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Regarding the so-called myth of the six million

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I’ve been talking about a cult that has found a way to surreptitiously circumvent the legitimate, honest and above board politics of governing. The cult seems to have infiltrated – but has not yet permeated a certain political party – so I am not trying to be coy by not naming the cult leader and the political party  - instead - in an effort to isolate a powerful cult from a political context -  I referenced them by their cultic ideologies. Hopefully that political party will recover (indeed some have already) when the cult leader is out of office and can no longer maintain such a tight stranglehold on them. Bipartisanship is a beautiful thing...I realize there are more than 2 parties in the U.S. - although the 2 prominent ones seem to have most of the political power - but I was not sure if multi-partisanship is a real word - but it is a beautiful thing. :rolleyes:

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Well, I did write something about cult leadership, but pressed the wrong key by mistake and ended up losing the post. I'll write it again later.

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