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  1. New DTA Class!!!

    Hahahahahaha! Keys to keeping our minds DULL and pulling a VEIL OVER OUR EYES so that we can be fooled by his attacks, more like. Pity the in rez corps and staff that this class was practiced on, and who were then compelled to write these glowing reviews. Those days will start when you walk away from TWI and start to claim your rights in Christ to be free of oppression, when you stop being a captive of TWI. Innies - do it now!
  2. Brief Bio

    Twinkies? In the plural? There's only one of me!!
  3. Brief Bio

    Kathy, you gotta watch that T-Bone. He'll have you sputtering with laughter over your coffee in no time. By the way, T-Bone. We left the "desert menu" behind (thank God), and snack out on "desserts" now. I'll have apple pie and ice cream, please.
  4. Revival and Restoration

    Kathy, we would all agree with you in that sentiment. In fact, almost any life is better than the drudgery and crushing guilt of TWI.
  5. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Okay, now I have to sign off. Am being harassed and yelled at by Crypto, who wants her treats (handfed on Dreamies, fragments of ham, or the like). She still doesn't let me pick her up but at least she beats me up now. And then to bed. Night night.
  6. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    The b&w one is called Tuxedo (for obvious reasons), and her all-black litter mate is Crypto (loves to hide, was three months before I even saw her). Two very troubled girlies. Here's their story. It got to be quite a long thread. http://www.greasespotcafe.com/ipb/topic/16471-cat-whispering/ Yes, we discussed Going Clear, too. There's a search function at the top of each page, top right corner. That might help you locate similar topics if you choose appropriate key words. You can search the thread you're on; the wider forum, like About The Way, or Open; and all content.
  7. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Here.have a look at this. It's currently 4 pages long (we have a lot to say about that, here )
  8. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Oh, and lest I forget my manners, Kathy - welcome. Draw up a chair, have a coffee and have a good read and a natter.
  9. Parallels between VPW and L. Ron Hubbard

    Have you seen the Leah Rimini/Scientology thread in this forum? Pointing out the similarities between TWI and Scientology as total-control cults? (There are other threads, too.) I get you are talking about the individuals VPW and LRH, but the cult and the man are pretty much inseparable, since the man controls the cult and uses it to his own advantage.
  10. How To Start A Cult Properly

    T-Bone, you crack me up! That's hilarious! (I love yoghurt, have never tried that brand, and don't think I ever could now - I'd snort it out laughing too much)
  11. Revival and Restoration

    A poisoned well? Or a cracked and broken cistern? I'm inclined to think the former. A well that keeps on supplying, but ruins all it comes into contact with. Doesn't seem like a cistern that is going to run out of water (poisoned or otherwise) any time soon, unfortunately. Contents still trickling out, but enough remaining that people still try to drink.
  12. All about the RESEARCH

    Search (or re-search) into people's pockets, what say? Also search (and re-search) into people's daily habits, including time spent with spouses. How prurient! Some of the best research we (as ex-Wayfers) can do is - read other versions of the Bible. Especially more recent ones, in more comprehensible language. Can really bring those dry old passages into sparkling life.
  13. Twinky, thank you for your opinion.  I don't agree with you, but thanks anyway.

  14. Christian Family and Sex

    Grace, if you do a bit more reading around, you'll find she was an early supporter of VPW. He valued her opinion, so he wouldn't have shown his noxious side when she was around. And don't forget, so much of what we know now was very well hidden at the time. She wasn't on campus and she didn't see what actually went on, most likely.
  15. Christian Family and Sex

    2002 - things must have changed. I don't remember lists of vulgarities when I took A New Life. Or maybe I just blanked any vulgarities out. I only remember the crudeness with CFS.