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songs remembered from just one line


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I was not trying to replace name that tune thread, rather challenge the posters to come up with a song that was so memorable that it would be recognizable from the first line. At the same time I didn't want it to be something like Mama's and Papas "Monday Monday" where the name of the song was in the first line. It's more a challenge to the posters then the guessers/answerers in they would have to pick a song that was easily ascetained from just the first line instead of having to post an entire verse or so. At least that was my intent. If I failed then my apologies.

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I googled Dooj's "clue" and didn't get a hit. :huh:

Maybe it's not a lyric?


*cracks knuckles*

Ok, let me take a whack at finding it....

I don't think this song's identifiable by THAT line, but we could do this SAME song

off a DIFFERENT one-line, I think...

"It's the way that I dance, the things that I do"

Here's another line from that song.....

"Stone cold sober as a matter of fact!"

or we could do the first line, which some people would also get.

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I'm back...

"I was justified when I was five"

Sorry - I didnt get that I needed to only use the first line... (the above is the first line to the same song though.)

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