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So much for cable. My second phone was turned off today, not able to get my cable to hook up now, so resorted to my main phone line and and now can't get my email to work.

I am not having fun at all.

So to anyone who has emailed me at new email addy, I can't access your email. If you tried my old email addy, well heck can't figure that one out now either. May be days before I'm corrected and can email again.

I am not having fun at all.

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Okay, here I go yall.

Last night I did one of those 10 steps backwards gig, today at worked sucked like you would not believe, came home and the dadgum computer cable would not connect. Of course told "hey lady it is a holiday weekend so who knows", Bite Me! (Well thought it anyway, I was very nice to the guy, what a wimp I am at times LMAO)

Now their stupid sight is down and I can't even retrieve email sent to new email addy. But can access old email, at least I have some contact with the world. hahahahahaha

And we won't even get into how thrilled hubby is about my state of mind. LOL

Okay, need to cool it down, back later when I can read yall and not be so stupid.



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Ahhhh - Thanks Ted - that's better!

As far as Sammy P. goes - I haven't seen or heard from him since the late 80's, after PoP. I occasionally hear from his ex-wife who was one of my best friend in HS. Next time I hear from her I will ask her about him.

Hopper - I would NEVER replace my old Martin! It's a part of me! However, I did buy a new Taylor last summer and am enjoying it very much. It's body is much smaller than the Martin and has a very rich sound for such a small guitar. I keep it out on a stand in my bedroom so when I get the whim, I can just pick it up and play it. (which was great advice from the guys at my local Sam Ash!)

I most fun I have playing now a days is when my 15 year old and I "jam" together. It really lights up my heart.

Hope R. color>size>face>

"Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now" - Stephen Stills

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Yeah, cable! Glad you're "whole" again CK!

Sunesis, thanks for remembering that guitar, it was a 1968 Les Paul Standard, the 1st reissue by Gibson of the 1956 style Les Paul Standard, mahogany body with a maple top and P-90 pickups with the "soapbar" covers. Those P-90's turned out to be good pickups, great for pushing hard blues and a nice clean sound with the volume rolled off a tad. I finally traded it for a 335 when my back just couldn't handle that weight anymore. You were great, I'm glad we crossed paths when we did. First time I saw you play you were wearing jeans, a white blouse, tan vest and had long wavy hair. A nice look. Can't picture you playing in a long dress. Don't know why we got in to those. I had trouble finding any that would fit right, plus those pumps killed me! Hey, we had the "sausage suits", so I can talk.

I think you had stuff to get out, and it would have been nice to hear more of it. Maybe what we lacked was an even playing field for everyone to grow and develop as musicians. I mean, I know for a fact that some outright scarey stuff would get played and sang "after hours" as you say. Jimmy Carrol played one night with a few others of us and he had this acoustic finger picking thing he was doing that was way ahead of the Celtic boom. I just remember it being sweet and fluid and I was like "yikes!" that's hot!

There's something I keep trying to type here, but can't quite get right. I know this is pretty off topic of what we're talking about, but I just wanted to say it means a great deal to me to know that some of my contributions are remembered well. I love music so much and it's nice to know a note here or there is still floating around. I've always felt it honored the music that God's people heard it.


Is the time/space meter needle supposed to be jumping around like that? *tap-tap*...sqwrkltpzfttt@#$%^&!!!!!!.....

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thanks again ChattyKathy for starting this!

Speaking of the 60's...I rambled on there for a bit on drug use. There's a very non-exotic reason I think "mu-zee-huns" can get started using drugs and it's basically the hours you have to work. If anyone can benefit, here's a few more thoughts on it.

Here's a link on the topic of off shift work hours and how it effects your health; health There are lots of resources on the topic. I worked in a Data Processing shop for about 2 years, "graveyard" shift and this was one of the first workshops they had me in and it hit me, this is the same thing musicians deal with.

Most working musicians start their work day in the evening at 6 or 7 and work till late, 2-3 a.m. or later. That kind of schedule turns your body clock upside down and can lead to all sorts of disorientation - insomnia, short-term memory loss, loss of appetite, reduced visual depth perception, lots of things.

Add to that the physical demands of things like travel, the mental demands of processing huge amounts of visual and aural information accurately and the emotional demands of performance and human interaction and the seemingly cushy job of playing music can be extremely draining.

A lot of musicians get started on the 'Drines -dexedrine, benzedrine and methedrine - as antidotes to fatigue and crazy schedules. Amphetamines are used to achieve high levels of performanace "on demand". Once you've used them, it seems like a reasonable way to keep up. Plus, you feel good. You feel GREAT. For awhile. Truck drivers, programmers, air traffic controllers - lots of off shift, mentally demanding jobs are filled with people using them.

Then, you're done and you feel like crap. So you need something to come down and round off the edges and corners, so you drink, or smoke grass, or do something to get relaxed enough to feel better and get some sleep. You sleep unevenly, wake up in a fog, get it together and do whatever you have to do before you start it all over again. That's the cycle. Once it's started, it can be very hard to break off.

An answer is to deal with the facts of the lifesyle and know that right off the bat, this off-hours thing will start to effect your judgment and perceptions in certain ways. Exercise, diet, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and keeping to a sleep schedule are ways to start. Recognizing it is important.

I can't really preach on "don't do drugs" effectively because people are going to do what they want to. I did, Peer pressure, youth, pleasure seeking and the demands of the work are going to be factors that just have to be dealt with. Every example of drug use in art has one message - "Don't do it". Whatever the problems are, self-medication doesn't work.

Friends and having someone to talk to are a big help too. You need a balance, a way to keep your perspective. Jesus Christ...well, He knows the way through the wilderness.

When I met my wife-to-be, she was like a ray of light. I still don't know even after all these years exactly why she loved me, but she did. I know I loved her from the moment I met her. I wanted to have that love so bad, bad enough to come out of the fog. Her love saved me, it really did. Love will do that. It's one thing I truly know for sure.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving! This thread has taken a turn or two. Hope this isn't too off topic. Back to the regularly scheduled discussion!


Is the time/space meter needle supposed to be jumping around like that? *tap-tap*...sqwrkltpzfttt@#$%^&!!!!!!.....

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Ted, Words to songs, and we use to think some of the ones that today would be okay for our 5 year olds were rated R. What does that say for lost youth of today?

Sunesis, Quit, sell your guitars, God has other things in store for you, geeezzz. The Emporia shop owner had more spiritual understanding than twi did. Your quote on being a rocker?and don?t wear a dress, is just the greatest. Your post was just incredible, you captured the whole meaning of this thread, thank you so much for posting here.

ex, hi kiddo.

Hope, my living history lesson. Thanks for the wonderful talk tonight and God bless that hubby of yours, he just listened to me as I voiced my computer cares on him. And thank you for your heart, I know this subject is a tender one for you. You folks could have been dealt a better hand. Such talent and love for music, and some would chose to use and abuse you folks.

(Alp)Mon amie francaise, c'est merveilleux! Ton mari a besoin de joue sa trombone. A tout a l?heure. Ta soeur.

Socks, Part of my despair of tonight was not being able to read you folks from today. This thread is just Ephesians 3:20 for me.


[This message was edited by ChattyKathy on November 28, 2002 at 22:53.]

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In doing some drawer organization I just ran across my notes from Mrs. Owens "Song Service" class while in-rez.

Thought maybe is of interest in this thread. Want to say this now: I loved Mrs. Owens so this is meant only to add here, I am not slandering her good name in any way.

*Song service is as important as the Word taught.

*Purpose is to build toward the Word. Spiritual temperature.

*A long intro is not needed, because the words in the song should cover it all.

*Nothing succeeds like success.

*Never apologize to an audience. It will make them uncomfortable.

*Background music should be songs people know so they can be singing words in their minds at the proper pace.

*Don?t sing the last verse yourself, because you don?t want to be out of breath.

*There is no special music in a service. Soloists or groups participating must contribute to that build-up for the teaching of the Word; otherwise they are entertainers.

Okay back to my organization. (Also found my hand out materials for The Biblical Principals of A Believer?s Family. Had to just put it down, was laughing too hard to do my work )


Edited to add this: what the heck did this have to do with this thread. LMAO

[No copyright note needed, as these are my personal notes]

[This message was edited by ChattyKathy on November 28, 2002 at 16:06.]

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They're Coming to Take me Away, Ha-Haaa!

Napoleon XIV - 1966

Remember when you ran away

And I got on my knees

And begged you not to leave

Because I'd go beserk

Well you left me anyhow

And then the days got worse and worse

And now you see I've gone

Completely out of my mind

And they're coming to take me away ha-haaa

They're coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa

To the funny farm

Where life is beautiful all the time

And I'll be happy to see those nice young men

In their clean white coats

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

You thought it was a joke

And so you laughed

You laughed when I said

That losing you would make me flip my lid

Right? You know you laughed

I heard you laugh. You laughed

You laughed and laughed and then you left

But now you know I'm utterly mad

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

They're coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha haaa

To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds

And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

I cooked your food

I cleaned your house

And this is how you pay me back

For all my kind unselfish, loving deeds

Ha! Well you just wait

They'll find you yet and when they do

They'll put you in the A.S.P.C.A.

You mangy mutt

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

They're coming to take me away ha haaa ho ho hee hee

To the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time

And I'll be happy to see those nice young men

In their clean white coats

And they're coming to take me away

To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds

And basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes

And they're coming to take me away ha haaa!

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60's always make me think of Woodstock dammit!

I was 16 and was not allowed to go. I came very close to running away and hitchiking there but I didn't.

But a funny thing...when I asked all my friends who went "So, how was Woodstock?" Their reply was pretty much the same "Lousy, too many people, couldn't see the stage, could bearly hear the music, bad sound, rainy, muddy." They were glad to be back. They told me I didn't miss much.

Today when I ask them about it I am sure they would say,

"Oh, yeah! Part of a historic event, the atmosphere was awesome, peace & love and good things everywhere."

But I still wish I could have gone. I tried to make up for it by going to one 3 years later called "Bull Island Soda Pop Festival" in Indiana in September 1972. I am sure you have not heard of it, although the newspaper clipping states there were up to 275,000 people there. It turned out out be a scam. Very few groups showed. Food & water were almost non existent. It was an open drugstore. Riots ensued. 3 days of drugs, heat, and hunger. Since I lived only an hour away and slept in my car I decided to stay after to see what it looked like after everyone was gone. It reminded me of a pig sty. I believe it may have been the last big "open" style rock festival from that era.

The counterculture of the 60's was an abject failure it appeared.

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I got in my car and headed north, telling my mom I would be stopping off at my cousin's house in Lakeland on the way. When I arrived at my cousin's house I was told by my aunt. "Well your mom let you get this far just to see if you were going to smarten up", "but you aren't going so just turn around and head back home".

Same here, my friends that did go said it was terrible. Mud everywhere, had to use the bathroom whereever you felt you could get away with it. Could not see the stage and the music was not the greatest sound set up either. But they said the grass was kick***.


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I love Arlo Guthrie, and his dad, Woody, for that matter! I happen to have a copy of that album, as well as a cassette tape copy...

Whenever I notice that movie on tv, I almost always stop what I'm doing and sit down to watch it. It seems lamer as the years go by, but I really still enjoy it.

"You can get anything you want

at Alice's restaurant,

walk right in,

it's around the back

just a half-a-mile from the railroad track.

You can get anything you want

at Alice's restaurant

'ceptin' Alice"


(typed from memory)

Now if you wanna talk classic lyrics to a song, how 'bout Arlo's Motorcycle Song:

I don't want a pickle

I just wanna ride on my motor-sickle (spelled as it's pronounced in the song)

I don't wanna fly-I(same as above)

I just wanna ride on my motor-cy-I...

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Igotout, I actually had permission to go to Woodstock. Me and my two best friends were going with one of my friend's older sister who was 18. She was five years older than us. Her boyfriend Robert had gone up a couple of weeks earlier to get the sound set up and was one of the soundmen during the concert. We were packed and ready to go Friday evening, were going to drive up Saturday morning, get there by noon. Friday evening Robert called and told her not to come up, it was a mess, we'd never get in and he'd never find us.

We were bummed!! But, my other friends who went were all sick for about two weeks afterward and it wasn't an enjoyable experience for them. Too young to really enjoy it (at 13 and 14). I was glad I didn't go. I was happy just watching the movie. Plus, we used to go on weekends to the East Village and hang with the hippies in Tompkins Square Park. All of NY was hit hard by the hippie scene.

But getting back to music, there were terrific bands of that psychedelic era, Cream, Janis, Jimi, the Airplane, many of them I still listen to to this day. I am also one of the rare people in my age group who has kept "current." I still think Metallica, who I've seen several times, is one of the best bands in the world. You must see them live to really understand their appeal.

When I lived in NYC in the '80s and '90s I went to alot of the huge concerts either by taking the bus to the Meadowlands or the subway a few blocks to Madison Square Garden. I caught up for lost time. Saw Monsters of Rock tour - all the top metal bands toured together, Van Halen, Alice in Chains, Prince, Annie Stewart - and others.

Although, the '80s rock was very technical and you had the shredder guitarists, that no average kid could ever hope to play like, so that laid the groundwork for Nirvana. Total backlash. Kids could write simple, easy songs again. Then grunge died and now you have nu-metal - the caliber of musicianship is just horrendous - super simple dropped tunings where you can play a chord with just an index finger. There is some truly out there stuff I would never let a child, or early teenager listen to. It makes the heavy bands of the '80s like Judas Priest look like kids.

But now, kids are getting tired of one finger dropped tuning just heavy rythymic stuff with no melody and you are now see a resurgance of "garage bands." Like the Vines, the Hives, etc. They are going back to the sounds of the '60s and '70s - very beatle and Stones influenced songs with melody.

I recently joined a new band, its a rock dance band, we do Alanis Morrissette, some punk, some Stones, Blondie, ZZ Top, etc. I've been either playing jazz/fusion or blues during the last 10 years and forgot, on a musical level how much fun it is to just rock out - making a loud joyful noise. I had thought I was too old for that sort of stuff.

As far as being a Christian, I figure, my job as a musician is to bless those people, make them forget about their day jobs and idiot bosses and have fun. When I look up and see people jumping up and down on tables 'cause the music has taken them to another place and they've had a great time and talk about it with their friends for the next few days, I've done my job.

TWI used to be afraid performers would get inflated egos. I think that was VP projecting his own attitude. He had the inflated ego and so assumed that everyone else did too. What he did not understand is that there is a joy in being able to play - just for yourself. I'll come home from work and go play for an hour and my batteries are recharged. Or sometimes you'll have such an incredible rehearsal, you're high for the next week and can't wait to do it again. Sometimes the chemistry in a group is amazing - magic and you just can't explain it to people.

As musicians say, its a disease, once you have it, you'll never lose it. I would say to any ex-TWIer, pull that horn, or guitar or drums, or whatever and play. Go to local jams, when you're confident, after you've scoped it out, sign up and play a set. You'll meet new people and have a great time. Most jammers are our age, 40s and 50s so you'll fit right in.

Enough for now.

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thanx for the great turkey day bratwurstbeer fest...sorry about the toddlers and the jar of mustard on/in the DVD player..pesky little rats but cute aren't they?. Now that I'm home I admit it that smell was me... not Cliff. And I wasn't making a pass at you I was reaching for the pickled eggs ok?... oh yeah if you find a gi-joe in the toilet...well uh sorry about the toddlers again. Sorry also about breaking the roll-out couch heh,heh those stuffed olives of yours got the wife a little frisky....also loved the chili relenos at breakfast. Flight home was good just a little layover in Kankakee.



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Haha. Yea it ended up being an awesome time by all wasn't it?

No worries mate, the DVD now shows hot and spicy shows, glad it was the hot and spicy mustard they put inside the machine.

Well Cliff said it was you smelling the whole time, but I didn't want to embarrass my guest by saying so.

And I love those pesky little rats of yours.

Now you could have done without saying you weren't making a pass at me. Ya know girls like that stuff when they been married since birth.

Found the gi-goe for ya, well rather the plumber did.

And I wanted an excuse to buy another roll-out couch anyways, yall did me a favor on that one. But still trying to find out how that picture got drawn way up on the ceiling over the couch.

I could tell your wife was going to get frisky with ya, she had that look women get.

Mexican food is my fav, what can I say.

So we coming to your place on Christmas? I will bring the little rug-rats gi-goe then, and I did clean it up real good.

Your a blast my friend, and you never told me how awesome of a guitar player and singer you were. These folks here don't know what we have in you. But now they do, cause I just told em.

Love ya too,


[This message was edited by ChattyKathy on November 29, 2002 at 18:26.]

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Sunesis - I wish my 15 year old could talk to you. She is a guitar player and is beginning to appreciate good talent ranging from classical to Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana.

I am glad that you said you liked Metallica because I do too! When I saw them on an MTV award show years ago I was blown away by the power. And the guitar player was incredible. I kind of surpressed my appreciation for them because after all "I am too old for this aren't I? I also like James Taylor...why does Metallica appeal to me?"

Furthermore, I was still in TWI. God forbid Paul Giles or Bob Moynihan heard me blasting my downloaded Metallica songs. They would have thought I was posessed or something.

So in my car or when no one was home, the windows rattled to the sounds of Metallica (as well as Pink Floyd). It was always a strange feeling showing up at a lame twig fellowship and singing some dumbass song about the Prevailing Household right after a blast of Metallica on the way over there.

For the record, I thought your guitar playing was outstanding. We all knew you were up against a brick wall in TWI when it came to your creativity being allowed to flourish. It was obvious.

But I and many others were glad you were there. You were one of the cool ones and you brought a little joy into a lot of lives.

John R.

PS - Another great guitarist I have come to appreciate only last year is Stevie Ray Vaughn. WOW! Can you comment about his talents? (Seems I missed a lot while in TWI)

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Well I'm back and since gone you all have been adding some real good melodies and beats to this jam.

Socks I sure love it when you come on to add a few bars to the song You are the best my friend.

Sunesis so happy you are strumming some chords here while playing some fine leads and between you and socks we may have a new sound brewing up here.

I will try to write a few more lyrics to this rock opera tonight.Have some work to do in studio plus answer a bunch of emails so it may be real late before the next set.Should I not return tonight I will book this gig for Saturday

Sure thank all of you for playing your solos here you are doing super and I know Kath is getting a real charge out of all thiis being how she is the leader of this band.

Hey grass glad you made it home Ok

And Hope thank you for tuning in you are great.

Will be back later after the break so stick around. folks

Love To All

Ted F.

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