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Was Martindale a closet homosexual?


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Considering his vehemant attacks against gays, I often wonder...

Many psychologists say that people who "bad mouth" gays the most are really hiding their own repressed feelings...any thoughts on the subject?

I always wondered about his fine scene in AOS where he was dry humping the "spirits" of temptation or seduction or whatever they were supposed to be while his wife was really doing Rivenbark off stage.

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uh.... there was written in some of the lawsuit papers that Ol Loy got off watching two women doing "stuff" to each other... (now where exactly did I read that...?) that is homosexual... probably couldn't get any guys to join in... or did he?


hope that doesn't bring back aweful memories for any women here...

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Martindale isn't effeminate. He carries himself with an understated (okay, overstated), western-style, man's man (hmm) air about him. He seemed, in his past life as a Christian minister, to need to sleep with as many women as he could (as if to prove something?) but actually used women to help him in that quest. Something oddly wrong there, I think.

My only question about Loy-Loy - is he Jake or Heath? And is anybody making sure the livestock is safe?


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I've said for years both on and off these boards that I think LCM went both ways.

It's the only explanation of why a President, who was so Anti-gay publicly, would have helped Richard Urquhart hide his deeds by moving him to other unsuspecting areas, and AFTER Rick's arrest and conviction TWI continued to support and care for him.

When The Urquhart's were finely kicked out of the Way Corps it was due to not being active (hard to be active when you are busy running and hiding to stay out of the grasp of the authorities and to avoid having to register as a sex offender)

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So, you think he was overcompensating for his own insecurities

when he was raging EXTERNALLY against "homos" and "homo sympathizers"

rather than an INTERNAL struggle against his own urges?

You don't just think he felt emasculated by the activities

of his wife and Rozilla?

We know he saw lesbian sex as the original sin, after all....

Interesting how once he made a comment about how disco sprang

up originally in the 3 main homosexual centers in the US,

and he rattled off the locations-

San Francisco


Fire Island.

Fire Island was news to me at the time.

I STILL haven't heard about Pittsburgh except for his comment.

Why WOULD a straight man just happen to know all the major

gay communities in the US?

I'm sure there's a PERFECTLY innocent answer...

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I have no idea whether LCM was/is gay or not, but I see a flaw in the logic here.

Just because some people who are in the closet or in denial about their sexuality are often vocally anti-gay doesn't mean that everyone who is vocally anti-gay is in the closet or in denial.

WW, I was long gone before he made the "San Francisco, Fire Island, and Pittsburgh" comment. LOL--Pittsburgh??? He really included Pittsburgh in his list? That just cracks me up.

I've known since my youth that San Francisco was one of the cities with a large gay population, and even as a teenager I knew that Fire Island was shorthand for a place where gay men live/hang out. But Pittsburgh??? That just cracks me up. I've never heard any reference to Pittsburgh as one of the "gay cities"--never, and I lived very close to Pittsburgh for a couple years.

Now, if he'd said Key West, I might have thought he knew what he was talking about.

I agree with those who've said he probably ranted about homosexuality because of his wife's relationship with the current twi prez.

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Considering his vehemant attacks against gays, I often wonder...

Many psychologists say that people who "bad mouth" gays the most are really hiding their own repressed feelings...any thoughts on the subject?

Although this is a fun thread, We won't know. That's the bottom line.

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You sure he didn't say Philadelphia? I heard somewhere that it was supposed to be a big gay place or whatever you want to call it. And I had heard jokes made about Fire Island MANY years ago.

"San Francisco, Pittsburgh P.A., and Fire Island, New York."

I remembered that specifically.

It the time, I'd visited Philadelphia with my family and toured the

museums (not recently), but I've never been to Pittsburgh.

I forget whether this was on "Victorious Unity in One God"

(his 2-tape rant on homosexuality in the early 80s)

or "the Mark of Quality"

(his mid-80s rant that was all over the place.

I suspect it was the former.

(If only because, statistically, the odds are in my favour.)

I've heard jokes about Fire Island SINCE THEN,

but my first time hearing about it was from him,

and I still haven't heard any references to "Pittsburgh"

like that to date-not counting him.

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