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What's that old line? Oh yes: His karma ran over his dogma.

And isn't the etymology of the word 'blackmail' fascinating?

Blackmail - the payment of money exacted by means of intimidation. The word is variously derived from the tribute paid by English and Scottish border dwellers to certain robbers in return for immunity from further raids and other harassments. This tribute was paid in goods or labour, in Latin reditus nigri "blackmail". The opposite is blanche firmes or reditus albi "white rent" denoting payment by silver. Alternatively, McKay derives it from two Scottish Gaelic words: blathaich "to protect" and mal "tribute, payment". He notes that the practice was common in the Highlands of Scotland as well as the Borders. (from Wiktionary)

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I have this strange sense of deja vu - will his ill-health be blamed on the burden he is bearing for all believers? Will it become the believers' faults that he is so ill? (we already know what a VP-emulator he has been in the past!)

i do know from him that the usa way corps caused the downfall of the "ministry" -- i hope they haven't done it again

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I dunno. This isn't the prayer forum, or in memoriam. If one wants to expect respectful posts, I think that would be the place to post a prayer request, or death notice..

instead, we get a request asking to join in a wayish slaverish 24 hour of prayer. Get in contact with us, so we can schedule you in..

from the staff of da word productions..

kinda weird if you ask me..

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It just seems weird.

Maybe there is some logic in this.. maybe the situation is serious enough that they will need to blame somebody for dropping the ball in regards to the continuous prayer deal, in case something "goes wrong"..

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I guess I just don't get it. The man did some seriously evil things in his life, damaged marriages, damaged people psychologically, aided and abetted criminal activity and now that he's fallen on hard times, we're supposed to feel sorry for him? Well, call me a 6th grader, then, because I just don't see it.

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No offense intended either here, TZ

"While presenting the Walking in God's Power advanced class material on

"The Two Kingdoms" he became very seriously ill and has been

hospitalized. He is being cared for at Maine Medical Center in

Portland, Maine.

He asks that that there not be any flowers sent as there are allergy issues."

Can't say for sure but maybe God was trying to tell him something. Like Stop. Doing that.

Now that he has, recovery can start.

(using the figure of Speech of Permission there, of course because God would never bop someone over the head to get their attention, of course. Not.)

Between the illness and the allergies, where's the Walking in God's Power?


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The most interesting thing here.. we have an individual with a fair sampling of former twisters among whon at the best can say about this individual is "sorry, I can't think of anything nice to say.."

I mean, that's a lot of bad karma, or something, or whatever you may call it that this character has engendered. Doesn't seem to go away very easily, either.. it's been over twenty years..

Doesn't he even want to know WHY?

No, too busy. Has a *product* to sell..

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dear tommyz, with all respect, when a dear friend of mine was beyond despair over in europe, mr. geer called me in the US and told me to forget about him, that he was packing "big ones" -- aka devil spirits

it was absolute nonsense

i'm sorry i don't have much compassion for chris

i don't wish him ill, but i don't worry about him

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This made the rounds this week:

Dear Saints,

,,,This morning we received a prayer request for Chris Geer ... he became very seriously ill and has been

hospitalized. He is being cared for at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine.

Wondered if there was any further information / update?

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