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Happy Birthday, Sudo

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Happy Birthday, Sudo! I wrote a poem for you.

Sudo is fixty six

The day need hold no fear

I'm too tired to give that many licks

So CELEBRATE! The coast is clear.

Yeah, I know, better keep my day time job. But here's wishing you a grand day!


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May all Your Birthday wishes be granted by all Your Dear Family and Friendsglitterimagescartoons304.gifMay Your Birthday be filled with lots of Fun and Joys to Bless Your Big, Big heartphrt.gif1128365732bd67ay.gifpoems-5.gifWith Love, RainbowsGirl

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They say it's better late than never

Here's hoping this wish is clever

Happy Birthday Sudo Man

Hope it wasn't bland

But the very best one yet

For the finest dentist I've met!!!

To the biggest Ole Miss fan

From the KY Wildcat wo-man!!!!!


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