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Long ago, we on the forum stopped spelling names in full because of the Allen Lawsuit and not wanting to jeopardize the outcome. The suit was settled long ago, yet we still continue creating name acronyms when discussing substantiated experiences involving specific people, yet have no trouble spelling out Hitler, Stalin etc.

Is there still some need to protect the guilty?

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There's moral issues and legal issues.

Consider what the standards are in the rest of cyberspace, and there's sensible reasons

for this.

For moral reasons, we have politeness.

Every single thing you post can be found in a quick search.

I participated in something innocent and harmless. So did a school teacher.

Photos were posted afterwards, with some names included. Nothing that affected

her job, the event was fine, but her students were able to search for her name

and see what she does in her private life. So, some names were taken down.

If someone comes here and uses their legal name, then it's fine. Otherwise, let

them have their privacy. I prefer to keep my private life private. I participate

freely online whenever and wherever I wish, but I don't use my legal name.

Besides, who really needs my legal name? I'm the same guy no matter what I call

myself. But I don't like having my legal name searchable and giving out my

private life to anyone who wants to do an online search.

Then there's legal issues, which the staff can answer.

It's still fair game to use the names of twi's official Board- who those people

are is a matter of public record. We violate no confidences and no privacies

when everyone can find out who they are in seconds. (And if not, legally they

should be able to, company board member names are NOT confidential.)

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I don't think it's necessarily "wrong" but, it may not be "prudent" in some instances. Remember, some of these individuals are people we thought we could trust with our lives and they threw us under the bus. Would they, could they do it again? Who knows?

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Well, for me personally, I don't refer to certain people by their given names because I don't wish to give them even that much respect; preferring to call them things like "lcm" "the mogess" "rosie-lies" and "vic"...

As for all those other folks, that I may or may not have had interactions with -- that may or may not have been good interactions -- I feel like it isn't my place to just generally throw them under the bus with the top (sold-out, totally corrupted) leadership by typing out their full names, which WILL pull up on a google search. Yes, many of these folks did some horrible things during their time in way-world, but I've come to realize that many/most of these same people usually did some truly decent things as well. For every story of how they trashed one person, there are also stories of them really being there for someone in their time of need. That's just part of the weirdness of way-world. So I made the decision a long time ago to err on the side of grace and spare "everyone" below a certain rank of leadership, hoping against hope that at least some of them have found some genuine remorse and gone on to do something better with their lives.

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I thought the reason this was done was (1) to avoid names coming up in Google searches; and thereby (2) avoid the possibility of libel lawsuits.

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