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  1. Proud of my country's heritage

    I see a German group with a tune like that, and something from India but somehow I suspect those are not what you were thinking of.
  2. It was widely reported in investigative reports when the charges were first brought on VB that earlier there were confrontations between Barnard and other cult officials over his sleeping with numerous married women. It almost broke up the group at that time but VB managed to convince them that he would stop. I am not sure where it was mentioned first that Peggy was one of those women, and it may not even have been in my reading here at Greasespot. I know that Carmen in an interview said he could not confirm it and said he had no knowledge of it. I believe DWBH was reciting from a report of it, not from first-hand knowledge. I know I too have seen it stated somewhere. In interviews with the victims it was made clear that once Peggy heard from Lindsay about what VB did to her Peggy rejected the story and stayed with Barnard, supposedly moving to WA with the group. You might be interested in this thread from 2009 by a former member of RRF JeffSjo thread
  3. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Thank you for your reply. I hope whatever personal connection you have to this story has a godly outcome. There are a few threads here at GSC regarding RRF and Barnard, some started years ago. You should be able to find them by using the search feature. If you have trouble I will try and find them when I get some time.
  4. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Greetings Mnmom. Are you saying you think Barnard is martyring himself for the sake of his followers? It seems possible I suppose, and is one reason that has been raised by others. Perhaps their greatfulness will provide him with care packages in his new "commune". I note the name you used registering here. It would seem you have some Minnesota connection? Do/did you have any direct contact with River Road? Any insight which you would care to share? Does ANYONE reading this know the status of his cult? Who leads it now? Did his successor inherit the remaining maidens? Is there still a following up in Washington? i know his wife filed for divorce (a bit late no doubt). What took her this long? Perhaps the lateness had something to do with protecting assets? I am not sure if that would work successfully but it is sometimes tried.
  5. Victor Barnard pleads guilty

    Cult leader pleads guilty sex charges Many here have followed this story from before legal sexual assault charges were even filed. Several of our members have posted first-hand stories of their experiences with Victor Barnard. Today Barnard pled guilty to 2 of the 59 charges and will be sentenced on Oct 28th to 30 years in prison.
  6. Farewell Rosie!

    Several people have indicated to me the next person RR has chosen to oversee the last days of TWI is Jean-Yves De Lisle
  7. New Here!

    Well, well, wel-come
  8. Stephanie filed for divorce in Bellingham WA which is also the location of Mark Fro"tc@k's business of current record on Google
  9. I do hope you will give him the courtesy of a call. The timing is crazily suspicious and it would be fascinating to hear what is so urgent that he wants you to call him after all these years ;)
  10. 30 years is MORE than enough...

    thank you for the fresh insight BlueCord.
  11. bring back political forum

    I concur with this, Raf. In addition, the enormous growth of Facebook (especially, but other social media too) has grabbed many who, after all these years actually now have much more in common with non-TWI people than they do ex-TWIts. On Facebook they can still connect with old friends from 30-40 years ago, and at the same time keep up with those we see and play with in our "after" life today. As for bringing back Pol-attacks...NEVER! (please). A few thoughts about it from me: 1- There were virtually no views changed by anyone when we had it. It was a bunch of soap-boxing. Myself included. 2- The rhetoric was nauseating (such as Allan's two recent attempts to bring it back). That in itself may be a trait of politics today but the problem in a forum like GSC is it did not stay in the Politics forum. The disgust posters had with other posters in that arena often carried over to non-political forums. I believe that is why I know of no ex-TWI site which puts up with more than a very occasional bit of political banter. It tends to distract from what we have in common. 3- There are numerous places on the internet dedicated almost exclusively to those of us who are political junkies. I enjoy them. Conservatives troll Huffpost and MSNBC sites and progressives troll Fox, Breitbart and Infowars. Nothing is accomplished, but if you want to get spicy those are places you can go and give it a whirl. 4- Rather than soapbox here, if we are serious about our political views, it is a much better use of our time to actually become involved in campaigns or our party's work, or run for office ourself rather than babble here to closed ears. A few GSC people have done just that. It is just not worth it here, not needed here, and will not happen here.
  12. Blood Lines Matter

    Well Twinky, I certainly have not checked the Wierwille family tree, and what I will say in no way should be taken as verifying it. I have documented my own German side family tree to the mid 1500s in eastern Germany and my grandfather documented my Scot/English side to 1324. It is not inconceivable to me that the Wierwille tree could go back that far. Of course I don't know if they did the work to do so. The Huguenots lost a series of wars around 1680 (I believe), and it was either mandated they become Catholic, die, or get the heck out. Many got out, and fled to Protestant areas of Europe including several parts of Germany. There have been several large scale emigrations of Germans to America due to religious persecutions, wars or economic strife. My own lineage included. If they knew when the Wierwille family came to America, or even where in Germany they had fled to from France the history could be traced with some work. HOWEVER!...you are right his bloodline is the most meaningless bloodline to a Christian that there ever could be.
  13. Bringing this back to the topivc of Victor Arden Barnard's extradition. According to the article Twinky posted, his attorney said It is my understanding that the extradition treaty between the US and Brazil already includes the condition that prisoners will not be able to face longer terms in the US than they would face in the Brazil had they committed those crimes in Brazil. Barnard's Brazilian attorney stated that fact back when he was arrested a year ago. I doubt that the US would balk at agreeing to the condition, either as a matter of principle of the treaty we have with Brazil, or in considering the age of criminal.
  14. 30 years is MORE than enough...

    an excellent addition to the Greasespot! Welcome! I am liking your attitude so far. It has been awhile since we have had mucik in the way of recently involved people here. I think Longhunter was the last one, and most of us know very little about the status of TWI at this point. It will be wonderful as you have the time, to update us on things like how many people are now regularly active in TWI in the USA? Worldwide? What is there in international outreach? Where? Did Rosalie and Donna ever get married? (just joking) Seriously, welcome to GSC, pull up a bar stool and do not feel you can only drink the coffee. I understand a liquor license has been applied for.
  15. GarthP has passed

    A thread has been started in the Open forum for Garth