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Ok. What's with the State forum? This place has been around for how long? And nobody's started a thread for California?

Ok. I'll do it. I'll start the (&)^(&)* California thread. And I'll be the first one on the thread to admit that this is where I live. Not only do I live here, I was actually BORN here. Now that's rare!

I know there's more of us out there. So, cmon, sign up today and claim your rightful position in the Golden State. icon_cool.gif


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Does anyone know charles scott? He was my wow coordinator in greenville south carolina. I know he ended up physically disabled but haven't heard hide nor hair of him. Thanks

spread kindness to whoever. You never know who it will effect.

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Hey Gang,

I live in Cali. Cathy(then)Tateo witnessed to me in 83/84...hung in there till the Very Bitter End. Still have friends in Oakand and Alameda, living in some twi-light zone timewarp, going to twigs run by Jezebels(women that think they are men) twi-ce a week.

Please pray they get delivered...no new people for 12 years...God is Faithful....

Also, Charley, is doing...OK. Lives with his mom, I think in Alameda....will try to find an address for him.

Peace in Jesus,


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To Steve Swenton from a thankful mom,

Twenty years later (1994) my most precious son was USMC at 29 Palms. Saved his life. Orlanda Lilly pulled him out of self-centered punk-rock-drug high school time and gavehim enough stuff to complete his tour of duty.

Kit Sober

Reno NV

Tom Boone, Alameda circa 1970s. Anyone know him or his whereabouts? He is most precious to me (as well as to God), and I'd love to get in touch with him. (have posted this on friend finder's over the year as well.)

Thanks, again,

icon_smile.gif:)-->," God

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Well, greetings from de vino country, up Sonoma county way. Glad to hear the fires are under control. My wife's down So Cal way last week and this, came back over the weekend. We're praying for everyone there.

Kit - Tom Boone, red hair, deep voice? I haven't seen him in years, but if it's the same guy, he was a good one. Don't know his whereabouts, no help there.

practice makes perfect

sense when it comes to love...

>Michael Franks

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OK...I checked around, looking for Charlie Scott, and I found out he is still in Alameda with his mom, Mary Scott, but I dont have a phone number for him. I will keep asking though.

He is doing well, but sickly from what I hear.

Will keep you posted.


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Thanks, rachel, I knew he has been ill for many years and would like to contact him and tell him how much I appreciated him when I was in his Wow family.

Ok!! I will not try to be a nice person...ok? I will not!!

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Kit Sober,

I don't recall if I knew your son, though I had 3 tours of duty at 29 Palms between April 1, 1973, and February 15, 1985, for a total of 5.5 years there with tours elsewhere in between. I could have met him at some time, however brief. All I can say in response is, "You're Welcome", and to your son, my brother Marine, "SEMPER FIDELIS!" icon_smile.gif:)-->


Just Thinking,

As I mentioned above, I had 3 tours of duty at 29 Palms. My 3rd tour, November 1981 - February 1985, was the one in which I became involved with TWI. I was part of a regular Base unit; Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC). I was with Base Telephone and Electronics under the Base CEO (Communications Electronics Office).

I went through the TTY/Crypto School at C&E Schools Battalion during my first tour of duty in April through September of 1973. My second Tour of Duty was from May 1976 - May 1978 with HQ BN MCB (Marine Corps Base - before it was renamed MCAGCC). I had no affiliation with TWI during those two tours of duty.



The only "Chuck" I remember from among TWI was SSGT Chuck Miller, and his wife Alison. We were part of Dan and Vicki Van Allen's branch out of Palm Springs. Mark and Margaret Kelso, and Melvin and Toni Hall were the local Twig Co-ordinators during that time.

When my active duty contract with the Marine Corps was up, I re-enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and went home to Washington, DC. I got a job in Annapolis, MD, and settled with my wife and daughter in Glen Burnie, MD (just outside of Baltimore, MD). We lived there until September of 1990, and then moved to Wheeling, WV where I live today.

GOD Bless you all!!!


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Does anyone remember a guy down in Escondido named Buzz or Fuzz Patstone? He had a nice place that he called the Good Seed Ranch. I went there once for a big WOW get together with Johnny Townshend in 1976-77.

What ever happened to Fuzz and the Good Seed Ranch? I remember thinking how wild it was that someone, a believer, could actually "own" a place like that? I was only 19 at the time, and home ownership was very foreign to me...

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