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Mr. Geer

Pretty big "snip"..

aren't you just being a TAD too generous?

he was a gun-toting PIMP for da mog, and WORSE, for crying out loud..

other than that, I'm sure he could be a charming, polite, quasi-intellectiual individual- if circumstances warranted it..


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and as he walked up to the lecturn, he was probably singing to himself..

*Happinesssss, is a warm gun (bang bang shoot shoot)*

*hapinesssss, is a warm gun mama..*

*when I hold you.. in my arms..*


vic groomed these guys.. taught them how to wear matching socks, color coordinated clothes.. how to make a suit look good.. and who was it that did the hair.. I forget the name of the department. Makeup.. how to get and hold a crowd's attention.. how to put on a talk..

but that's all "window dressing" as they say..

think what you want, but I think these are frivolous "virtues".. at least concerning an alleged "holy life"..

I think the model that fits these guys was outlined by Erskine Caldwell.. Semon Dye- the blood-eyed, whiskey swigging, gun-toting, womanizing, thieving half excuse of a human being..

but he could make a suit look good at revival..

they are a dime a dozen.

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I've held my tongue until now...

Chris Geer would have have been a favorite of Adolph Hitler and his third reich...

I had more than a few experiences with him. The guy is a genuine nutcase...Paranoid psychopath with a huge ego problem. Don't be fooled by his "charm"...this guy is a rattlesnake.

Groucho - I think you are being WAAAAYYY to lenient here - if the words wouldn't be edited out I would post a little more about his venomous, destructive, and deadly ways

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I agree with your last sentence that there can be learning despite political views. However there is evidence that McCain did not heal as well as your sources have indicated. People who served with him in the war and even were imprisoned with him have said that he still has problems with rage and impulsiveness. Some of those military people have said that his temper is the reason they won't vote for him because they don't want his hand on "the button".

There is also evidence that he stood in the way of families of other soldiers getting details or remains of their loved ones who died in the Vietnam war and that some of his trips over there were in part to keep some information out of the hands of other Americans.

There are also reports of his rage against members of his staff and members of the Senate and also heavy gambling addiction. You can google these and determine for yourself if the sources are credible, but some are nationally recognized media sources.

I can't deny what you said because I have come across the same things.

People are more complicated than either being totally forgiving or being totally in a permanent rage.

In McCain's case, yes he has a reputation for being a hothead with people, but please go back over my post and notice I was describing the way he has dealt with his former captors and the trauma he experienced.

I wasn't talking about him being short-tempered with a hill staffer or a colleague.

So, we can learn from the good part of McCain's character and try not to practice that which we don't like.

Rascal took note of my use of the word "club."

I was speaking figuratively. It is a colloquial expression simply menaing to strongly criticize someone.

Racal also asked about me objecting to these things being discussed.

Sorry, but I have been misunderstood.

The topics don't bother me at all.

On the other hand, I am seeing the stuff of lynch mobs and kangaroo-court justice and I have been pointing that out.

At the same time,I have been pointing out the injustice being practiced by the accusers and the fact they are in some cases practicing exactly what they purport to abhor.

I m not saying any of these accusations are false, either.

Lastly, Rascal asked if MCain's torturers did so in the name of God.

I don't know.

I have read quite a bit about the subject in general and it would be logical to believe they would uses such a tactic, but I don't recall a specific instance with McCain.

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Dunno Cid, seems like your criteria for *kangaroo court* rests on whether or not those accused held pov`s that you agree with.

Labeling the folks talking about the evils committed by these characters as holding court, or equating them with entirely different scenarios of people being falsley accused seems to me to be a defensive mechanism of folks that don`t really want to have to examine their belief systen, their doctrinal understanding and their perceptions as one must if they realize that the men whom taught them were evil deceptive bastards that despitefully used innocent young christians.

Far nicer to pretend that it was no big deal...that the people making the accusations are liars.

Trust me, there isn`t many of us who don`t wish with all of our hearts that the men and women of twi had been *of the spirit* genuine christians with the genuine love of God, rather than finding ourselves being used to fill the bellies and sate the lusts of very evil people. Damned right I wish that twi had been what it claimed to be. Damned right I wish that the doctrinal teachings had been truthful :(

There wouldn`t be a need for a place like this.

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What makes me sick is, I remember Vpw saying things like, "I would rather be the one taken advantage of than be the one taking advantage of another", like he gave a crap about people.  He used that line as a set up to get us all malleable for him to take advantage of us!  What a big effn liar he was, saying things like that while he was raping and pillaging us all!

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Later, I happened to bump into him in the bookstore, just him and me there. Being a recent PFAL grad, I had a question about something, can't remember what but it was something very simple, so asked him. He looked at me like I was a turd, didn't bother to answer, and walked away. I felt despised and humiliated.

This is the same piece I quoted several days ago, but I'm curious, did you have any later personal contact with CG; did he speak to you? The reason I ask is I was yanked out long before his time, and know little other then the "letter".

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I visited at Gartmore several times. The people there were nice, but there was a funny sort of atmosphere. I hadn't been around places or TWI long so didn't recognise it for what it was. People didn't like to do things and always felt the need to refer back to him.

This may be typical of the sort of thing that happened. Bear in mind that Gartmore is way out in the wilds of Scotland. It's a long way from anywhere. There isn't any public transport unless perhaps there is the odd local bus which trundles round various villages and thence to the nearest town.

Believers from London used to go up to Scotland for the weekend. They would come up the motorway from London and zip up to Scotland (what is it, 800 miles?) sometimes calling in at Birmingham to pick up believers from central Birmingham. Then continue up the motorway. I lived in a little town 30 or so miles north of Birmingham. The motorway skirted round this town and there was a junction close to where I lived. It was about 1 mile to walk there. I arranged on several occasions to be picked up at this junction. What it meant was that the bus scooted off the motorway, pulled over and I jumped onto the bus, and it went straight back up the on-ramp. Not a big cloverleaf - just straight on and off. Very simple. Time delay: maybe 60 seconds. If that.

So I would be waiting out at this junction at between midnight and 1am. Or later. Unworried, all alone, and it was dark. No problems.

They would drop me off same way, straight off the motorway, drop me, and then straight back on. Minimal delay. I would walk home. Again, this would be maybe 1am. I asked for nothing special, just drop me off. Even though it was only a mile to my home and on major roads with no difficulties of access, I didn't ask to be dropped off there. No worries.

I paid the same fare as everyone else, including those coming from London.

One time I was up there. I became aware of a row that was going on. The WoW who was undershepherding me was getting very agitated, and eventually said I would be going home with someone else.

Turned out that whoever organised this bus trip had now refused to drop me off at my M'way junction. No, they would not pull off. It would mean special treatment/favour for me and if they did it for one, all the others might wonder why and also want special treatment and to be dropped off at their homes.

But - they would take me down to Birmingham and I could make my own way back from there. Birmingham? At 3am?? I don't even know if there would be a train service back to my town - and what time would I arrive there? And have to get home from the station? How to do that??


Thankfully, a carload of believers - not sure where they lived, and I didn't even know them - went at least 50 miles OUT OF THEIR WAY in order to drop me at my mother's home where I planned to spend a little time.

I believe half my fare was refunded to the WoW, who then gave it to the people who gave me a lift home. Not sure, he took care of everything.

I find this utterly incredible. If the bus folks had said they were unwilling to do it NEXT TIME, well, that would be something to think about. But to "dump" someone way out in the boonies.., or take them off to some huge strange major city where the bus station is never nice even in the daytime, and dump them there at night...

Not sure how many times I went up to Gartmore after that. I think there must have been one time, but a carload of believers picked me up and dropped me off. They stayed with me overnight, or we all travelled off one time and broke the journey in Manchester. Maybe they stayed with me on the way home - long time ago now.

What has this to do with Chris Geer? Well, he was running all Europe from Gartmore at the time, and was therefore the head of the organisation. This is the kind of controlling directive that came down from there. Must do it same for all, or else. I don't know if he was directly involved, or if it was just part of the ethic of the time.

I already thought CG was pretty arrogant and uncaring. This incident didn't help me feel any better about him.

Somewhere - love and compassion had been left behind.

Oh, this must have taken place some time between 1986 when they bought Gartmore and 1988.

I think my WoW friend was in the E-Corps in about 1986. He didn't last long there. No details.

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Wow, that is shameful the way they cut you off like that Twinky, where's the love in that?.. trying to dump you and your luggage in a strange city in the dead of night, how horrible!  It shows how CG was an extension of the mindset of vpw, the rapist, not giving a wit about anyone else, a wolf in sheeps clothing.  

No wonder they forced him out of Gartmore, I'm sure they had many reasons for doing that to him that are unknown to us, but well founded, probably the best move ever made on behalf of the believers in the UK and Europe!

Edited by now I see
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Somehow it's never occurred to me to put "love" and Chris Geer in the same thought.

Huh, what a bizarre idea.

Wow, that is shameful the way they cut you off like that Twinky, where's the love in that?..
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Can you imagine the delusional world of Chris Geer?...He's another example of someone who didn't leave enough bread crumbs on the trail to find his way back again.

...but crazy like a fox...franchising out his own rendition of pfal, making money and not having to "tend to his flock"...He would have fit in well with Hitler and his third reich.

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and I bet he likes his insulated "privacy"..

nice house.. loads of money and adoration from dedicated followers..

but he is.. superfluous. Upper middle class.. that has really nothing to offer..

I wonder if he hates greasespotters..

so annoying, so.. nosy..

tell me if I'm reading this wrong..

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well.. the whole *problem* for *poor* mr chrissy poo.. we were INVITED..


Hey.. I'll take twenty percent, of the twenty percent..


no, we (or *I*) are not *minions*. We are full PARTNERS..


just send the twenty percent of the twenty percent..

I'll designate it to Greasespot Cafe. Just hit the "donate" button..


He's very poular among ex way in my area. they just ran his class.... big turnout

I'm sure he can afford the small percentage here..


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