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The honeymoom

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I know I'm really pathetic, posting from Jamaica, but . . .

This is going to be our ONLY post this week! We'll be back in civilization next Monday.

Everything has been beyond wonderful so far!!

The good stuff (I mean, apart from the obvious, nudge nudge, wink wink) started on our flight down.

Cindy! told the flight attendant that we were on our honeymoon, and they moved us from coach to First Class! and gave us 2 bottles of champagne, and 4 of those little shot bottles, 3 of Amaretto and 1 of Bailey's.

And things here in Ocho Rios have been pretty awesome as well.

Yesterday we were almost mugged, but because God worked some wonders, and because Cindy! and I are such a team, we knew to leave, at just the right time.

Other than that, during the day, we're lazing around in the sun at the beach and at the pool, drinking wine and rum, and at night, well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

Well, that's all for now. See everyone in a week!

Steve! and Cindy!

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I just happened to be on IM and Mr & Mrs Wall were there, I too was shocked to see them, told her we were having a blast in chat trying to describe the parties, the wedding, the parties, the reception and the fun we all had at the after the party parties.

She sends her love to all the chatters and says sorry they won't be able to be with us this week, yeah, uh huh, like I believe THAT after hearing all the fun they are having.



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Hey... do you do the same things on a HONEYMOOM as you would on a HONEYMOON?

Ala -- I noticed that too!! icon_wink.gif;)--> Meebe Steve! is getting er,uhm, (cough)

distracted a little as he tries to type??? icon_eek.gificon_biggrin.gif:D--> icon_eek.gif

Zix is right -- Moom is a "palindrome" which is a word (or phrase) that can be read the same backward, as it is forward.

One particular one that comes to mind here is

SEX AT NOON TAXES !!! anim-smile.gifanim-smile-blue.gifanim-smile.gif

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You spent Christmas night at my place a number of years ago(I was Violet's mom.) My mom asks about you ALL THE FREAKING TIME......you are the grand-daughter she never had.

I think of you often...with great thoughts and prayers, I am sure you are the WORLDS GREATEST TEEN. If you need anything before mom and steve get home.....call me!!



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Congratulatins Steve and Chinson!!

I am glad you are having such a great time.

Sounds like they gave you the upper shelf in first class!!

Jessica ....... when I was young I couldn't stand hearing or seeing my parents do that nudge nudge wink wink thing either .. YUCK


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Thanks for ALL your sweet words....and you too, Jessica icon_biggrin.gif:D-->

We got home LATE last night...flight was delayed due to high winds or some such nonsense. Then, at 5:30 this morning I took Steve! to the train to fly back to CT to work until Friday. We are NOT happy bout that after the luxurious joy of being together 24/7 for a week!!!!

Honeymoon was WONDERFUL!!!!

Lessee....we DID laze at the pool and the beach a bit...but we also:


fished (I caught two, mystevey caught one *brag*brag*),

climbed Dunns River Falls,

took a tour of the rain forest and some local flora and fauna,

hadda Jamaican man come to our condo and make an authentic Jamaican Lobster dinner for us....plus we had leftover lobster the next night (what a rough life icon_wink.gif;)--> )

bargained in the local craft shops for gifts for our kids,

had some fantastic dinners at Margaritaville (owned by Jimmy Buffett), a GREAT Indian place, and many, many Jerk places that were MOST yummy!

At night we would go back to our condo, make some rum punch, and enjoy the hell outta being together.

We took pictures and had em made into cd's....I'll post some of em when I'm unpacked and a bit more rested.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who attended our wedding....we had SUCH a great time!!! It meant so very much for you to be there!!!!

Raf was THE PERFECT choice for our "Rev"...thanks so much for doing that, Raf!!!! You are welcome in our home ANYTIME you care to venture to Chicago!!! (our new house has a guest room, though a certain matron of honor of mine will be practically livin there...no no...no hint involved whatsoever)

We LOVED meeting Pawtucket, Parsley, Suz,donner, dougie, Littlehawk and son...and seein Oak again with his wonderful gal, ourbestestpalexwaydaryl, Rottie....and, of course, my (((SL))) who worked so hard to be there to give me away...love you, Foggy!!!

It was a great time...and we couldn't have been or be happier with who shared it with us!!!

Edited by Cindy!
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