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  1. Wikipedia Scrubbed?

    Someone brought to my attention that it looked like Ye Olde Wikipedia's entry on TWI got updated by someone recently. Someone with some skills should maybe go fix it before someone gets hurt.
  2. HiAJust thinking about the imagery of snakes and women in mythology and folklore... what came to mind is something that I learned from studying the seven deadly sins, specifically the sin of lust. Often in medieval art lust is depicted as a woman with serpents biting her nipples. It's an interesting depiction of the sin of lust - specifically because it depicts the object of the lust, not the one who is lusting (the artist - generally a male producing art for the male gaze.) serpents are commonly used as a phallic symbol.. when a woman is used to depict the sin of lust by having sexual relations with a serpent, it would seem to indicate the cardinal sin of lust as being the original sin, rather than a "sin" of homosexuality. Lust treats other humans as things to be used rather than as a fully conscious spiritual being worthy of dignity. TWI's full of lust.
  3. Athletes of The Spirit

    For that last one, please use the sound.
  4. 1989-1998 Timeline: Insanity on Steroids

    Im working my way through this thread page by page... obviously I haven't been on the old gsc for a few. This. This explains why I was asked to move in to the Limb home. I had thought it was because I was considered to be so spiritually mature. It was not a good place for a single 20 something to live. I loved that family a lot. Especially the kids. But it was uncomfortable for them and for me. My social life was basically stopped in it's tracks. Even if I came home sick from work I was sent to my room so as not to disturb or overhear whatever was being done elsewhere in the house. And I couldn't cook or clean to their standard. Constant reproof and correction. They didn't really want me there. And now I see why I was asked.
  5. 1989-1998 Timeline: Insanity on Steroids

    I remember this ROA. It was my 2nd. The first one i had gone out WOW. I had just turned 21. My parents were in res. Both they AND my WOW team leader jumped on me and the other young adults on my team accusing us of being involved in whatever had happened at the gazebo. We were all confused as to what the heck had gone down at the gazebo. And in my young brain, i was a little upset that I hadn't been considered cool enough by those kids to be invited. I think I had a brother who had been there. He told me it was a bunch of clergy kids who had planned that whole thing. A few main memories of that ROA: 1. My WOW family coordinator was DFAC at that rock. She was too soft hearted to stand up to what was required of her. I remember she would try to be authoritative with us, but her heart wasn't in it. I remember seeing her right after she was dropped (I had no idea what had happened) and she was wearing a hand written nametag instead of her WC one. I was always getting in trouble for forgetting my nametag, so I said (joking) "where's your nametag? SOMEONE WILL THINK YOU GOT DROPPED!" Then I found out she had just come from being stripped of her WC status. I wanted to melt into the ground. I still feel bad about that. 2. We had a girl on our WOW team who had been dropped for being a lesbian in the middle of the year. She was a foundational class grad. We were lucky as a team because we only lost her. Other teams had been decimated, having to move in with other teams because there were so few left. 3. On our way back to ROA from where we were on the field (way out in the SW usa) one of our vehicles broke down with a radiator hose that had split. We fixed it with an "All Roads Lead to The Rock" bumper sticker. We felt like we were super conquerors to come up with that solution and arrive in time for the rock. We took the offending hose with its bumper sticker bandaid to present it to the WOW coordinator, thinking it would be a great example of God working in us to find a way to overcome. Revelation or something. I believe the WOW coordinator was J0hn R◇p.o., but I could be mistaken. He and my WOW team coordinator were annoyed we had even considered they would care. We should have believed better and the car wouldn't have broken in the first place. 4. One of my brothers was slated to go out in the next wave of wows. But the program had been cancelled. Our parents were in residence. He couldn't go back with them. He had nothing and nowhere to go. He ended up in something like a way home in Ann Arbor. Whole life disrupted. 5. I was still in debt when I went WOW. But at the time I left I had been informed my student loans didn't count as debt. In the middle of the year that changed. I didn't have them paid off by the time the rock came around. I was sure martindale would know by revelation that i had debt. Or that they would run credit checks on all the wows. Or something. But no one knew. I should have known then that they had no connection to God at all. (Please excuse grammar and spelling... I typed this all on my phone. And it is a pain in the foot.)
  6. Athletes of The Spirit

    They were in the family corps. Mother Pat, father Dave.
  7. Athletes of The Spirit

    Yep. You can check out some of his work for the project on Instagram. Search Seth Orion Schwaiger.
  8. Athletes of The Spirit

    JUN8 Complex 3 by Seth Schwaiger Public · Event · by Art League Houston Seth Orion Schwaiger invited you Interested Going Ignore More Friday at 6 PM - 9 PM 3 days from now · 73–93° Mostly Sunny Art League Houston 1953 Montrose Blvd, Houston, Texas 77006 About Discussion Write Something Details COMPLEX 3 Seth Orion Schwaiger Opening Reception: 6 – 9 PM Friday, June 8, 2018 Artist Talk: 6:30 PM Friday, June 8, 2018 Exhibition Dates: June 8 – July 21, 2018 Main Gallery Art League Houston presents Complex 3, an exhibition by Austin-based artist, curator, and writer Seth Orion Schwaiger. This exhibition is part of an ongoing series of projects exploring ideas of intrinsic and assigned value, with an increasing focus on the value and quality of non-linear thought. The works in the exhibition include architectural intervention, labyrinthine installation, and doubling of imagery and symbols as a strategy to pull the implied line of traditional exhibition viewing back in on itself. The looping or spiraling of information produces a unique environment that challenges the viewer’s proclivity to process information in a way that speaks to a more outcome-driven, practical, algebraic, cause and effect way of thinking. Complex 3 is Schwaiger’s first solo exhibition in Houston and his most transparently autobiographical exhibition to date. Here, Schwaiger transforms the gallery space into a spiritual quarantine, a space isolated through sonic and architectural means, in which a dark, yet comical image from the artist’s past can be processed in relative psychological safety. The centerpiece of the exhibition is an obscure video of an interpretive dance produced by the Midwestern Christian cult The Way International in 1986 in which their unique spiritual mythology is articulated through nylon clad performers — including the now disgraced former Way President the Reverend L. Craig Martindale who stars as the protagonist of this baffling film. By opening this sensitive memory, reexamining the absurdity of his own past, and presenting the imagery of it in a physical way analogous to the mental structures and processes that surround trauma, Schwaiger invites the viewer to consider absurdity and pointlessness — to consider elements that add up to nothing, or to less than the sum of their parts. It is an invitation to take in existence without the overwhelming desire for it to make sense, to consider one’s own past without making every moment integral or necessary, and, in the end, to undo these very same conclusions by putting such pointlessness at the center of thought. It is an invitation into the artists own private mental space. ABOUT THE ARTIST Seth Orion Schwaiger is a lecturer at the University of Texas. He earned a BFA from the University of Wyoming in 2007 and an MFA from the Glasgow School of art in 2013. Since that time he has published 100+ articles and exhibition essays through museums, galleries, and publications including art ltd., Artsy, Arts + Culture Texas, The Austin Chronicle, Glasstire, New American Painting, Sculpture Magazine, and Sightlines. His work has been shown and collected in Europe and North America including exhibitions in London, Zurich, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Austin, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Recent projects include several collaborations with Elizabeth McDonald Schwaiger: you i i i everything else at De Stijl Gallery, Austin; Arch , part of Good Mourning Tis of Thee at Co-Lab’s Demo Space, Austin; and Unheimlich at Anthem Gallery in San Antonio. 18 Going · 48 Interested
  9. Revival and Restoration

    Anyone else catch this little bit from the end of that video? At 56:10 (God granted me the ability to find it within 1 minute of where I restarted the video - praise be!) Jackie H@rney "We don't want to burn any bridges. As far as... There's been people that have been cranky with us... But we love you. And if you ever want to talk, if you every want to do anything, we're here. We are not going anywhere. We are not going to stop ministering... Because the gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. And we are not going to be bitter. We are not going to be starting a website about how bad everything is. We are going to be moving the Word. That's our life." So, DWBH... how does "Hi, Ralph" fit into this? Are you "cranky" with them? I laughed out loud when she made the comment about the website. Really, Jackie? Really? This site is a place people have gone to be healed from the rotting cesspool that is TWI. This is where I realized I had been drinking from a poisoned well. Facing that reality doesn't make me bitter. Calling out the evil doesn't make one bitter (or even cranky). Showing people that there is life after following a cult leader for years - that is not bitter. Shut the fridge up, lady - your sugar coating is starting to melt.
  10. The story about clearing the Ohio stateline by sunrise reminds me of how I used to think leadership was so tapped in to God... His representatives on Earth. All knowing... They couldn't find their own butts in the dark with both hands and a flashlight. I remember two specific moments when I suddenly realized the leaders of TWI were not connected to God directly through revelation or otherwise - and therefore didn't have any control or say over my life... 1. Working at HQ and being required to be at every Sunday Service. My fiancee (still my husband) convinced me we needed a break from the constant work and wedding planning - we didn't go to the service. We left campus and went to some neighboring town for the day. And no one noticed. I had become convinced my department coordinator would be waiting for me ready to kick me off campus because God had told him of my broken fellowship. Nope. No one had a clue. And we had a lot more Sundays off after that. 2. Went to a casino with my in-laws and played slot machines. I was sure i would get a call from my fellowship coordinator. Once again, nothing.. Because these imbeciles never had power over me, except to destroy relationships that were based on lies to begin with. So glad I am free. Just got back from the casino with my in-laws. It's been 10 years since we left. I'm still not a grease spot.
  11. Revival and Restoration

    I really should check in here more often. This thread answers some questions I've had about some vague Facebook posts from friends still in Way World. Now I know why they suddenly seemed to grow some proverbial balls/ovaries... they didn't suddenly realize TWI was rotten from the root. They just had another place they could go. So many people who I used to idolize for being such strong, faithful believers. They were good people, wanting to do good and serve God. But they were devoid of critical thinking, and easily led. Now they just went with another pack of wolves pretending to be shepherds.
  12. Athletes of The Spirit

    I am looking for any connections anyone has to ex TWI folks who were performers in AOTS for a project being worked on by an artist in the Houston area. Looking for stories and experiences. Please message me if you aren't comfortable posting someone else's info here. Thanks much.
  13. What would you say?

    We left HQ in 2005 and TWI entirely in 2007. Ain't freedom great? Husband and I coming up on our 11th wedding anniversary and our 9th year of cult free life.
  14. Wierwille's Binary Fixation

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
  15. being possessed

    I kinda enjoy having "believers" think I am possessed... It gives me a little intimidation factor, makes me a scary scary monster instead of a normal person. BOO!