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    The Way's response to the coronavirus has been mixed. In the same announcement where Jean-Yves DeLisle said he was stepping down because he had failed he also announced that the 2020 Advanced Class would be canceled do to the coronavirus and later it was posted on the website that other events were cancelled. The last few sunday services have all been a bit interesting, they seemed to have gotten rid of live audiences and the choir. Two weeks ago the teacher drove all the way from Georgia to headquarters. Last week they announced that the Way Disciples had completed their Foundational Classes and had just held special fellowships in their areas and just yesterday the teacher was still telling "believers" to reach out to others with the Word.
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    {Since I didn't mention it last time, we have to make our own cases for the claims we make. When someone asks you to explain something, or to provide evidence for something, and you respond with a homework assignment ("read so-and-so's book", "read so-and-so's website"), however phrased, you're going to lose your audience. It looks like you can't possibly support your claims or even explain your positions clearly. Both are signs of not understanding what you're saying despite saying it.]
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    [Usually, when someone here wants to switch from public threads to private conversations, it means one of 2 things. 1) I think I know your (member of family) but we're not supposed to post people's legal names here unless they're public figures like twi's board, so I'm contacting you privately to discuss knowing people in common and wanting to get personal. or 2) I have something to hide, AND I want to recruit people for my new enterprise. Since I'm trying to make claims that won't stand up to scrutiny, I'm trying to keep them secret- thus the privacy. I'm trying to recruit you now. So, there's going to be some reluctance- from painful experience from all the ex-twi splinters that have tried to recruit here.]
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    Never mind, you don’t have to bother reading the two posts I gave the links to earlier – you seem pretty convinced there were 4 crucified. I’m not interested in reading Rome’s Challenge to the Protestants which I found on the same website as “God’s Plan for Mankind” – though I did manage to read its two articles on the Sabbath – nor am I interested in having a private conversation about any of this stuff – - - - and here’s why: - - If you feel you’ve been misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted in an open forum – what will rectify that in a private conversation? I am the same in private as in public. I use the same vocabulary, refer to the same books and experiences, I try to be empathetic, honest and upfront - whether in public or private. I'm not interested in trying to fix you nor should you feel you have to fix me. - - I find open forums are a great way for folks to connect on various levels (socially, intellectually, emotionally, shared experiences) and to hone our critical thinking and communication skills – it has quite a positive cumulative effect if folks are polite, respectful and follow forum rules. - - My time is just as valuable as yours and everyone else’s. Since you appear to be so overly enthusiastic about “God’s Plan” and “Rome’s Challenge” why don’t you save everyone a lot of time and copy and paste select salient points from them and put in a post - and we'll all take it from there . - - And frankly, at this point I’m not so sure about your intentions. I mean, if we can’t discuss something as adults being honest and respectful out in the open why would I want to discuss that “something” in private? I did not spend 12 years of my life in an abusive and manipulative organization, going WOW and joining the Way Corps and not learn to be wary of underhanded approaches – if it’s one thing that some TWI leadership are good at, it’s manipulating folks in a clever or unscrupulous manner…I usually try to be polite – but if attacked I just might bite! ... WordWolf mentioned the rules earlier…I try to abide by them – though I have gotten in trouble a time or two …but anyway, I think a good rule of thumb for forums and private messages is just don’t say stuff that you would be embarrassed or ashamed of if it was posted on a billboard by a major freeway for everyone to see. …sorry - I often get verbose To summarize: 1. forget about the stuff I said regarding 4 crucified, 2. I’m not interested in any more reading assignments, 3. copy and paste in a post the salient points from your favorite docs, 4. be yourself and be courageous in open forums, 5. and until further notice do NOT - under any circumstances – attempt to pm me (thank you for asking me if you could).
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    They are still sending out "Way Disciples"? Must be even more interesting living with a bunch of strangers - and having to "witness" to people from 6ft away. What's the justification for driving from Georgia to Ohio? Most churches are doing their services online by compilation of individual segments pre-recorded by the sermon-preacher, the prayer leader, the music group, and others involved. Perhaps that's too technical for TWI. In, or at, what did JYdL say he'd failed?
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    "God didn't tell you to tell ME to go pray for the guy, he told YOU.." I have only one request, if you do indeed see somebody delivered, for God's sake, don't accept the glory, amass a following, and start another second rate cult.. The pitiful thing about vp, is even IF he did minister to the guy in India, he nullified it by what he did in the good ole U.S. of A, turning the grounds at TWI into practiaclly a forced brothel. I think his actions, and those who came after him, give people plenty of reason to doubt that the event ever even happened. Welcome to the Cafe!
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    Now if he was given the key to the city, why didn't he show it in the class? Why did we just take his word for it? Because all believing equal receiving; when we believe VP, we receive fiction as fact.
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    I don't know about the book, but in the class vp kinda muttered under his breath that "MANY were delivered". Then he says he was given the key to the city. Is there any REAL historical documentation to verify this? I think vp would have claimed he had a meeting with Ghandi if it served his own interests..
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    VPW and his "crew" were not only fond of borrowing doctrinal material but also were known to borrow anecdotal material as well. Consider,if you will, the anecdote of teaching to the trees. This one was "borrowed" from Billy Graham. There are others as well that have been documented to have been borrowed. It would not suprise me a bit to find this instance in the writings of E.S. Jones, since he spent so much time in India himself. It also seems like somewhat of a modern day reenactment of Mark 3:1-5. I believe VPWs' recounting of this story was in PFAL session one and also in the corresponding section of the PFAL book. In the opening session of the advanced class, he(VPW) taught a similar story about a man looking for his wife who was arriving on a train.He used this one to teach word of knowledge. He may have borrowed these from Rufus Mosely or Glenn Clarke or any one of the many others whose names he mentioned in his teachings. Whether it's true or not, what puzzles me is this: Here is this guy who says he doesn't believe in Jesus who gets the healing while we, on the other hand, were supposed to SIT endlessly, go to endless meetings, learn scripture after scripture after scripture and so on in order to be considered worthy of Gods' blessings in our lives and most of us saw zip in the way of results. OOPS! I just realized he was using this to sell us on the validity of that whacky "law of believing". What was I thinking?
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    I think a minister should be allowed to go back to being a minister if: 1) They have child molester branded in their forehead 2) They are castrated 3) They are un-paid as part of their making amends to society 4) They do community service work cleaning garbage off the roads with a vest that says "Beware of Child molester"


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