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  1. Interesting, I was somewhere recently and heard about some other thing, and I thought: "Ha, TWI did that!" and they did, a few years after the event that I was talking of. Can't remember details now. (Sorry, that sounds vague - I mean, TWI was copying something else that was already out in public, and passing it off as their own.) As said above: "Once you see the telltale signs of cults, it's inescapable to not recognize it all around........" I'll give VPW this. He was an expert. He was expert at copying what others did, and passing it off as his own. If only he had spent as much time with the Lord as he did in finding and copying other people's ideas ... well, we'd all be in a different place now. It's often said that prisons are universities for criminals, at least some of them, where people can hone their knowledge of their chosen line of crime, make new connections, etc. I'm thinking that TWI and in particular the WC was a university for fraudsters and plagiarists, for those of that bent who wanted to learn the ropes from experts. (Thankfully, most of us were better-intentioned.) Fake university, fake degrees. Perfect!
  2. Get a fake degree at Pike's Peak - give a fake degree, from Indiana. Monkey see, monkey do.
  3. Welcome back, 70s. These days I try to keep things very simple: love God, and love my fellow human beings as best I can. I have friends of various theological stripes; we can AGREE to differ (very unWay-like!). It is good to question what you hear; there's a lot of rubbish in churches, sounds good, doesn't seem to have any Biblical support or (so far as I understand) has a chunk of what might have been Biblical support, missing. Modern songs are rather wacky and there are some I walk out on, "needing to have a toilet stop" or some such. When I first really started to get my mind back, I attended a local Bible school which was once a week for a year; some bits were interesting, some very strange. I discussed some of those ideas with the vicar in my church and he poo-poo'd the ideas too, which gave me confidence. Slowly examining your beliefs is a good thing. I love rummaging around in a selection of Bibles for a decent answer. I'm happy to change my mind if I can see Biblical support for something. Church liturgy and tradition leave me cold though I accept there is a place for ritual, tradition, etc as long as it doesn't take the place of what it represents. It's good to keep checking, too; we all come to it with a set of biases (Wayfers worse than most churchy people) and as we grow and develop our understanding, some of our other beliefs may change too. Do please share if there is anything in particular that you've learned, that might help someone else here.
  4. Hello, Signals. Welcome to the Cafe! Jesus freaks? They talk about Jesus now? (not "Christ"?) Hmm. In the words of the song, Do you (they) know my Jesus? Or are they still preaching "another" Jesus - NOT the one most Christians know? Anyway... new thread to discuss this. It's not about Wrenn.
  5. Thanks for that, Steve. Highly relevant to a conversation I was having with a friend just last night. Missed seeing your posts! Don't be a-dyin' on us. We need your breadth of knowledge and your calm posts! Best wishes for your return to, and continuing, good health.
  6. I recently came across a document, an insert into the graduation "program" leaflet, that explained what all the parts of the WC seal were supposed to represent. If I can locate that again, I'll scan it and post it for you. I imagine, can't recall, that the 5 sided seal is supposed to represent "grace" and of course the words around it represent the "five gift ministries" that were all that TWI seemed to see.
  7. It wasn't an accredited degree at any stage previously, so snowball's chance that it's accredited now. If someone already has an accredited degree, then they get a "bachelor's degree" from TWI. If the candidate doesn't have a degree already, they get an "associate degree" or some such. How does this character say he got his "degree" 2010-2012? It's supposed to be four years with an apprentice year (in the field, raising Corps sponsorship), and a practicum year (running classes) as well as two years in rez. FWIW, we qualified for degrees in Manipulative Studies, with majors in Terror Tactics and other classes in Fear-mongering and in Sexual Abuse.
  8. I'm just saying this again in case anybody missed it. I just wouldn't want to do anything that might lead someone into the clutches of TWI. Nothing that might lead others to danger. Nothing to put a stumbling block in some innocent seeker's way. I might recommend the books that were plagiarised - stuff by Stiles, Bullinger, etc. There is also good modern literature, very readable, by (for example) John Stott that doesn't come with invisible sticky strings attached. A good Christian bookshop should be able to offer advice.
  9. "A soft answer turneth away wrath." "Be kind to one another." "An ounce of kindness always goes a lot further than an ounce of bitterness." No doubt other people here can also supply proverbs about being nice to other people.
  10. Doing jus' fine, thanks, T-Bone. I see you managed to edit your post above... just seen that. And now to bed. It's 1.15am, way after the time those pesky devil spirits come out to hunt. (Or was that, when some of the Way head honchos come out to hunt?) Anyhow, the only peskies here are my two foolish cats. (See their photo at side.)
  11. Were you going to say something, T-Bone?
  12. Thomas, he doesn't say he's a preacher of any kind, just that he has a BA in Theology. (Well, so do I... issued by TWI. I also have real degrees, in very difficult subjects, from properly accredited organisations.)
  13. I would love to hear Timlee's accounts of just some of the times he has confronted Way leadership. Details of who, what was said, when, and what was the cause of the confrontation. There must be much to learn, in his accounts.
  14. Interesting article, Rocky. ...Be wise [cautious] as a serpent...
  15. Nauseating, sure is. More violent than TWI but still the emotional scarring for the victims. The strange thing about this cult is that it was started by a woman. Hey, you guys, it's fine to have freedom of religion. But freedom to abuse? Abuse individuals by these wicked acts? Abuse the Lord by taking his name in vain, using it as a disguise for the works of the devil? There's a lot to be said for more organised, mainstream religious entities. Not saying the mainstream churches are without fault (noted the abuse by the RC church over decades) but at least there are some checks on more obviously egregious behavior.