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On 11/18/2007 at 4:51 PM, alfakat said:

In the States, CG supports himself by selling his classes via his network of those who worship & adore him. In order to deemed worthy and get selected to represent him and his stuff, you have to jump through some hoops and promise to send him money and not give it to anyone else, when you run his classes (and to really "be" with him, you have to take all his classes yourself), don't expect any real communication from him, he only accepts faxes and if you question anything, you'll be deemed unworthy and can't run his classes anymore. His followers are lock, stock and barrel Geer-heads. If you aren't with him then you've turned your back on THE Word of God as given by the MOG (VP) and later entrusted to CG. It's the Way all over again. Some folks never learn. He's still promising he'll get that Advanced Class done, but it hasn't happened and annually, he whines about those that have "hurt" him or his ministry and "turned their backs" on him. Want some cheese with that whine (wine)?

On the other hand, you can pray for his wife, she's been dealing with multiple sclorosis for years now.

What, he doesn't have a phone??  I would take the faxes, and shove them up his a--!  If I could not communicate with someone, other than by faxes, I think I would not communicate with that person. I have never met Chris, but he seems like a strange person to me.  I feel for his wife though; MS isn't something I would want.

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On 9/3/2010 at 5:03 PM, GrouchoMarxJr said:

This thread has been somewhat dormant for awhile...so I thought I would try to kick it back into "Geer"

I think that people are missing a real opprotunity to call bull sh *t on a real scumbag.

Chris Geer is STILL in operation and making money like his father in the scam taught him...

I always thought of Martindale as a buffoon...but Geer always scared me. He had a look in

his eyes that said psychopath...I could see him as a high ranking officer in Hitler's third reich.

Lynn publicly humiliates himself with his continual public dramas, while Geer silently sits in the background

selling his merchandise through franchises...never making public appearances...simply

counting his money in the back room.

I wonder why he doesn't appear in public.  I have never met him, but many people here at the GSC, say that he is a scary person.  

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On 10/23/2006 at 0:22 PM, pawtucket said:

Do any of you guys know about any letters sent out by the Way of GB about dismissing Geer?

Geer is rearing his ugly head in the states and I would like something to slow him down.

Paw, I know this post is old, but do you have any idea of where Chris Geer is nowadays?  Is he still in Maine selling his Christian junk?  I have never met the man, but so many people who know him personally, say a lot of colorful about him.  I am just curious as to what he is doing these days. Nosy minds want to know.

Edited by Grace Valerie Claire
I made some mistakes.I meant to say colorful things about him.
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Those were very turbulent times between Geer and Martindale.  You had thousands of wayferdoodles (something funny so we see some humor instead of the negative) exiting the minister for whatever reason and thousands more kicking sand in the face of anyone who dared to have an opinion about what way to turn. Which way was right?   Which way was wrong?  We know now that both ways were wrong. 

I knew way corps grads that had guns.  It's a man thing.

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Yes, Allan. There were a few. Not ministry sanctioned, of course. More like renegade believers doing their own thing. I guess you have to expect crazy stuff will happen when you have that many people blindly devoting their lives to a wacky mental process. A couple of the incidents have been talked about here on GSC. I don't have any first hand knowledge. One of the incidents occurred in Norway, I believe. Another happened in one of the southern US states.


Someone I knew quite well years ago did confide in me, though, that Way *associates* appeared at his front door, having been dispatched from Int. HQ,  and *suggested* he refrain from publically speaking unfavorably about The Way. Am I being vague enough?

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On 12/15/2011 at 9:44 PM, waysider said:

Happiness is cool but what some people call happiness is really oblivion and self delusion. Like this PMA stuff that gets promoted in work place settings. Can't acknowledge that real problems exist. You might have to do something constructive to solve them. Can't have that now, can we? Just smile and pretend everything is hunky dory.....not my cup of fig pep.

Would someone please explain what fig pep is?  I know what figs are, but what is fig pep?  Was that some TWI food?

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On 5/10/2017 at 6:13 AM, Grace Valerie Claire said:

I wonder why he doesn't appear in public.  I have never met him, but many people here at the GSC, say that he is a scary person.  

What was he like as a person?  (I don't know about now, so I will go with what he WAS like, and proceed from there.)

He wasn't terribly imposing physically.  However, it was not beneath him to consider violence as an option-nor threats, either.  He was hardly alone in this. I once had a run-in with the late T0m M, years before he committed suicide because he couldn't stop lcm from nailing Mrs T0m M.  He was a larger dude, and wanted me to stop an uncomfortable line of discussion (this was at ROA '89, when 1/5 of the previous year's attendees showed, and most of them left twi shortly after that event.)  He tried intimidating me physically, and when that failed, he tried to get a rise out of me by threatening physical violence.  I bugged him more by simply getting calmer and calmer the more he tried.  His final attempt was to try to claim I was unemotional because I wasn't reacting.  (No, just smarter and with better mental discipline. Plus, he grew up in the suburbs, I grew up in the 'hood.)  Cgeer had no problem similarly trying intimidation OR threats, but was not a physically imposing man nor a trained fighter.  So, he didn't default to it all the time, and he needed to use things to accomplish it.

Cgeer and lcm (craig) were both the 2 biggest vpw-worshippers in twi.  That's why vpw- who loved how they smooched his metaphorical tushie- made them twi elites. lcm was made his successor, and cg went from vpw's bodyguard to in charge of a twi property in a different continent than lcm.  (When lcm and the others pushed the retired vpw to the side, vpw ran to cg to cry on his shoulder about how he was being neglected, and how this would destroy twi because they were forsaking Gawd Almighty by ignoring him they way he ignored others who had retired.)   cgeer was used to taking care of vpw's dogs (vpw never took care of them), and walking around armed with vpw at public appearances.  cg claimed-and I believe he was not lying-  that he had been prepared, if necessary, to act as a human shield to take any bullets fired at vpw if something happened.

So, how did cg intimidate people?  His primary methods were threefold:  1) brandish a firearm, which is a crime in the US          2) use the dogs and menace them (menacing is also a crime in the US)           3) send someone else to intimidate them

Others in twi were more fond of the "send others" than cg, but he seemed to like the feeling of power he got when he instilled fear in people by threatening them with a gun or big dog.


Mind you, that was 30 years ago, literally.  He's 30 years older, and doesn't have the physical power he DID have, such as he had.  For someone who only feels secure wielding the power, to live without it is to live in fear.  So, he naturally would go into hiding, and lay low or surround himself with security.   For someone who is aware of how many lives he hurt, both in acting as a de facto procurer for vpw and in his own capacity to misuse power,  he knows there's people who might harm him if they had the change to settle a score, and he's not young.  So, that alone would send him into hiding.


So, he goes into hiding, and cultivates a sense of mystique about him, making it look like the hiding is anything BUT the cowardice that it is.


Mind you, the fact that he was more than a little crazy- and thus unpredictable and lacking self-control-  was another issue, and people could be scared he'd go off without warning...which he sometimes did in imitation of vpw.    


All of that means he's not as scary as he was 30 years ago... and without a gun or a big dog to back him up, he wasn't really scary back then.


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On 5/12/2017 at 2:57 AM, Grace Valerie Claire said:

I thought he had gotten better.  I have never met him, but so many people who know him dislike him.  I can not understand why he was allowed to bring guns to various functions.  I spent 10 years in TWI, and I never saw anyone bring a gun to a meeting.  Why would anyone do this??!!


In the final weeks before vpw died, he (vpw)  flew to Scotland to cry on cg's shoulder and get him to fawn on vpw and make him feel better, since lcm and the Board were ignoring him now- as per his own strategy of ignoring anyone who retired.    Some weeks after vpw died, cg wrote "Passing of a Patriarch", about what vpw said, and how twi, in discarding vpw, was discarding God, and how the Board killed vpw because they made him feel bad- and they were why Mr Superbeliever vpw didn't super-believe and obliterate his advanced cancer from his body with a display of his Super-believing, and get up fully healed.  (If they'd still sucked up to vpw, he would have Super-Believed and gotten fully healthy again, according to geer.)  When cgeer was done writing this, he went to read this to the Board and to residents on-grounds.  When he reached the podium to begin speaking, he took out a handgun, and placed it in the podium, where he could reach it quickly.  THEN he began reading his little book aloud.


Why, in his mind, was this necessary?   I can throw lots of guesses around.  Perhaps he liked the feeling of power by intimidating the room. Perhaps he thought that someone would have tried-with violence- to silence him as he read this letter/book thing.   Perhaps, having been there, he knew they WOULD offer violence if he didn't preempt the violence himself. Perhaps he thought vpw prophesied he'd need to do that.   (And so on, and so on....)     There's lots of possibilities.   It obviously isn't common nor healthy for supposed Christian groups to have things like that come up no matter the motive.

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So after a few years Hiatus here.  How IS Mr ? Geer?  Still languishing away at the bottom of a missle silo in Gawd only knows what Gawd forsaken country on the Western Front..  drinking Drambuie and consuming Pickeled Pigs Feet.. planning some Unnatural return from the Grave.. anything really new here?



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