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  1. Disconnected words

    But, I thought we save people first? Give them The Word FIRST. We take care of their hearts, LATER.
  2. Disconnected words

    "I'm not yelling at you I'm loving you!!! . . . Renew your mind!!"
  3. Emancipation from American Christianity

    I'm not exactly sure what "American Christianity" is. What is he leaving? Is it some form of nationalism? I do know politics and religion were for a long time worked together in human history. If in the past few centuries we've tried to separate them, is there something lost that is not understood, yet? Those are two major way humans group together or make associations with each other. Wouldn't they continue to try to merge or overlap?
  4. WHAT - - all electronics wiped out ?!?! Yikes !!!

    At least six cults could be started around these concepts. And if the power did go out, there would be no internet access, and the cults would become unstoppable.
  5. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    I seem to remember WAP having more prerequisites than PFAL. A minimum number of fellowships to attend and maybe SIT prior to the class?
  6. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    I don't remember VPW yelling in his class. LCM would begin to and catch himself once he got heated. Everyone would laugh and nod. So I would say the tone felt different.
  7. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    I left. But because TWI uses The Bible, it can employ the Christians to do their dirty work. Eph 6:1 folks. Cute way to increase your numbers.
  8. PFAL and WAP what’s the diff ?

    Newbies. AKA children.
  9. Who do you love?

    I don't know that you have Asperger's. My question for you was my own and not "GSC". Nor was my question for sport. Your initial post starts of fairly logical but finishes in a confusing way. If you can see why you'll see why it rubs people the wrong way. You're free to restate your opening post for clarity.
  10. Who do you love?

    Have you, who have been wronged, never wrong somebody else? We all do the same things in the flesh (Rom 2:1). - Rrobs, opening post I didn't say you complained. You're saying to disagree with doctrine is to be wronged?
  11. Who do you love?

    In your opening post, you lay out the love is greater than faith and hope. Fine. But then you go into disagreement over doctrine, and that we should love those who disagree with our personal doctrine. Fine. Then you discuss forgiveness as part of love. Fine. Finally, you go into being wronged. How did you jump from disagreement over doctrine to being wronged and actions in the flesh? You go from almost specific to completely general in that post. I'd like it if you could fill in some missing information there. There seems to be a call to action at the end of your post, but I have no idea what you mean.
  12. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    Masters of the Word. Alternate Universes. Like a hand in a glove.
  13. Who do you love?

    Sure people who don't believe them discuss them. But what do you mean by believe them? Do you believe you do? I'm noting you're using "The Word" and "scriptures" interchangeably. Do they mean the same thing to you?
  14. Who do you love?

    I'll let you google "free candy" under images so you can make you own discerning decision. I was referring to your post and not you.
  15. Who do you love?

    I don't think I have much more to add than what others have already told you. You're initial post is, maybe dualistic. Maybe another term would be better. The initial post talks of love but is controlling. The manipulative nature of the post negates any good in it. IMO. Maybe you see that, maybe you don't.