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The Way is like...

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How would you describe The Way to someone who didn't know anything about it?

I was trying to explain The Way to a co-worker.

I said, The Way is like Disneyland and the military rolled up into one.

Try putting it in words they would understand and relate to. Most people cannot relate to a Cult experience.

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A few months back I covered a story about a six guys who hijacked a plane from Cuba to Key West. The six men were arrested and charged in federal court. When they were being led away from the courthouse and into the bus taking them back to jail, one of the reporters called out, "Why did you do it!?!"

One of the men yelled back "FREEDOM!" as he was led away, his hands cuffed and his legs shackled.

That's what the Way is like. Bondage in the name of freedom.

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I know I am careful when I say cult because sometimes people think your NUT!!!

go figure .

the relationship realy begins to go down hill , at least it does for me.

When I talk to my friends that are in I often hear lalalala instead of the words they are saying , sad but true lol .

I have a hard time hearing what they say I dismiss them as insane and why would somone who has never even been sucked into hell and back not do the same thing if we so generously offer our history?

my friend was also in a cult and we share stories his sounds like it was a nicer religous cult than mine .. so I think you must consider who and what power the person your telling about the cult has in your life, before deciding they will understand or not .

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I say I was in a religious organization that taught some good Biblical doctrine but the group became more and more cult-like as time went on and I eventually realized it and left.

Most people I've talked to about it don't care. My best friend knows a lot about it because I've told her a lot about it.

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I know what you're talking about MJ but ya know... with me... I just tell 'em I was in a religious cult and they just kind of nod their heads knowingly and get that "oh that explains a lot" look on their face...

at least that's the way it is with me icon_cool.gif

... I've been here and I've been there and I've been in between...

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I think saying "it was a cult" raises more questions than it answers.

The question is, "what was it like?"

It was an endless series of classes accompanied by endless requests for money.

It talked about "Biblical Research," but discouraged the searching of publications it did not either produce or endorse.

"It was a cult." Okay, what do you mean by that?

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We were involved with a religous group wherein we ran Bible-studys in our home. We occasionally attended seminary courses, and clergy were almost non-existant. We did out-reach programs on college campuses, military bases, and in prisons. We were Non-Denominational Pentacostal Biblical-Fundamentalist Unitarians.

As many organizations tend to evolve into hardened control freaks, so did The Way Ministry, and some of the upper leadership became egomaniacs. Most of the middle-management became 'yes' men and willingly went along with it all.

Most of their basic doctrine are things that we still beleive in.

Bless you, May our Heavenly Father bless you in everyway, in the wonderful name of His son and our brother Jesus.


ET1 SS - USN Retired,

Pilgrim of the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the mystic shrine.


'University of Life' Alumni


"I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk, when I lie down, and when I rise. And the answers are always coming. Tens of thousands of times have my prayers been answered. When once I am persuaded that a thing is right, I go on praying for it. the great point is never to give up till the answer comes. The great fault of the children of God is, they do not continue in prayer, they do not persevere. If they desire anything for God's glory, they should pray until they get it." - George Mueller

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If it's someone I don't know very well, I tell them TWI was part of the Jesus movement of the early 70's (remember Rev. Arthur Blessitt? click here). Or I say that it was a non-denominational Christian group that attracted young people seeking answers, especially during the Viet Nam era.

To friends, I say I was in a cult, but for a while, it was a "fun" cult. Then I roll my eyes in wonder!

Hope R. color>size>face>

Oooo - look what I "googled"... it mentions TWI! Remembering the Jesus Movement Click on "A Little History".

What a long, strange trip it's been!size>color>

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I don't think that you could beat what you wrote for a succinct, objective description of TWI.

Of course, one wouldn't have a complete understanding of TWI without a bunch of wordy, subjective descriptions as well.

It's pretty much what I tell others on the rare occasion that I care to, though I leave off the the "Unitarian" part. I've grown tired of the Unitarian/Trinitarian issue, which I researched rather heavily a few years ago, and find that it's just not worth it.


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Originally posted by Tom Strange:

I just tell them it's a religious cult, let their minds wander where they will, and then confirm their fears... only that it's much worse...

Works for me most often. After Jonestown, Waco, Heaven's Gate, etc., most people "get it" when I say "it's a fundamentalist cult". Some people ask me why I stayed for so long. I look at them and say, "Um, I just told you it's a cult. Get it?" Some people ask how am I sure that I am really "out". I look at them and say, "I'm standing here telling you it's a cult...and I'm not looking over my shoulder for a cult leader to knock me over the head." People think I'm nuts whether they know I was in a cult or not. Just something about me...that I really like...LOL.


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I have finally told our bible study group at karate that I was involved in a religious cult...actually they are quite interested...it never occurs to average Joe Christian that the scriptures can be manipulated....that evil can masquerade so convincingly behind a wholesome looking bible oriented group...

Folks are curious... my friends want to know more...mainly because they prefer to be educated so as to avoid the same pitfalls.

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Hope, I wor4ked for Arthur Blessitt! I didn't think anyone knew that name.



The way this game is played is you need to tell what The Way is LIKE... not what it is... icon_smile.gif:)-->

If you say an apple IS a fruit, that is true, but..

BUT if you had to describe an apple to someone who never tasted a piece of fruit, then you would have to use something thast was familiar to them, in their experience

(You guys know I'm playing with you.)

I enjoyed your comments.

Here is my next figure of speech.

The Way is LIKE...

A wounded dog that stays faithful to its master.

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