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  1. ain't he the one who says TWI doesn't hold back anything from their followers,but rather gives them all a "soup-to-nuts" accounting of everything that goes on or am i nuts to fall for that ol' soup? o well
  2. The one overarching question I had from first hearing of the "POP" paper till when I finally left WayWorld (about 3 years later) was "What the hell IS wrong?". We constantly heard how screwed up the BOT was and all the Corps and various and sundry leaders and how "spiritually" we were just all F-ed up, but specifics were damned scarce. All we ever got was a whole lotta vague. We were all "off the WURD" and Geer doubted if we'd ever get right again. BUT WHAT EXACTLY WAS WRONG? We were just supposed to know. this pretty much was exactly what me and i guess alot of us other "joe believers" thought at the time there's some heavy duty bad things comin' down the pike we can't tell you any details but watch out ok if you say so! from what i see on these forums that's one thing that hasn't changed in twi...ever.
  3. obviously you havent been to a way fellowship since martindale was kicked out... so now it's kicked out when i first found Waydale the line they were feeding 'em was that he resigned. how long did it take (among those still in) to replace "resigned" with the more ignominious KICKED OUT?
  4. we could call this thread "get rich quick in the God racket" ya know it wasn't uncommon for some limb and territory coordinators to refer to themselves (jokingly of course) as "Cult leaders" even some corp grads who weren't coordinating much more than a twig did the same thing if there's one thing i learned during my tenure as a "dedicated follower" (just 'cause i couldn't be a "member") it's that it's better not to follow anybody but rather make up your own mind
  5. i thought these guys got in trouble for doing the internut thing
  6. about this whole chair stringing nonsense it seemed that people would go through hours of grief about this stuff only to have people move the chairs to make themselves comfortabe in the meetings anyway one time, on a WOW year i was assisting people who were doing this and it took them so long to plan and execute the chair stringing that i was forced to leave them all to it due to the fact that i had to get to sleep by midnite for all the talk of redeeming the time and what not when it came to petty crap like this what a bunch of shizz-nozz ok all you guys who demanded or even still demand that these things be done if any of you are out there defend your position make your case convince me that GOD almighty really cares about where your chair is in some meeting go ahead don't be bashful I know i'm not the only one who asks this here's your big chance to put it in writing go on...set all us Philistines straight once and for all
  7. ya know sumpin, this whole adversary's gonna get you thing probably would have carried a little more weight had it been advanced by people who did NOT wake up an entire WAYCORP class at 3:00 AM and demand their signitures on a LOYALTY OATH under pain of immediate expulsion or people who were NOT so easily recognizable as DO as I SAY NOT as I DO types in general or maybe people who DID NOT immediately change the subject or worse yet blow people off outright when one of those "uncomfortable questions" was asked you know, one of those soup to nuts things and a whole lotta other stuff that hundreds of other folks have related over the years since therefore, fretting about the loss of God's protection just for not being a dedicated TWI follower anymore seemed like worrying over nothing to me. however I certainly admire the guts that some of you guys had and still have after sticking with TWI for so long and then getting kicked out for some petty reason or another to pick up and start anew in a whole new atmosphere where almost nobody has ever even heard of TWI and even fewer people consider them anything more than a blip on the GODSTUFF radar.
  8. sorry, loss of eternal rewards is the answer . . . .loss of eternal rewards. All of this life will be forgotten. for the joy set before us, we suffer, or something. this post reminds me of something said by one of the way leaders during a teaching one time whenever IDOLOTRY occurs in christian circles two symptoms occur one is that the manifestations of holy spirit are ignored or mis-taught and misused the other is that the HOPE of Christ's return is replaced with JUDGEMENT throughout my time in TWI, that second one about the hope being replaced with judgement kept getting more and more apparent as the years went by but then see what happens to you if you even suggest that the cause of this legalistic judgement might be idolotry. just an idea
  9. looks like most of the folks here who answered are in the same demographic as me but why wasn't "followed pretty girl in" one of the choices for how to join?
  10. of course if vpw was still alive and kickin, the vast majority of the off shoot starters, and even some of the folks on this post-fest would not DARE to seperate themselves from twi. just an observation please don't take it as a personal slight anyone.
  11. every religion seems to have a story like this so-called "snowy gas pumps story" don't they? of the people who are under the impression that the whole thing was just a cock and bull story (which of course can neither be proven nor disproved) how many folks think Moses made up the burning bush story? or Joseph Smith made up the Angel Moroni story? or any of the fantastic things cooked up by L. Ron Hubbard? i could go on but you get the idea the point of this is what difference does it make whether people believe the snowy gas pump story or not? and to answer the question of the thread, given everything that has been discussed about this topic so far, my leanings are toward the hallucination notion.
  12. one time, a person asked me if our "people" celebrated Christmas i said hell we celebrate every day!
  13. Ah, the campfire! The campfire, the campfire. How much human history has been set in motion around the campfire? Wars. Love. Schemers. Plotters. Steelworkers. Cooks. Arsonists. People who love smoky wood.., Ah! Ahhhh, yes. I can remember it now, as if it were yesterday. The summer school class of 1975 at Way HQ, sitting in The Way Woods around a roaring campfire, all eyes fixated upon the flames. Relaxing, relaxing, relaxing, upon our earthen seats. A time when all defenses were down -- a time when, after a busy day of school we would gather and sit (oh, no, S.I.T!) and wait for doctor to arrive upon his golf cart. Then we would sit and listen to him speak from his heart, into hearts that were helpless and open. Ahhhh, yes. The tender times around campfires... Makes me want to break out in song, it does! 25 years ago they spoke out and they broke out of recession and oppression and together they toked and they folked out with guitars around the BONFIRE just singin' and clappin' Man, what the hell happened? Yes some were spell bound some were hell bound some they fell down and some got back up and fought back 'gainst the meltdown and their kids were hippy chicks all hypocrites because fashon is smashing the true meaning of it.....
  14. 1) Your similar experiences witnessing. ok i'm going back to 1984-85 a WOW year for me. if I witnessed to someone and they were not receptive IT WAS MY FAULT if I witnessed to someone and they were receptive but didn't come to twig IT WAS MY FAULT if I witnessed to someone and they were receptive, and came to twig, but didn't take PFAL IT WAS MY FAULT if I witnessed to someone and they looked a bit too scruffy for SOME PEOPLE's taste, IT WOULD BE MY FAULT if the so-called scruffy witnessee ever did anything bad to the blessed ministry or at least this is the kind of thing that seemed to be heaped upon my head the whole time and so after a short while of this, it seemed that i should just lay low, and gut out the whole rest of the year I know, shame on ME 2) Your now current view as to what you expect to see & who you now hold forth GOD''s Word to out of nothing more or less than God's love. these days... when people i hang with bring up God stuff, i usually listen more than i talk, that way, I learn more and I stay out of trouble the thing about "holding forth God's word" (meaning witnessing on behalf of some church group or another) is, people can instinctively (and instantly) tell when whatever someone else says to them comes from some narrow or one-dimensional viewpoint and naturally, they're turned off by it. it has been said "before you give an opinion on a subject, make sure the person you're giving it to wants it" if this adage doesn't apply to witnessing I don't know what does.
  15. "the ministry is a nut magnet" (thus saith the LORD) seriously though i feel ya here I lost track of how many times i Spoke the Word (or such as i knew) to some poor soul, down on his luck, most of whom were the most receptive to what TWI had to offer, only to be sharply rebuked by some high bottom co-ordinator or another for my too much focusing on what one of those co-ordinators called "lower life". oh well life goes on
  16. Since this man was even referred to as "The Word in the Flesh" ... wowee you mean Jesus Himself ran the thing? but seriously though all the stuff on the list would be nice for any organization or fellowship (if you'll pardon the expression) throw in something about hanging on to your (ahem) "green stuff" *** rather than advising the faithful to "dig deep" all the time ***as we collect our love offering, please be aware of the fact that Pastor Creditfo' A. Dollar is allergic to the sound of silver! <--- just a joke! ooooooooooooh ohhhhhhhhhhh I forgot How about NOT doing things that need to be covered up in the foist place? aha? aha?
  17. There's nothing GSers like better than a long, ugly TWI tale... Gasp! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  18. "God will open the windows of heaven the moment you lay your tithe at 'the apostle's feet'." translation= God will open up the windows of heaven the moment your check clears nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk only kidding
  19. i'm surprised no one has yet replied to this post that renewed mind is (at least to some) the same as the washed brain yuk yuk just foolin
  20. i understand that newlife it's as though all the youthful enthusiasm got used up by twi or something upon going bye-bye from twi it sure woulda been nice to get a refund of all that enthusiasm. i'd even take that over the abs money! oh well life goes on anyway
  21. so many tales of conniving confidence artistry. I should talk. for all i know there's posters and lurkers here who only remember me, if at all, as one of those halfway-house assholes who was never COMMITTED enough to do God stuff. be that as it may, one thing is certain, people learn alot more from example than they do from precept. I couldn't begin to list all the run-ins I had with some people who had this whole superiority/holier-than-thou/ healthier-than-thou kinda trip going on. one example comes to mind of this one person who was really into physical fitness and thought I should be too (talk about a lost cause) one day he decided to join the local ymca, and use their gym stuff. ok good for him. couple of months later he gets a job at a local fancy gymnasium, as a trainer. at this point he now takes on the role of salesman for the fancy gym, trying to extoll the virtues of physical fitness to everybody he comes in contact with, including me. of course, now (circumstances having changed) at this juncture, the $10 per month ymca gym membership ain't good enough anymore. NOW it's best to join the gym he works at for several hundred ducks for 6 months or so. anyway the point of this is that the deeper someone got into TWI, the more of a conniving confidence arteest they seemed to become. i relate this story, not to disparage the fitness guy, but to illustrate the kind of thing that otherwise good people would resort to when trying to get along in Wayworld. I'm certain, that had I been placed in a similar curcumstance, I would be no less of a conniver the great thing about no longer being in an organization like TWI, we don't have to put up with that kind of sheesh-ka-bob anymore, from either direction.
  22. comeback I HATE that word!!! it's RETURN!!! (now i need a picture of rosalie rivenbark in full make up yuk yuk!!) sorry if reference is lost on some of the younger crowd!!!
  23. 1983 the year i joined couldn't have been any happier at the time whole family thought i was loopy but other than that a pretty good time missed out on sound out 84 kicked myself for years after about it but went to advanced pfal class in summer of 1984 remember motorcycle club coming through to visit right after advanced class rock of ages 84 then wow year thought i was going to die <--figure of speech anyway interesting story about wow year. got sent out with 3 other people 2 boys 2 girls typical wow situation for myself going wow was my ticket out of living with my parents for the next 15 years like my younger brother ended up doing (which ended up being a smart move for him after all because today he's a college grad and fairly well off and i'm posting on computer forums about the old days) so i loved the getting away from home part big time as we used to say however my wow brother he had kind of a hard time getting along with our two wow sisters right off the bat there was talk of sending him off the wow field which i thought was not the right thing to do because after all he didn't do any of the three "unforgivable" sins of the wow field namely violence, abuse of drugs, or an homosexual act. really the only thing that seemed to be wrong with him was that he wasn't getting along with the two girls me he didn't bother and anyway any small differences should fall away by virtue of the fact that we were all in the same boat and we were supposed to be a team right? apparently not. so anyway not one month into the year we get a visit from the limb staffer who's charged with coordinating all the wow families in our state who immediately recommended that my wow brother be kicked off the field due to devil spirit possession. i tried to stick up for him by saying look maybe there is some problems but he has alot of potential but this limb staff individual wouldn't hear of it saying to me in no uncertain terms, "so what? what good is potential if the guy doesn't live up to it?" making like i was talking out of turn i knew at that point i better shut up and not say "so is God so weak that he can't help out my wow brother on the field as He has done for so many others who came before us?" next thing you know they'd be kicking me off the wow field and that is something which at the time would have meant defeat, failure, shame! little did i know that all of those things would haunt me for the remainder of the wow year anyway because of so many compromises that i felt had to be made in the interest of nothing more than staying on the wow field and why did i do this you may ask? what drove me to such a pathetic state of mind where staying on the wow field meant more to me than standing up for a principle regardless of what happened? well the answer is simple i did it all to impress some girl shame on me! now i have a blue wow pin and the girl married some other guy anyway so remember stand up for the right because everything you're afraid of will happen anyway if you don't!
  24. sheesh! ya know dr weirwille was the only person i ever heard of to define apostle as one who brings new light to his generation and added it may be old light but it is new to the generation to which he brings it. everybody else seems to say an apostle is someone who is sent by God to do something but anyway whenever dr w. did a teaching and the subject came up he always called himself the teacher and he was always saying how he didn't want to put himself up on the same level as Paul or Peter in the bible (at least publicly anyway) but notice how his unquestioned definition kind of forced us followers to see him as an actual apostle pretty slick huh?
  25. i like and appreciate your posts too one of the reasons i read posts on this and other sites is to learn about whatever became of people i remember from TWI days it used to be said of LCM that he could be heading up a fortune 500 company if he wasn't the Prez of TWI from what you said so far it doesn't exactly sound like he'll be washing his feet in the blood of the wicked anytime soon oh well!
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