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R.I.P. Sudo

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It has come to my attention that the Greasespot Poster known as Sudo has passed away.

I have not independently verified this but it comes from a source I would trust to announce my own passing.

Sudo was a Waydale/Greasespot original, a passionate defender of logic, reason and common sense. He had a delightful sense of humor and not an ounce of bigotry in his body. He loved believers, though he was not one of them. He did not have a hateful bone in his body. Rather, he was someone who sought to help people in their journey, whether that journey was out of the Way or out of religion altogether.

I cannot express how much I will miss him.

Condolences to his friends and family.



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I've always enjoyed Sudo's wit and presence at Grease Spot...and to his family and friends I'm sorry for your loss.


rest in peace Sudo

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I have to share this Sudo story.

Some of you may have participated in the old Southern Comfort Weenie Roasts. There were at least four of them, held down around the Tennessee-Kentucky border. I was at the second and third and roomed with Sudo both times. At Weenie Roast #2 we gathered in a state park. Despite the prohibition on bringing alcohol into the park, we brought alcohol into the park. A LOT of alcohol. We were also all very loud late into the evening. One of our campground neighbors called the law on us. There is some disagreement on whether it was a deputy sheriff or a park ranger, but we were in danger of spending the night in jail if the officer decided to press the matter. One of the Weenie Roasters, who lived locally, threw herself under the bus and took responsibility for bringing in the alcohol so that those of us from out of state could be spared being guests of the county. Meanwhile, brave Sudo was scrambling around hiding the various bottles of the good stuff in sleeping bags and pillow cases (and of course the "pear juice") while the rest of us dutifully poured out our cheap beer in front of the officer. If I remember correctly, he also "saved" some of booze by quickly drinking it. (There was also a pole dance with kazoo accompaniment)

All kidding aside, Sudo was one of the voices of reason and was instrumental in spreading the truth about TWI 


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I remember Sudo mostly through his participation in the "game room," especially on the Nostalgia Thread, and a few personal messages.

I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, although Suda did grace my establishment at the Texas GS BBQ held here in 2008.  (It was originally to be at Ex10's place, but they took damage from Hurricane Ike.)

Rest in peace, brother.


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