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    This topic, from Wierwille the Patriarch thread..... ......[Geer's Passing of a Patriarch paper] "The final Way Corps location was not at all what we had anticipated. It is located in an area that is far removed from easily accessible transportation. It is also in a very difficult part of the British Isles to facilitate business needs, and perhaps worst of all, it is isolated from any large groups of believers. Our primary choice in England would have had good transportation, easy access to businesses that we had long dealt with and been close to a majority of the believers in Britain as well as being far more accessible to the majority of European believers." The blundering onward of bad decisions......1) Gartmore was far removed from easily accessible transportation, 2) it was very difficult to facilitate business needs, and 3) it was isolated from any large groups of believers. So, this was NOT AT ALL what geer and leadership had anticipated....er, believed for. What? Geer failed the most basic of pfal-premises??? Needs and wants must be parallel. The things that Geer NEEDED and WANTED were not parallel, or consistent, to sound principles of business and/or impacting culture with the Word. The Church Epistles DOCUMENT epicenters of outreach in cities like Rome, Corinth, Ephesus, etc. Why would you move to an isolated area.....somewhat removed from people and commerce? What objectives did you embrace [or violate] to arrive at this juncture? ....[POP paper quote] "We had lost the original location in England that we had selected because our own Way Corps graduates were not capable of handling things involved in getting a location. They just collapsed under the pressure. The increased difficulty in doing business in a remoter area of Scotland made me glad to have the extra time to prepare for Dr. and Mrs. Wierwille's visit." Why were corps grads put in charge of "getting a location?" Who sends in underlings to do MAJOR decisions and/or negotiating? And, notice....how quick Geer is to blame others. NEVER FORGET THAT. It is the modus operandi of vpw and co. Remember....corps were blamed for not stopping the rain at corps week. ....[POP paper] "There were massive things that needed attention immediately upon our moving in. There had been very little maintenance to the roofs and gutters and as a result there was considerable leakage in any event of rain." 1)Massive things that needed attention immediately. 2) Roofs, gutters, leakage needed maintenance. WOW......who missed all these details? Who blundered onward with more blunders piling up? ....[POP paper] "There was almost no hot water and the heating was very poor. We either froze or boiled, and if we boiled we did it at a great cost. There was so little hot water in fact that for quite a while we used the showers adjacent to the large gymnasium in the Knox Centre to shower, which meant walking across the centre of the campus in robes and towels in the wintertime. " OMG.....detail, after detail. Geer's paper is A PUBLIC ADMISSION for all to see that these people have no credibility to lead others!! NONE. And.....this is supposed to be a "training center for leadership?" ....[POP paper] "When we accepted the decision to locate the Corps in Scotland, we had to evaluate whether Chris and Nancy Kent could handle the United Kingdom from Scotland or whether they would have to stay in Altrincham to be central to the country. Finally we decided that with the percentage of our work that was in the southern part of the country it was too much to tack on the additional drive to get to Manchester, let alone from there to the south coast. It became evident that for the work of the Ministry it would be more expedient to leave them in Altrincham. That left us without the man whom we had felt could handle our Way Builders and without Nancy whom we had thought would have been able to handle our bookkeeping." The blunders keep piling up....all because of THE DECISION TO LOCATE AT GARTMORE. Now, they've got to figure out logistics of leadership, personnel, et al. Heck, it's what UPS or FedEx people DO on a daily basis. Geer and his bumbling buffoons have NO BUSINESS trying to lead others. And, this is the guy who set up all kinds of franchises for his classes?? :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> Okay, One More....just to emphasize Blundering Onward ....[POP paper] "When we moved into the facility, there was one telephone which worked only sporadically. We had selected a telephone system to replace the single wall phone that existed upon arrival, but due to the costs involved and other factors we had decided to run all the internal cables ourselves." One. Telephone. That. Worked. Only. Sporadically. OMG.....I can't stop laughing. :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> :biglaugh:/>/> .
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    " Emeritus Woman of God of Our Day and France and Ireland" EWOGODAFI. Sounds like a mythical creature that lurks below in the dankness of the sewer system and preys upon unsuspecting empties floating by.
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    Skyrider, you are so right!! I attended my first Twig in 1978 in Va Beach, Va. People were always happy to see you, and you could go to any Twig you wanted. It was great. You could go to Twig as often, or as little as you liked. Back then, your personal business was your's !! I noticed the longer I stayed in TWI, the more legalistic it became. It seemed to me that everyone wanted to tell you how to run your life. It seemed as if the love of God was missing. Also, I agree with you about all the meetings. Boring, boring, boring!!!
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    MRAP, IMO this is how TWI keeps people hooked long after they see the wizard behind the curtain. Good Christian folks wanting to show loyalty to an organization that taught them the Bible, wanting to change it for the better, wanting to influence the outcome. They don't realize that with the whole counter-culture that exists behind the scenes in TWI leadership that there is no way any of the top people will ever allow others to influence them or effect organizational change. One of the main reasons is the culture is set up like a dictatorship. So even though new people as quoted here "never heard RR teach" she was in control over EVERYTHING. Just like LCM was before. Just like VPW was before that. And just like JY de Loser will be next. He's worked way too hard over too many years violating principle to kiss foot to give it all up now for a more democratic leadership culture. I personally stayed in TWI past when I should have in efforts to effect godly change. Praying for people, speaking up tactfully, etc. All because I hadn't yet come to the realization of Jesus words - "you can't put new wine into old wineskins". The corrupt culture and practices of TWI's leadership are an old wineskin. Giving a face lift to VPW, whitewashing all the history, all of that is old wineskin behavior. It would not hold the new wine of a genuine movement of God - it would all leak out over the floor, leaving only the old framework and structure.
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    Links to local and national news coverage, including video from Fox9 and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Photo essay... Star Tribune article with video Two Childhood Rape Survivors Just Ended a Cult Leader’s Terrifying Reign (nymag.com) Minnesota Cult Leader Victor Barnard Sentenced to 30 Years (nymag.com) Excerpts from survivors' (Jess and Lindsay) statements included in a couple of the linked articles. It might be important to remember and reflect on the fact that Barnard didn't come up with his scheme completely out of the blue. His "father in the word" sowed the seeds, and so did LCM. And current prez Rosalie R, as noted in documents from legal proceedings related to Martindale's misadventures was fully aware of the sexual abuse at TWI's top levels of leadership at least as far back as the early 1990s.
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    They quit publicly slandering people with Rosalie, likely under their lawyers guidance. However, TWI slanders the hell out of people within the organization. Gossip and politicking within the way international is rampant. Now they just whisper it to each other instead of shouting it into the microphone like Craig and Vic did.
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    It may be true that slander is widespread everywhere. Yet with TWI I started realizing that the levels I saw within that organization were reaching epic proportions compared to the normal stuff I saw around in profession and community, even in politics. You know you are in trouble when people climbing over one another's backs in profession and politics all seem to have more truthful conversations and a more real care for you than your TWI ministers, both local and at HQ.
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    My pleasure, glad to be of service. You stated it so savory and succinct. That could probably be used to state the entire platform of the Way - If they say it's okay, it's okay, even if it's not okay for others. If they say it isn't okay, etc. Any deviations, apparent contradictions or conflicts are YOUR problem, not theirs.
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    You said so well what I thought.