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  1. I'm glad to know that. Something I can accept, then, as not a VPW invention. The arrogance of that PoS wanting reputable preachers to evangelize and then send their converts to him (gag!) to corrupt and ruin. I don't think many church-attending people are aware of the Red Thread; it doesn't seem familiar to them when I've "tested the waters" previously.
  2. Good post, T-Bone. I'd add that even if we had quite well-developed critical thinking skills, these were also constantly undermined by the allegation that we weren't spiritual enough to understand... and we weren't meek enough to receive spiritual information... and (esp in rez WC) that we were in training and shouldn't expect to know everything but learn to wait on the Lord... blah blah. I saw information/plans deliberately withheld from those involved, simply to teach them to trust leadership. Yeah, a great confidence booster. Save your questions till the end, folks.
  3. I really loved this bit from John R's letter (though it appears he didn't get to send it before he got M&A'd: Nice idea ... but ... venture out of the secure fortress of the household at HQ??
  4. How ridiculous, Mrs A has a wealth of knowledge. And that's appropriate to share. It's part of the Body of Christ working together, every part contributing what it can. Mrs A, having raised all your kids, could contribute a lot in the realm of childcare, and what was an appropriate cause for concern and what was "normal" for a kid growing and developing. There were so few people with kids at that time, most were singles. I'm sure that later, F was able to advise and guide some of the others who later had kids, and that's nothing specially "spiritual." In fact, that's a significant reason why TWI failed. Didn't meet people's needs, kept them in enforced infancy and dependence, didn't allow natural growth in personality and development in changed circumstances, etc etc. God gave us common sense for a reason and TWI was out to destroy that as "senses knowledge" and replace it by its own "mystery religion." So thankful we're all out. ((Hugs)) to ((Mrs A)).
  5. Splendid: same concerns ("these are specific things that are wrong"), same response ("come and see, things are different"), followed immediately by shunning. John knew that if he accepted the invite to go to HQ, he'd get a real face-melting. And yes, pretty much that letter could have been written now.
  6. Yes, Allan, I got the point. I'm also mindful that F's mother isn't close by to refer to. How much is too much, when it comes to doctor's visits? It does sound strange, though. Wonder how well known that was, among the local fellowships?
  7. If you're talking about F, Allan, she wasn't so stupid. I remember cutting my toe on a rock whilst swimming in the sea; it went septic and horrible. I was "believing for healing" and refused to do anything practical except soak it in salt water. F took one look at me hobbling around and took me to a doctor, paid for it herself as I recall. Told me off in no uncertain terms. Can't speak for her childcare (I was in rez at the time) but I believe she would be a careful mum who, as many new mums, was anxious for her babe's health. I'm sure she prayed for her, as well as taking action.
  8. By the way, on solstice weekend I'm going to Stonehenge to minister to druids!! Street Pastors from various locations around Stonehenge are invited to go and help look after the hundreds of people at the Solstice. Some attendees will fancy themselves as druids, some are just nature lovers, others will be in for the thrill of doing something different. What an opportunity to witness to anybody interested in telling them about the Son, not the Sun!
  9. Hear, hear, T-Bone. Innies, GET OUT NOW and find a rich and abundant life where you are FREE TO SERVE and free to develop that love that God has instilled in you. See the many ways people genuinely serve their communities. Engage in startling discourse. You may even find that some of the "special knowledge" that TWI is the guardian of - are widely known in the church. And other "special knowledge" is so irrelevant that nobody cares a whit.
  10. I think there was another thread elsewhere about the purchase of Gartmore. It was no mistake. It is in a stunningly gorgeous setting, a mansion, with classrooms and other facilities. Wouldn't surprise me if he wanted it because it was so much more beautiful than Ohio, or even Gunnison. C'mon, do you think in the British Isles there was only one property for sale? But it would have been cheaper because of its remoteness. And its dilapidation (because it was very dilapidated when it was purchased). Transport is difficult, remote, and a long way from the rest of Europe - the farthest north place, when in fact for Europe a better location would have been France or Germany, easier for all the European believers, more central. BUT that might require CG to learn those languages fluently enough, or to allow control to those who did speak those languages (even though most people there are in fact very fluent in English and probably speak better English than CG). No, NEVER! Never give up control! Whatever, the place was a monument to his ego. And his controlling of volunteers and in particular European Corps, who worked willingly and hard under the abuse meted out to him. Vols and EC flocked to the place to try to help with the necessary works. None of their help was good enough. No, a martyr for his faith. Or his ego. Not a blunder - it was his scheme all along.
  11. And I'm putting my Grease mark firmly in the NO category, for recommending VPW's books to anyone. I think I burned mine so that no-one else could read them and be influenced by them.
  12. A bit off topic this, but responds to Mike's post about being "caught away." With God, time is an eternal NOW. Time does not have the sequential arrangement we understand. RIGHT NOW Adam is being created, is sinning, and is being cast out. RIGHT NOW the books of the OT, all of them, are being written. RIGHT NOW Jesus is being conceived, born, living his life, being murdered, and rising. RIGHT NOW we are living our lives, in the present as we understand it, and in the future as we do not yet perceive those lives. God invented time and inhabits it. And His time is not our timescale. Many Christians understand this. It is also borne out by astronomical data. That's way beyond what my brain comprehends. I wonder if the "caught away" part is a peek into the future, or a peek into the spiritual world that is invisible to us? A couple of references: Elijah being "caught up" in 2 Kings 2:11; and 2 Ki 6:17 where the spiritual war is going on all around Elisha and his servant, and Elisha prays that his servant gets that peek into the spiritual world around him.
  13. I'm not even going to express an opinion on Mike's "...we already are into the beginning of the Return, and that it is already underway..." save to say that my understanding is that NO-ONE knows when this event will be. Though technically I suppose we have been into the "beginning of the return" (or at least awaiting the return) since the day Jesus ascended.
  14. The pure mind of Christ????????????? (Guffaws loudly) You know some other "Christ," Mike. But here's a song for you:
  15. A lot, if not all, of them, were M&A'd well before this video. Frankly, I don't care what they do. Getting a life, a real life, a richly abundant life, would be a good start.