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  1. I'd agree, and perhaps this part can be split off from the original "cite his sources" thread.
  2. Athletes of The Spirit

    I never saw "Staying Alive" but I just watched a couple of clips on YouTube. Wow! Yet more plagiarism!! Extended plagiarism!!!!
  3. Wierwille's Personal Prophecy To Me

    Sky, glad VPW was wrong, and you got to make up with your parents. You also got to see the clay feet of your tormentor. But he achieved his goal: bound you closer to himself, and there you remained, at least for his lifetime. So much for "builds harmony in the home." Only if your "home" is in a cult!!
  4. Wikipedia Scrubbed?

    Looks like re-editing might be a job for DWBH.
  5. Recently Returned to the Roman Catholic Church

    Why??? I find "mass" a weird thing ("communion," too; the Anglican version). Isn't it supposed to be a "sacred" meal? Since when did people have meals kneeling down with their hands cupped? Or drink wine, kneeling (unless they've had too much!)? Too much ritual, for my liking. Anyway, Wildcat, enjoy your spiritual journey wherever it takes you. There is much to learn, from humble Christians everywhere.
  6. Athletes of The Spirit

    Yeah, yeah! Considerable improvement on the original.
  7. Maybe you could copy it and post it as a document, or at least an attachment, here?
  8. Athletes of The Spirit

    That needs a WARNING, Rejoice. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!
  9. I cannot begin to tell you how horrifying it was, to learn about the sexual misdeeds at HQ and top leadership. All the years since they'd M&A'd me, all the mental anguish they'd caused me, and I'd been so sure they were right, whiter than white, simply wouldn't stand for adultery, child molestation and other shenanigans. There were a lot of allegations about the time I found out, about the RC church and its abuse of children. Smugly, I thought, "TWI would never behave like that!" No. They didn't. They behaved worse. I suppose there remains within me a residual anger at TWI and its LYING, FRAUD, MANIPULATION, ABUSE, that I could poke into life, but I prefer to use that residual anger to understand and help others who have been abused by those they trusted.
  10. I was there. Most of you here - have only secondhand knowledge. Sky and OldSkool probably have first hand knowledge from Corps hookups. I had to listen to LCM's rants, live and in all spittle: front row seat, in fact. He spent months of Corps Nights ranting on about homos, 2 or 3 hour rants using foul language and foul descriptions of the alleged perverted activities these men did. Slandering people (men) who might or might not have been "guilty" of anything; these people just vanished from HQ and of course nobody had the opportunity to talk to them (one, I know, certainly had no such inclinations [blushes]). "Sniffing them out." "Spiritual suspicion." The first couple of rant-sessions, I thought, "There's obviously a problem here." But as the weeks turned into months, I wondered at his obsession with this. ("Methinks he doth protest too much."). There got to be some overspill into Sunday Night Service tapes. I wondered if he himself had a problem with homosexuality - whether he was a closet homosexual. I wondered at his sanity - but then, I was a newbie in-rez Corpswoman, and he was the spiritual leader; he knew better. In all of his rants, though, it was only males he ranted about - never about women with women. I find that interesting, sort of, now, knowing what I do. He was having it away with whatever women (other men's wives, single women, any women) for shorter or longer periods. I personally have talked with one woman who was his "squeeze" for a while; she told me in detail the sad tale of the decline of her marriage. And of LCM's role in that breakdown, his insidious comments about her cuckold husband. His wife was having it away with another woman, RFR, who herself "had him by the b---s," though only figuratively. (Perhaps this is where the serpent/lesbian idea crept in? It was a jibe against RFR.) But I only recall him ranting about females almost in passing. His obsession was men-with-men.
  11. Marketing the Wierwille-Mystique

    I don't give a f---. I'm free of that mind control and enjoy the ability to think and ponder over what I hear.
  12. Yes, that's something they did to in rez Corps, usually in the first semester, and now and again at other times, too. There's some tiny trigger event, nothing significant, and it's an excuse to blast everyone in sight, threaten them, browbeat them some more. I think one of the provocations for throwing out my Corps was: we were out running, outside, one cold and frosty midwinter morning: the usual 6am wake-up. Ed Horney, Corps Coordinator, had decreed that we must all wear our hats. Now, if a person is running, something to be expected is - getting hot! - so some people took off their hats for a while towards the end of their runs. Adults, right? Able to make decisions as to personal comfort levels?? This crime of taking off one's hat was grounds for giving all of us a bo££ocking and threatening to throw all of us out for disobedience. Happily (?), we were all allowed to stay, providing we didn't dare stray into disobedience again. What? They'd rather we got heatstroke from being too bundled up? (Never mind injuring ourselves by slipping on the ice, or snow, that they were making us run on!!) There were occasional other events of this type.
  13. Cults: The Art of Deception

    Yep, your link works. I am offered "sub-channels" - Blaze, H2, Crime Investigation, etc. Can you send me a link to one of the episodes, and I can doubtless follow up from there and watch previous episodes. Thanks.
  14. Another layer I haven't unraveled

    Penguin2, so sorry about the diagnosis that you've been given. I do believe that God desires health and healing for all, including and always, YOU; He made your magnificent body and He knows how to fix it. (But neither should we be foolish enough to ignore that sometimes the magnificence isn't fixed in this lifetime). Get pushy and demand healing. Meantime, while you're waiting, do what your docs tell you, and try to relax and enjoy life. Keep giving, keep sharing the gospel. And as to what the Mags told you: as the truth is usually diametrically opposite to what phony leadership pronounced, I'd suggest that instead of being the failure the Mags prophesied, you acknowledge they are false prophets; and the real truth is that you are in fact, in truth, a good wife and mom. Throw some ice-cold water on their fiery dart. You are still a seeker after God and the Lord Jesus, and that makes you anything but a failure. Jesus never called anyone a failure. He called them dear friends, companions, and empowered them.