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  1. Is PLAF theopneustos, god-breathe?

    Nah. I think he knew he was lying to a bunch of keeds all along
  2. Is PLAF theopneustos, god-breathe?

    Well he seems to have said it both ways so it is confusing. No matter, I don’t believe in the whole god breathed concept of anything anyway
  3. Is PLAF theopneustos, god-breathe?

    Ok- Mike is right regarding the Bible that we have only remakes of what was said to have been once the Godbreathed Word. So, since the PFAL books do not attempt to cover specifically every verse of whatever the originals were, maybe PFAL is God’s Reader Digest Condensed version or “Scripture Lite??? How comforting that is. It fits with VPW’s Bigly Condensed PhD. (sigh). I do have a question though. Since the later editions of the PFAL series are a little different than the original editions, was it the original edition that was god-breathed or the revised ones? Weren’t the originals revised BECAUSE of errors found in them? What about the errors in the later versions? Damn this is confusing! I guess God decided a lot of his original god-breathed scriptures were superfluous fluff...or maybe he realized he made mistakes in them and is trying to cover it up by doing PFAL Bible Lite Condensed and Revised. What a mess!
  4. The Wierwille Legacy: Who Will Write The Book?

    "On July 5, 1948, our family of five began a trip in our new 1948 Chevrolet,”... on July 28, awarded the PhD... wow, that is one hell of a program. I think I once read he did a couple of hours on a radio program while there too. Yup he did the work necessary to get his degree from a TOTALLY WORTHLESS program. Even the Baptists finally figured this out. It was all for show and tell. Considering travel time in a 1948 Chevy he had around 2 weeks of in residence study, advising and defending his dissertation. It was not worth the paper it was written on, let alone the gas to get there. My son is wrapping up 2 1/2 years of coursework next semester for his Econ PhD after about the same time needed for his Masters. That averages 60 hours a week, 48 weeks a year of study, writing, advising and also testing hard data. The difference? Yeah, his will actually mean something. I wonder if ‘God breathes’ peer reviewed studies he could have copied and gotten done quicker. Wierwille and PFAL were a scam and hoax. The only god-breathing involved came out Dictor’s ass.
  5. It's Been A Long Tyme...

    Jeff, I am surprised they didn't tell your wife that she should "believe God" instead of having surgery. That is the sort of abuse a friend of mine in Columbia. Although surgery was not an option for him to fix his problem, he got shunned because "after all these years" he had not gotten delivered from his degenerative eye disease. What an effed up bunch of leadershit that place had.
  6. I saved the file from the link above to my computer and then uploaded it into this comment as a backup in case that link dies. (I am not sure the file exists on the current GSC) 1987lettertotrustees.pdf
  7. Whoops, here it is, but I do not know where that actual URL location is on GSC anymore. This link will download the pdf of the letter. www.greasespotcafe.com/audio/1987lettertotrustees.PDF
  8. I have not found the original letter on here (or anywhere else on the web) There are of course numerous references to it of course, and they sent out 500 copies, so SOMEone must have it. There are copies of JAL's later letters, (1988, 2007, 2008) in this thread (page 3 or 4?).
  9. He is approximately 55-56. He was captured in Brazil the end of February or early March 2015 and was held in a Federal Prison there until he was extradited to the US in June 2016. He was sentenced in October of 2016 here in the US. So he has served one year of that sentence unless they give him credit for time served in Brazil? I wonder what if any parole options he might get in the future. I do not recall if there were any stipulations on that in his sentencing.
  10. Charles Manson

    A number of them were arrested. Some are still in prison and some have died in prison. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/11/20/us/what-ever-happened-to-the-manson-family.amp.html
  11. Proud of my country's heritage

    I see a German group with a tune like that, and something from India but somehow I suspect those are not what you were thinking of.
  12. It was widely reported in investigative reports when the charges were first brought on VB that earlier there were confrontations between Barnard and other cult officials over his sleeping with numerous married women. It almost broke up the group at that time but VB managed to convince them that he would stop. I am not sure where it was mentioned first that Peggy was one of those women, and it may not even have been in my reading here at Greasespot. I know that Carmen in an interview said he could not confirm it and said he had no knowledge of it. I believe DWBH was reciting from a report of it, not from first-hand knowledge. I know I too have seen it stated somewhere. In interviews with the victims it was made clear that once Peggy heard from Lindsay about what VB did to her Peggy rejected the story and stayed with Barnard, supposedly moving to WA with the group. You might be interested in this thread from 2009 by a former member of RRF JeffSjo thread
  13. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Thank you for your reply. I hope whatever personal connection you have to this story has a godly outcome. There are a few threads here at GSC regarding RRF and Barnard, some started years ago. You should be able to find them by using the search feature. If you have trouble I will try and find them when I get some time.
  14. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Greetings Mnmom. Are you saying you think Barnard is martyring himself for the sake of his followers? It seems possible I suppose, and is one reason that has been raised by others. Perhaps their greatfulness will provide him with care packages in his new "commune". I note the name you used registering here. It would seem you have some Minnesota connection? Do/did you have any direct contact with River Road? Any insight which you would care to share? Does ANYONE reading this know the status of his cult? Who leads it now? Did his successor inherit the remaining maidens? Is there still a following up in Washington? i know his wife filed for divorce (a bit late no doubt). What took her this long? Perhaps the lateness had something to do with protecting assets? I am not sure if that would work successfully but it is sometimes tried.
  15. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Cult leader pleads guilty sex charges Many here have followed this story from before legal sexual assault charges were even filed. Several of our members have posted first-hand stories of their experiences with Victor Barnard. Today Barnard pled guilty to 2 of the 59 charges and will be sentenced on Oct 28th to 30 years in prison.