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how many things can you think of that the way international called evil good, and good evil?


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calling good evil:

1) giving to others in need, and particularly giving to any charitable organization.

2) using your brain to think clearly

3) providing a stable, consistent home for your family

4) furthering your formal education

5) maintaining your career

6) staying in contact and keeping a good relationship with your "earthly" family

calling evil good:

1) the "if they're old enough to bleed, they're old enough to breed" mentality

2) the "all the women in the kingdom belong to the king" mentality

3) using grace as "a season of the flesh"

4) the "lock box"

5) the practice of demanding abortions so the woman could "better serve god"

6) the practice of hiding pedophiles

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Hmm.. Good things classified as evil.

Donate to TWi but do not donate to any other charity.

all your donating should go to head quarters as they would know who was deserving of your donations... You could not possibly know yourself.

The cross as a symbol of christianity was really a symbol of death and you should not wear it.

You should only be singing WAY songs any other song is evil or could be bringing unclean thoughts into your head.

Your children should mind you unquestioningly... as you should mind your church leaders.

IF they tell you to jump you should you never know what they are saving you from.

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calling evil good...

"the Man of God" (man-worship)

"the Teacher"

the Way Tree (used to approve dominating control)

calling good evil...

the entire Christian Church (TWI ridiculed everyone who didn't follow them)

tradition (TWI threw out good ones along with thew bad)

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calling evil good -

1) debt purge - demanding that any way corps who was not out of debt by the ROA (6 months) was to be dropped from active corps.

2) homo purge - actively looking for "homo infiltration" by relying on "reasonable spiritual suspicion"; that means looking at someone and thinking, "yeah, I bet HE'S queer!"

3) unproductive evil purge - deciding that certain people weren't ABSing enough.

4) making people record their daily schedule in 15 minute intervals (control).

5) making it mandatory to "report back" (control).

6) calling themselves a "ministry" (service) at this point.

calling good evil -

1) pregnancy policy

2) someone wanting a secular career in music, business, etc.

3) someone not wanting to be way corps just because they didn't feel like it

4) someone not wanting to go wow just because they didn't feel like it

Of course, all this stuff may have been practiced by some individuals and not others. During the 80s I heard several twi gift ministries say to remember the good that our parents taught us...principles...stuff that worked for them...not necessarily Christian principles. I sent my mother a birthday card and thanked her for some of that kind of stuff. Years later, when I had to have her live in a nursing home, and when my siblings and I had to go through her stuff and decide who keeps what and what gets thrown out, I saw that she'd kept the card I'd sent her. Made me cry.

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Great thread!

The TWI mindset does a great job of recalibrating our faculty of judgment:

I used to worry about the "absent Christ" until I realized PFAL takes the place of the absent Christ.

God not spitting in your direction is a bad thing – but – by giving your moolah to TWI you can expect God's saliva.

Having a close knit family is nothing compared to letting blissful strangers provide periodic wear and tear on your living room furniture.

….now switching back to cult-free mode…

The greatest cargoes of life may come in over quiet seas – but – beware when those pirates at HQ board your ship!

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