the original looked like but do remember going through an adjustment from Waydale to this newfangled place and wondering if it was going to catch on... :biglaugh:

Thank you for all your work, headaches and sleepless nights that youve put in for us all these years--

Happy Anniversary and

Happy Birthday GS!

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Wow... naw. If I had to have given an answer in 2 seconds real quick I would have said like 6 years. Where will we all be in another 11 years? Where will TWI be?


Collecting social security and hopefully be healthy and happy...

TWI will be nothing more than a footnote in some cult book...

Happy anniversary to my favorite hangout on the internet...

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