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10 Things We Don't Want to Know About You


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O.K. All I will say is, a couple of times in the early seventies "it is alleged" I took "something"- I'll leave it to your imagination.. but- didn't hallucinate or see any E.T.'s or anything like that. Just got really, really high. When I "came back" I could do math afterwards. I think something got rearranged..

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You know Exie, your fifth grader may be getting more of it than you think. I did not do so well in grade school in math, but they went ahead and taught set theory, complex numbers and stuff like that. Years later I found that the early exposure to math concepts helped me more than I thought.

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Same friend and I once had a fight where she hit me on my butt with a board and it broke. (the board)

I broke my big toe kicking my little brother in the butt. And then got in trouble for kicking him.

I once went camping when I was about 4 years old and squatted on an ant bed. It took a while for us to figure out why I was in so much pain, though. Thank goodness there was a lake nearby! icon_eek.gif

We won't talk about the poison ivy squatting experience my best friend had.

O&A, I'm so sorry your friend is still in. icon_frown.gif:(--> Sounds like y'all had great times together.

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on one of my first dates with an unbeliever, we took his dog to the bay to swim. what a lovely romantic scene.... the 3 of us romping.... playing in the water.

the dog got the runs from the salt water and went all over me.

i'm thinking.... i could have stayed in TWI for this kind of dang icon_wink.gif;)-->

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During my WOW year, the coordinator was boasting about being able to eat anything HOT. I mean cayenne pepper and worse hot. He went on blathering ("bless" his soul, heh heh) about going into Mexican restaurants and demanding the hottest they could squeeze out. So I picked up the jar of powdered cayenne, and said "I suppose you could even eat a heaping tablespoon of this stuff". He did, quickly followed with a half gallon of water!

I don't think he had much of a problem with constipation that night.. must've hurt though.

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