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  1. People here might be interested in the following, from the local church newsletter this week: The October SPCK [Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge] Book of the Month: "Reformation Myths" by Rodney Stark. 31 October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church. Reformation Myths: Five centuries of misconceptions and (some) misfortunes is an entertaining and enlightening exposé of over-inflated claims about the Reformation and what it has done for us. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Reformation-Myths-Centuries-Misconceptions-Misfortunes/dp/0281078270/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508543962&sr=1-1&keywords=reformation+myths I haven't read it yet but it might be a good read.
  2. Greetings!!

    @T-Bone - "sticks" are "twigs" that are no longer connected to the root. They are twigs where the leadership has left HQ. No life in a stick. No nourishment from the root. Just dry. So, where a whole bunch of people had left because they followed their region leader when he left/was kicked out, then those twigs became sticks. If those R&R people had been running "twigs" or fellowships, those fellowships would automatically be designated "sticks" when their leader was M&A'd. Perhaps this is an expression from after your time. LCM used it a lot and was always jibing at "sticks."
  3. Greetings!!

    You rub two "sticks" together.
  4. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Only slightly ... WW's post led me to take a peek at their website, not a place I visit very often. And their theme for the coming year? "For the 2017-2018 ministry year, as we celebrate seventy-five years of Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship, our focus will be The Word of God Is the Will of God." How very original.
  5. The WAP class is still the main agenda

    Doncha love the "benefits of the class" - Learn how to: Get true peace in your life Know with certainty that you are going to heaven Develop a knowledge of the absolute goodness of God Know what happens when people die Enjoy reading the Bible Strengthen family relationships How to win in this life Hmm. If Jesus [who's he?] is a role model for "winning" "in this life" - the prize of crucifixion isn't one that would attract many people. Whoever said we would win in this life? Chapter and verse please! As to "Know with certainty that you are going to heaven" and "Know what happens when people die" - I know what the Bible says and what I understand and believe; but these "benefits" are still speculative. People don't come back from heaven (wherever or whatever that is) or after they've died, to tell us. We have a glorious future ahead of us - but we don't really know what it is going to be like. It will be different from this life, however, and beyond our wildest imaginings. I would say that all of the other things mentioned happen OUTSIDE TWI - and further, that any peace you have in your life now, or understanding of the goodness of God, or enjoyment in reading the Bible, and decent family relationships, will ALL BE SHATTERED BY TWI. And whoever put this poster together doesn't understand that they don't need to repeat the "how to" in the final benefit. They forgot to mention the charge, sorry donation, required for this "class series," too. Don't think I'll be in a hurry to sign up for this. (Runs away very fast.)
  6. vpw, truths, lies, reasons/motives.

    That's the important thing about looking back. What happened? Why? How can (I) prevent this happening (to me) again? We will always come up against "red flags." Some we have to view with caution: proceed forward warily. Others definitely mean DO NOT PROCEED. Which is which? And how do we proceed? What do we do to stop getting into similar dangerous situations? How do we respond to red flags, now? At work? When we see something happening in our neighbourhood? In many cases, our friends and families warned us - and we didn't listen. How do we warn our own friends and families of dangerous situations that they might be wandering into? It doesn't mean being suspicious of everyone and everything. It does mean being vigilant (roaring lions bearing red flags are everywhere!). And it definitely means SPEAKING UP and "whistleblowing." Which is not easy when one is in a position of subservience to someone with power or authority, however it comes, over one's life.
  7. Tethered to TWI

    You could have a point there, Spec.
  8. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Grace, a lot of the content of those Birth to Corps papers was used to manipulate the Corps one way or another, and to ascerrtain and exploit vulnerable young women. If someone disclosed an abusive (esp sexually) background - hey presto, VPW knew which buttons to press. No doubt others also used these papers this way, if they'd been granted access. But note these papers were written in the second in-rez year, that is, after some years of mental pressure to conform whilst in rez etc. Papers from beaten down people. Remind me of the fake confessions so vaunted in courts with inadequate judicial systems. Victims are so desperate that they'll sign or agree to anything. There's a whole thread on B to C papers somewhere. To bring this back to topic a little, I'm sure that if any B to C paper had been written in the style of VPW's letters, it wouldn't have been acceptable. His style of alternately expressing disappointment and then haranguing his readers isn't communicative so much as yet a further assault on people's sense of self.
  9. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Did you mean "tactical" ?
  10. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    Wow, Birth to Corps papers. What if someone wrote that they'd been born into a Christian household, with loving caring parents, normal sibling relationships, average schooling (not too bright, not thick either), played some kind of team sport but only at inter-school level, got a job (or jobs) - okay but not stellar. Went to Sunday school and church, but didn't find it particularly enthralling. Interested in knowing and understanding a bit more. Perhaps you could add in sorrow at a grandparent dying, failed driving test at first attempt but did well second time around. An uneventful life, a well-behaved kid. In other words, not much "ammunition." I wonder what VPW would make of that? Would he send it back, saying Give us the bad stuff you did? Would someone want to embroider their past with indiscretions, make themselves seem naughtier than they were?
  11. Evidence: Letters VPW wrote to the Way Corps

    What you don't see is, firstly, any genuine love for God, or for Jesus Christ; and secondly, any genuine concern for God's people. No kindness, compassion, consideration. No honest concern for the Way Corps. No concern whatsoever for the "mission field" other than getting bums on seats. (Well not bums, they wouldn't be allowed, but bottoms on seats.) Just whiny moaning and "poor-little-me-ishness", and complaints about abandoning the ministry. Shows how degraded the WC of that time had become, to accept this as "normal." (Can't speak for myself as WC then, as I didn't come along till after the Great Man was dead - we had other terrors (or terrorists) to contend with.)
  12. Stop the Shootings

    Banging my head on a stone wall here. I was attempting to respond to you, rrobs, unlike others here who have jumped on you. My headache from banged head, and I, are now going away for the weekend. Have fun not responding to others.
  13. Stop the Shootings

    What I said, rrobs, was this: So again, what, in practical terms, are you doing, rrobs? In what way is the quality of your life and thus the quality of life of your society [community] effecting social change in your community? Is it working? How has your community improved? Show us your faith, by its outworking. By what you do. You chose to quote a part of my own post. But I quoted you (that's what you repeated) and then I asked you the above question. Do please answer. And DO NOT ascribe to me your take on anything other than the written word. Most Christians use the written word as the basis for getting out there and DOING something for their society. I don't care for fancy phrases. I do care for living the way Jesus Christ has modelled, taught, lived.
  14. Stop the Shootings

    "Social gospel"? WTF? Did not Christ spend much of his time "socialising" and thus spreading the gospel? Healing people (how social is that!!)? If "the word" as you define it has no social application - well, I want a better "word." Cos the God I love is passionately interested in people and in their wellbeing. God doesn't live in books but in people. (Sorry to disappoint you.)
  15. Stop the Shootings

    I was thinking, kindness and compassion go a long way to overcoming social isolation, which may be an indicator of problems. But there are many social isolated people who don't commit heinous crimes. And there are people brought up in decent households who do commit heinous crimes. So what, in practical terms, are you doing, rrobs? In what way are you attempting to effect social change in your community? Is it working? How has your community improved? These might be helpful things to know. Please tell us more about your assertions that "With a scripture centered change of mind, the quality of your individual life will take a turn for the better. " and how that relates to your opening statement of "The quality of life of a society is ultimately determined by the thoughts that each individual in that society holds in their mind." So again, what, in practical terms, are you doing, rrobs? In what way is the quality of your life and thus the quality of life of your society [community] effecting social change in your community? Is it working? How has your community improved? Show us your faith, by its outworking. By what you do.