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Congrats to Ham...10,000 posts


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Hmm.. Paw hasn't sent me a bill yet either..


Hee hee, don't give him any ideas!!!

And your remark asking what if you run out of things to say reminds me of that commercial a few years back where the guy gets a message on his computer that tells him something like, "You have reached the end of the internet!"

I like the idea of drinking a beer on Friday afternoon while the snow melts... Thanks for the reason to party! smilie_kool_aid.gif

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Awesome 10,000 posts ! hahahaha that rocks.

What does he win? A toaster? Hape4me has some really amazing appliances that are, actually, very valuable.

Maybe he'll part with one as your award.

Award, no award, we're glad you're here.dance.gif

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Glad for the Ham man....


Or if you prefer here is the Youtube link.....


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