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10 Things We Don't Want to Know About You


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!. I like fried onions with my peanut butter

2. My cat shares my twinkies

3. Pet peeve is people who stand in doorways to talk to other people

4. I forget what my original hair color was

5. I have ugly toes

6. i smoosh the snails on the sides of my fishtank

7. I don't wear socks

8. I love sushi

9. I like walking in water

10. I sleep with 4 pillows

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1. I always leave the toilet seat up.

2. I break wind and blame the dog.

3. I mess with telemarketers at every opportunity. i.e. SIT, say 'hold on' and hang up, start a conversation in the room and ignore the phone call.

4. At night i always drive with my bright fog lights on.

5. My turn signals are annoyingly bright and I leave them on for annoyingly long times at every opportunity.

6. I drive 5-10 mph slower on two lane roads when no one's in front, oncoming traffic is heavy and I have a tailgater.

7. I honk and wave at groups of total strangers.

8. I say my wife's cooking is barely edible when it's awesome.

9. I despise people who answer 'no' like this: Do you have any strawberries? We sure don't!

10. I'm a litterbug.

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you should DEFINITELY write a book ex70's. but how 'bout a post ?????????? oh my gosh you have me so curious !!!!!!!

laughing my head off about cowgirl's ice cream and oenie's squeal. i need to go look at what else i may have missed

did i already tell you this one ? my three sisters and I have the middle name "marie." my five brothers have the middle name "patrick."

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Its easy. I was stupid and did not realy know how to ride a motorcycle. I got on and started a dirt bike up. Dumped the clutch and road the wheely right into a parked semi. Went right under it. I wasn't even hurt.

Being dead. Well I went to the ER because I could tell something was wrong. Turns out I was in A Fib with my heart beating at 180 beats a minate. The doctor said he was going to give me a shot that would make me fell strange. It fells real strange when you breath but your heart has stopped. So I figure that if my heart stopped I was dead. It did restart eventually. Or maybe not. I have been called a heartless basterd.

Getting shot in the head with a 45. I was doing one of my most favorite things. carbine matchs. This is where you run through a senerio with an asualt rifle and handgun shotting targets on the move in a timed/ acuracy corse. So I had advanced up to one set of targets with the rifle and then transitioned to the handgun to finish the steel. I hit a steel post and a bulet fragment came back and nailed me dead center in the middle of my fore head. I finally dug it out myself the next day. It was only the size of a BB.

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WOWEE You have literally had me in Suspence all friggin day, ex70s.

Thanks for finally explaining.

Are you exercising better 'caution' with your toys now?

For your sake I hope your Guardian Angels continue to help keep you safe, or have you scared them off with all those guns and ammo? :D

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10 Things You Don't Want To Know About Me -- or you would of Asked.

1. I don't like nor love Sushi. :o (speaking of the food, not the GS person Sushi.)

2. I never learned how to swim. (tried once and nearly drownded the person trying to teach me.)

3. I've never learned to rollerskate, rollerblade, nor skateboard.

4. I have a fear of spiders, snakes, and scorpions.

5. I've never smoked, drank alcohol nor taken any drug unprescribed!

6. Had some rather fun times in the 70s with ex70shouston. ^_^ (thanks for the memories)

7. Never went to college, and yet I was able to own/operate a Printing Company for 10 yrs. :)

8. I have a persian cat whose name is Archibauld.

9. Grew up in a very disfunctional family yet I've managed to function quite well.

10. Born in Texas, will probably die there too!

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1. i too have somethin in my fridge that smells funny (??)

2. i was sad when kailn wasn't a boy. (got over that real fast)

3. i have done no prescipton drugs

4. i do drink on occation.

5. i made out with a girl once.

6. i got bit by a brown recluse spider

7. i overdrew my bank account my 3 cents one time and got charged 25 dollars.

8. i hate to clean bathrooms

9. its paws fault i got pregnant with kailin (HAHAHAHA)

10. i spent 45 dollars on a brand new baby outfit that she will probably only wear one time.


1. im cute

2. im sweet

3. i run my own business

4. i have a beautiful little girl named kailin

5. im a hottie

6. kailin has 2 teeth and is almost 7 months now! ( man time flies)

7. we have a cat named princess who only bites me no one else

8. my favorite color is pink.

9. im super cute

10. i am goin to plant a money tree and see what happens ( i'll let ya know)

AND P. S .

mijbj nbvnjvmb uvk9,6m jb miyb

, N IKMMh vvg ti,uyhpty0yb89nftv8jhvjfjtfrcjk-tfnj-0b78vnbgbgvgvgb mc5bgvvb0-bph0ph9cvkh'l

/ iuipbopb0gf-ed0r504=od4ptvopi rv

ybo;bonoifcp;mv (KAILIN SAYS HI )


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