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Linda Z

GreaseSpot Gems

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The whole DFAC terminology, language, designation, and handling of people to me is nothing more than more fear tactics enacted by the BOD of TWI. Since they are all false prophets, I have a better way of describing that whole angle.

DFPOA - Dropped from a Position of Authority (Over Me, My Life, My Family)

That's right BOD - you heard it first here. You are DFPOA as it concerns me. I have dropped you from having any authority over myself, my future, my finances, and my family - because you are false prophets. You have been dropped due to your lack of concern for my life, for your spiritual ineptitude and false judgements, your trading in flesh, your pompous attitude, your lack of producing anything remotely interesting in the spritual realm, your heavy hand over the flock, your dogmatic wrong interpretation of scripture in many areas, and your entire Phariseeaic functioning and attitude. When Jesus Christ comes back I will gladly watch as he strips off medal after medal that you have mentally awarded yourself, leaving you barren, naked, and ashamed. Those that will be first, shall be last.


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From the Silly Question > Food at Emporia thread:

... it fit together like a hand in a condom.

Too funny!


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Long time anyone's posted on this thread.

I thought this merited a mention:

Seth R on the Just the Facts thread in About the Way:

...I think it's totally stupid to continue to believe in TWI's brand of dogma saying the problem was just bad leadership, it's like saying if I only move to a different cabin on the Titanic it will be better.


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chockfull, on the "Cheapness" thread, page 4.


"So you know Way ministry, you were right and you were wrong about Burn the Chaff.

You were right about the concept.  It is nice to travel light.  In modern times this concept has gained ground under a different name.  Minimalism.

But you as usual were wrong about the execution of it.  

That's because you, Way ministry, are The Chaff."


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