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  1. Stop the Shootings

    I also wonder about people in solitary confinement. They're not getting The Word. They're not getting The Media, either. So is Nothing better than The Media?
  2. 90s Kid in The Way

    Hi Maya, I was a child in TWI and can recall getting called out in front of entire Limbs as well. I loathed manifestations and witnessing. I left and got "drug back" to TWI a number of times by the Corps working with family in many areas, even though I was non-corps. I hope to hear more from you.
  3. Stop the Shootings

    I never said I believe scripture is not truth. Far from it. I was teasing out the comparison Rrobs was making between the media and scripture. Maybe he can elaborate. I'm not sure what prerequisite you're referring to as far as the doctrinal forum or if it is important.
  4. Stop the Shootings

    I meant "wiring" as in how our brains function. The circuitry that has developed for a multitude of reasons. Not evolved writing. I don't think we are at completed odds, though. You're welcome for the laugh.
  5. Stop the Shootings

    The Bible is an expression of our collective evolutionary wiring over generations. God is the sum of many abstracted ideal concepts haggled over millennia. That you think in such an absolute view about God is a misguided but practical survival skill for a group. The media you have cited is propaganda. To be used over the short-term. Not the long-term no-guarantee-but-best-bet that a god embodies. So you are somewhat comparing apples to oranges. Which is why I don't think there's a great point in your statement. You can't contrast the two like that, media and religion.
  6. Stop the Shootings

    Armadillo eggs it is. Bacon wrapped. This is the internet. Eat at your own risk. I never check my source.
  7. Stop the Shootings

    Evolution doesn't work by donning more armor. You're thinking of pokemon.
  8. Stop the Shootings

    I've called him a troll before too. But logic doesn't encompass reality. Not enough to describe TWI. IMO.
  9. Stop the Shootings

    Proverbs 22:3 might be a better application than what you proposed from the Bible. Does that work?
  10. Stop the Shootings

    If I'm trying to eat healthy I don't purchase junk food and keep it in the house. Then I'm not tempted late at night. Or at least I'm forced to eat something healthier. I think about the problem beforehand and consider how future-me will think. Not how idealized me would think. Because "thought-life" varies throughout the day and days. If there are weapons available to kill many in a short time, that should have been thought of beforehand.
  11. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Probably. Would his followers have respected him more, or less, for citing sources?
  12. Stop the Shootings

    The point of those fighting techniques is to never have to use them. Just having the confidence they're there if you need them. Kinda the opposite of what's taught in TWI. But here's some Bible Kung Fu. Luke 10:18. There kicks was fast as lightning.
  13. Stop the Shootings

    You're saying Kung Fu is in the Bible?
  14. Stop the Shootings

    This I believe is Game of Frames. Typically, arguments are won by beating the smaller opponent with a blunt object. Maybe your experience in TWI was different.
  15. Plagiarism on the road to success

    Yes, world wisdom, as VPW put it. A common hatred among many Americans. VPW won people's hearts without citing sources. Old-timers can look at VPW's books and the plagiarized sources side-by-side and not bat an eye.