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Hey Johnny! We'll get a head start on getting things started for ya! I'll bet you're not even up yet!

C'mon, wake up sleepy head!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! So how many years young are you?

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I wonder what the temperature in Alaska is this time of year?

Rottie, spring hasn't sprung up there yet. It's starting to get a little bit warmer, and things are starting to thaw. At least that's how it was when I lived up there.

Juneau is quite a bit southeast of the mainland Alaska. It might be different for them. Johnny can fill you in

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Well, thank you so very much for the happy birthday wishes! I turned 51 years young yesterday, and enjoyed hanging sheetrock at the brand new high school here in Juneau. Thankful to be healthy and able to work and provide.

The temps here have been in the high thirties and low forties. It was sunny the other day though, and was as warm as forty nine! But spring is springing. The bears are out and marauding peoples' improperly stored garbage cans, the skunk cabbage shoots are coming up (bright yellow and pretty!) in the swampy areas along side the roads, and the eagles have paired up and have been performing their wild aerobatics as the court each other in the sky.

Last night, my wife and I, and my best man and maid of honor friends Blue and Deb, had dinner at a nice restaurant, and we all had "Halibut Olympia", and a few glasses of Cabernet. The wife and kids bought me a cool new gas grill, and a Washington Redskins construction hard hat is on the way. I bought myself a new king crab pot to set in a "secret place" where the king crab abound and look fwd to catching many. Thanks again folks. May your springtime be a time of renewed health and vigor, and renewed enjoyment in Life! God bless you all!


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Happy birthday, you young whippersnapper!

How much is a non rez hunting license up there? What can I hunt with my .50 Hawken (muzzelloader) or would I need a .70?

I always wanted to hunt up there, but I find the cold very daunting.

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